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Robert W. Anderson20 June 2007
This show is breath taking!!! This without a doubt the best show of this type. We all knew there had to be this kind of video's out there but we never really go to see them. There have been similar attempts but none have come through like this. These aren't just a bunch of LA street chases, these are the video's from the dash cams of police cars involved in serious car chases and take downs of idiots running from simple violations and turning them into felony arrests, to hardened criminals who shoot it out with the officers right at the road side. They handle the violence well, nothing to graphic, but you do get to see the gun fights, but you don't have to see result. Very exciting, because it's real. Highly recommended!!!
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Smile, you're being videotaped...
The_Angel_Hunter2 February 2008
I love watching reality crime-TV shows. This is one of those shows that exhibits awesome, amazing, electrifying, and realistic crime-scene footages from around the world and how exactly they occurred. It is also one way to increase public awareness, because anything can happen at anytime, anywhere, to anyone. How unpredictable? As I started to watch reality crime-TV shows, I immediately turned my back on fiction, which is so misleading and fake, and it makes me more paranoid. So forget fiction, and let's get into the real world once and for all! Let this show keep on airing so I can watch more awesome footages. Great work to those who created it.
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