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8 Biggest Talent Raids In Wrestling History

Being a fan of professional wrestling is often very similar to being a sports fan.

With both, you get shocking results, glorious highs, depressing falls from grace, and a fair share of scandals to boot. Although it may not seem the most immediate similarity, pro wrestling can also has its own version of the drama that comes with athletes switching teams, through the medium of the talent raid.

If executed at the right moment, talent raids can often change the entire landscape of the business. Several times over the past few decades, the shift of pro wrestlers has signified (or even prompted) a mass shift in fan opinion, whether between two mainstream promotions, or from one smaller independent company to a larger one.

Here’s a look at the biggest talent raids in wrestling history. Som spread out over the course of a few years, others executed immediately
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WWE Nxt 01/20/2016 Recap & Review – Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin in action, Bayley & Carmella take on Alexa Bliss & Emma and more

Ahead of the three-way #1 contender’s match next week, all three of the competitors were in action this week as Sami Zayn took Adam Rose, Baron Corbin faces Rich Swann and Samoa Joe goes up against Johnny Gargano. There’s some other stuff too. It’s this week’s Nxt Recap & Review…

1. Sami Zayn vs. Adam Rose

Sami’s first match back at Full Sail is against the man who can’t keep a gimmick for more than a couple of weeks, Adam Rose of the Social Oucasts. He’s even a jobber in Nxt. Remember when he was a contender for the Nxt Championship? Rose takes the match early on, but the action is pretty slow and very uninteresting. Zayn makes a comeback and tries to get to the top rope, but Rose knocks him off and hits a flying headbutt. And then, all of a sudden, Zayn locks
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Cm Punk Says He Will “Never, Ever” Wrestle Again


Cm Punk has denied that he will ever wrestle again.

Speaking to CBS Cleveland’s Chris Van Vilet at the AP Music Awards red carpet at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame event which Cm Punk co-hosted, the former WWE Champion and free agent was asked if fans would ever see him back wrestling in a squared circle. His response was calm and assured (before turning a little comical, but his initial response seemed genuine);

No, no. No. Never, ever. Never, ever, ever. They’re going to go crazy on Twitter, they’re going to hold me to it and yea whatever.”

When asked if he was a current WWE Superstar or a former WWE Superstar, Punk simply replied with;

“Neither. I’m Cm Punk.”

This confirmation that Punk’s mindset is that he is retired from wrestling for good is pretty much the only time the controversial star
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15 Things Only Rise Against Fans Will Understand


Forming in 1999 and doggedly touring ever since, the social and politically-potent Rise Against possess that unique ability to wield a discography of songs that run the gamut from small-time pugnacious ragers to stadium-filling lighter-wavers – all without losing a shred of their integrity.

Even though they’ve have only released two behind-the-scenes DVDs to date, thanks to endless fan meet n’ greets, interviews, charity work and a relentless social media presence, they’re firmly entrenched in the big leagues when it comes to one of the most impressive band-fan relationships in the industry.

Speaking of charity work, Rise Against have increased their kindhearted profile exponentially over the years by staunchly sticking to being vegetarians and animal-rights supporters, a view that’s very rare to see in today’s social climate, and one that’s extremely refreshing to see them continue to support up to this day.

With all that said though,
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10 Little Known Facts About Cm Punk

Cm Punk has been absent from WWE since the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh. However, because of his popularity with the wrestling fan base, his name is still one of the top searched on this site and he has been mentioned on WWE television numerous times.

Punk is notorious for his grumpy attitude towards pretty much everything except wrestling and even his best friends admit that Punk can be a miserable guy a lot of the time. However, Punk remains one of the more popular, if not mysterious, figures in recent wrestling history and has forged a connection with the audience over the years.

Since Punk mostly keeps to himself, especially on the road where he preferred to travel in his own Rv, facts about Cm Punk (even his name origin) have been hard to come by. While we certainly respect Punk’s right to keep his private life private,
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Cm Punk’s 10 Greatest Rivals

There has been a lot written about Cm Punk since he left WWE the night after the 2014 Royal Rumble. Some of it has been good and a lot of it has been bad. There are those that completely understand why he left WWE due to his unhappiness and then there are angry group of fans that are mad at him for quitting his job six months before his contract expired. If he left when his deal was up in July perhaps we could understand it better. Since he left when he did, we’ll likely never understand or at least it’s not going to be explained to us anytime soon.

The word “retired” has been thrown around regarding Punk’s future. We don’t really know if it’s the right term to use or if that’s the way we want to label him because if
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Cm Punk “Fears Getting Stabbed” By WWE Fans

Former WWE Champion Cm Punk lives in fear of “being stabbed” after fans began camping outside his Chicago home, according to an essay written by one of his former girlfriends.

Cult vegan chef Natalie Slater dated Punk back in High School and since then has remained one of his very closest friends. In a piece she penned for Redeye Slater she described Punk as “retired” and discussed why she believes it is his own fame that has resulted in him walking away from the business.

According to the article titled: ‘My Friend is Famous and it Sucks’ Punk’s time as a top WWE Superstar has resulted in him becoming more famous than he could have ever imagined and as such resulted in him becoming something of a recluse. Slater states that she has concerns for her friend as he rarely leaves his home since calling it a
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Cm Punk: 5 Reasons He Won’t Be Back For WrestleMania 30

Cm Punk is probably the most polarizing wrestler of modern times. Fans love him for his skilled in-ring performances, and his trail-blazing honesty on the mic. He’s one of the few wrestlers who can do it all, and make it look easy. But he defies the current standard set by the WWE. In many ways, he’s become popular in spite of what the WWE feels a superstar should be. Cm Punk is neither the prototypical heel nor face. He’s an antihero—something the WWE needs more of. His tattoos and moderate build kept him down for many years, buried in obscurity while other less talented wrestlers thrived.

