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WWE Royal Rumble 2007
wrestlingsitewebmaster25 March 2007
The Royal Rumble this year was way better than last years, but the first half which included the ECW and World Heavyweight Championship matches were passable but the second half which included the WWE Championship match and the Royal Rumble match itself were superb.

This event was held in San Antonio Texas, and was seen by approx 15,000 people in the arena.

The Hardyz defeated MNM in a good match.

Bobby Lashley downed Test by count out in a pointless bore.

Batista downed Mr Kennedy to retain the World Championship in a so so match.

John Cena beat Umaga in a last man standing match. This match was superbly written and this was one of Cena's better efforts.

The Undertaker won the greatest Royal Rumble match ever by last eliminating Shawn Michaels. The last 7 minute exchanges between the two were fantastic.

Main highlights included Kane choke slamming Sabu through a table and the Sandman's entrance (it looked superb when it showed you a shot of him coming through the crowd) Grade - A
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WWE blowing up the spot
DJJOEINC12 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
WWE Royal Rumble 2007 I will be the first to admit I wait for WWE PPVs to come out on DVD- just more affordable(15$ for DVD with my discount- versus $35-50 and if I don't like it - I can sell the DVD).This one is a keeper- not a perfect card- but it started with another solid MNM v Hardys tag match(how come the best tag team feud in the WWE is featuring 2 teams that are basically defunct-sad really- cuz a solid tag division can help solidify the card when the top is full of holes or injured.The ECW and World championship contests felt like regular TV matches.Props to John Cena and Umaga for putting on a decent Last Man Standing match.But seriously my fave match of each year is the Royal Rumble match- this year's match was superb with solid action- but lacking the comedy spots of previous years(dance offs/Drew Carrey tie-in's ,etc.)- almost every entrant felt legit- sure no-one was penciling in Kenny Dykstra to got Wrestlemania 23- but guys like Rated RKO/HBK/Benoit/CM punk and others felt credible- the match was well booked and the final 2 combatants did a great job building suspense.The DVD has 2 segments from the following Raw- the trump money drop and a tag title switch.Jobber Joe is part of Roundtable Wrestling radio B+
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Decent PPV, with only 5 matches
XanderCage31 January 2007
I have always say that 6 matches is not enough, but this PPV was little better that last Summerslam and Survivor Series. In many last WWE PPV is so that 2 matches have PPV quality and rest is really decent, sometimes boring. WWE need a revolution story like NWO in WCW, need a icon like Stone Cold or The Rock, need more matches at PPV with good quality. What of it Batista is entertained champion when he is average wrestler in ring. I don't now maybe Brother Of destruction reign in WWE is not bad story (Taker champion in Smackdown, and Kane in Raw). ECW have such a great wrestlers like Sandman, Dreamer (they have ECW gold), more other talented wrestler from Raw and Smackdown and WWE don't now what do with guys like Carlito, Masters, CM Punk, London, Kendrick, Benjamin and Haas, Kane, Matt Hardy and Jeff too, Shannon Moore, RVD, Sabu, Cruiserweight division they all are in my opinion material to a big champion, maybe not entertaining buy for what are writers and story. I hear that Monty Brown name in WWE is Marcus Cor Von - this is a joke or what? Royal Rumble 2007 1. Hardy Boyz vs MNM 7,5/10 match in December was better 2. Bobby Lashley vs Test 4,5/10 boring and decent, and this was ECW title match 3. Batista vs Mr. Kennedy 6/10 when not Kennedy this match could be boring 4. John Cena vs Umaga 7/10 nothing fresh in match but overall really nice feud 5. Royal Rumble match 7,5/10 entertaining like always, really good to watch but nothing special, end was great. And this is end only 5 matches.
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The Road To Wrestlemania 23 Begins
kliko4004 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Although this was not the best Royal Rumble, it was still good to watch & entertaining.

FIRST MATCH- MNM W/ MELINA VS. HARDY BOYS Great way to kick off the Royal Rumble with a tag team match between two most great dominating teams. Hardy Boys pick up a victory after a Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy. 5/10

SECOND MATCH- BOBBY LASHLEY VS. TEST FOR THE ECW CHAMPIONSHIP Boring match, wasn't really entertaining. Bobby Lashley makes the match more entertain able. Test realizes that he has no chance against Lashley so he gets out of the ring & gets himself counted out on purpose. But Bobby Lashley runs out & grabs him & throws him back in the ring nailing a Running Powerslam on Test as Bobby Lashley is still the ECW Champion. 2/10

THIRD MATCH- BATISTA VS. MR. KENNEDY FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Not a bad match as Mr. Kennedy makes this match more better, while Batista makes it boring. I really wanted Mr. Kennedy to win but Batista did after overcoming Mr. Kennedy & nailing a Sit Down Powerbomb on Kennedy for the win to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. 4/10

FOURTH MATCH- JOHN CENA VS. UMAGA W/ ARMANDO ELJANDRO ESTRADA IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Now this is what I call a match which should headline PPV's. Lots of great & sick spots in this brutal match as John Cena overcomes the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. John Cena was busted open during this match, at one point in this match, Cena locked in a STFU on Umaga using the ring ropes which broke to try & choke Umaga out. John Cena still won after nailing an F-U on Umaga to keep him down for the 10 count, to win & to retain his WWE Championship in this brutal & great match up. 6/10

FIFTH MATCH- 30 MAN ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH A very entertaining Royal Rumble as usual as all Royal Rumble's are entertaining. The final 4 were Randy Orton, Edge, Shawn Michaels & Undertaker. Undertaker was able to eliminate Randy Orton while Shawn Michaels took out Edge. The final 2 were Michaels & Undertaker as both men fought each other for five minutes before Undertaker ducked a Sweet Chin Music & threw Michaels out to win the Royal Rumble match as Undertaker will be going to the place where he is undefeated & has never been defeated before: Wrestlemania 23. 7/10

A very good Royal Rumble, really good as I'll recommend it to anyone to watch. But last year's Royal Rumble was just a bit better.

Overall: I'll give it 6/10 & a D+
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Decent show at Rumble '07
retroguy0229 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Royal Rumble – January 28 2006, AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas

MNM vs. The Hardys: A decent match, albeit the Hardys sometimes seemed a bit cautious on Mercury and nearly all the major blows were landed by the Hardys, and MNM only hindered them if anything. Some good Poetry-in-Motions as well as a Twist of Fate (or two) and a part-failed over the top rope attack by the Hardys on Nitro from both ends of the ring made this a good match. MNM couldn't get major blows on the Hardys although they were able to press them down via cheap tactics and dodgery. Jeff finished after a Swanton Bomb on Nitro. 7.5/10

ECW Championship – Lashley vs. Test: Another decent match, although it's ironic for the ECW label (and thanks God for that). Lashley got some nice complex suplexes as well as a spear on Test. Test was barely dominant. The match weirdly ended in count-out after Test refused to enter the ring at the last moment. Lashley was still not satisfied and proceeded to belt Test with a Dominator. If it wasn't for the ending, this would've gotten a 7/10. 6/10.

World Heavyweight Championship – Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy: Once again, a decent match. Kennedy got a good deal of Batista, especially the lower part of the Animal. Kennedy almost took the pin but the ref was knocked out when the Animal flung his elbow into his face. Match ended when Batista countered an off the turnbuckle move into a clothesline and followed it up with a Batista Bomb. 7/10

WWE Championship / Last Man Standing match – John Cena vs. Umaga: A more than decent match this time. Both men suffered mainly due to their own blunders. Umaga attempted to splash Cena through the announcer's table but Cena moved and the Bulldozer crashed through. Cena busted himself open viciously after he flunked an FU on the steel steps. Umaga was quite resistant to count-out, and Cena was manhandled for most of the match. Estrada disconnected the turnbuckle from one corner, which dropped the ropes loose into the ring. Umaga tried to hit Cena with the metal joint but Cena countered it into an FU and then proceeded to choke Umaga STFU-style with the ropes. Umaga still got up and so once again Cena choked the life out of him and made the count this time. Hate that Cena-can-do-it-all attitude but an entertaining match after all. 7.5/10

And finally, the doubtless main event (an event in itself, in fact), the Royal Rumble match. The men in the ring were sometimes statuses away (good thing), and weapons were also used quite often. The over-the-top-rope rule was strongly applied: Flair and Edge slid out under the bottom rope to get a weapon, Michaels also slid out after taking an RKO, and remained in the match. Some dominant forces in the ring were Kane (chokeslammed Sabu off the apron through a table), the Great Khali (who landed a long consecutive streak), Rated-RKO (nice teamwork there) and the Undertaker. The last two men were hometown hero Shawn Michaels and entry #30, the Undertaker. The two had a good bout, and the Undertaker booked his place at WrestleMania after evading a Sweet Chin Music and belting Michaels over the top rope. Nice fireworks for 'Taker afterwards. 7/10

Overall, a decent pay-per-view with the best matches probably being the Tag match and the WWE Championship match. The Rumble match could have been much better if it didn't have that drag feel to it, and most eliminations could have been more exciting than they were. The rest two matches were okay. PPV rating: 7/10.
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