But no one can deny the run he had from 2011 up until now. He held the title for 434 days—something unprecedented in the modern era. He had possibly the most groundbreaking promo in the history of the WWE
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Cm Punk: What Happened WWE Chicago Raw (And What Does The Future Hold?)


I was there on Monday, March 3rd in Chicago.

I was there for the same reason as almost every fan in the Allstate Arena. I was there for a moment. If we’re honest with each other as wrestling fans, we watch the product for moments that transcend the business. Sure, we all have favorite characters. We all enjoy great matches, we all enjoy talented wrestling, or memorable promos, or intriguing storylines, or any combination of the aforementioned. But rarely do all combine to create a moment. Rarely as fans do we get to see the culmination of a perfect storyline involving a beloved character in the perfect setting.

One such moment happened during the 2011 Money in the Bank pay per view in Chicago, when Cm Punk not only won the WWE Championship, but subsequently walked out of the company with it, through the crowd. On Monday, the stage
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WWE: Cm Punk Contract Expiring In July – Will He Stay Or Go?

PWInsider reports that Cm Punk’s contract with WWE expires this coming July.

As most WWE fans can recall, Punk’s WWE deal was up in July of 2011 right around the time he won the WWE Title at Money in the Bank in Chicago. It’s believed that it was a three year deal that would obviously expire in July of 2014.

What did we learn from the last time the man that’s known as “The Best In The World” had contract negotiations? That he is highly valued by WWE management. We also learned that it’s great to have leverage in negotiations because after Punk re-signed with WWE he became a bigger star than he was before. Not only did he win the WWE Title at Money in the Bank 2011 (an awesome event, by the way), but he also won it a few months later at Survivor Series 2011. That
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Giveaway - Win WWE Royal Rumble 2013 on DVD

WWE kicks off The Road to WrestleMania and in 2013… Finally!…The Rock has come back to the Royal Rumble! Will the People's Champ bring the WWE Championship home to Team Bring It for the first time in over ten years? Plus, 30 or more Superstars compete in WWE’s historic over-the-top rope main event where one resilient Superstar earns a chance to main event WrestleMania! Sheamus emerged from the pack in 2012 and went on to claim the World Heavyweight Championship on the grandest stage. Who will add their name to the illustrious list of Royal Rumble winners this year, and will they have a date to go one-on-one with the great one, The Rock, at WrestleMania 29? This is truly a monumental edition of one of the WWE’s most long-standing events, and a must-have for all WWE fans.

To celebrate the release of Royal Rumble 2013 on DVD and Blu-ray as of the 15th April,
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WWE News: Cm Punk vs The Rock Official at Royal Rumble

Coming right off the back of a highly charged Raw it is now official that The Rock will face Cm Punk at the annual Royal Rumble event. This won’t come as a surprise to many, or anyone actually, as oh so many hints have been rammed up our throats so much that the most jaded fan would know that this match was always going to headline the Rumble.

The real question is; who will walk out of the event with the WWE Championship? For months it’s been written in concrete, blood and all other manners of permanent things that Rocky will be the WWE champion yet again. Only recently it was reported that The Rock has been made to believe that he will be winning the grandest belt in western wrestling but even more recently there have been reports that management are actuallly unsure with their plans right now.

WWE Raw Preview: The Rock Returns, Who Will Win Punk vs Ryback?

After a long and lazy two weeks of taped Raws we finally go live once again. The past couple of Monday night shows have basically been filler whilst the creative department eat lots of turkey and frolic on New Year’s Eve. Hopefully they’ve been able to scratch a few ideas on some napkins along the way for the run up to the Royal Rumble. I may be being hopeful but I’m expecting a Raw to kick us in the teeth.

For many this Raw will be exciting if only for the fact that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is making his “Return” to WWE. It will be interesting where about on the show WWE will place him, but I would expect they will hype him for the first hour and he’ll cut a promo and talk about stupid goose bumps at the opening of the second hour.

WWE: 5 Reasons Why Turning Cm Punk Heel Was Wrong

So Raw 1000 was this past Monday and let’s just say it ended in one of the biggest shocks in recent memory. WWE Champion Cm Punk has apparently turned heel.

Punk closed the show in a WWE title match with Cena, but by the end of the night had put The Rock to sleep, which you would think would turn him into an instant heat magnet and a top heel right? Wrong! I am here to tell you why turning Cm Punk heel was the wrong decision on WWE’s part.

5. He Is Going To Be Cheered

The fans want to cheer Punk. It is as simple as that. The fans realise just how good he is and enjoy him too much to hate him. Even as a heel he seems to one up his opponent on the mic, the time where the face should be shown as the dominant character.
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Alberto Del Rio Makes WWE Return To Face Sheamus

Having being injured since December, former two time WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio made his return to the WWE at last night’s WWE SmackDown live event house show in San Francisco, California at The Cow Palace.

Del Rio came to the ring and cut a promo on the crowd before he was interrupted by Sheamus. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ then challenged Alberto to a ‘Royal Rumble Winners Match’ but Del Rio declined the offer and suggested an Arm Wrestling contest instead. Sheamus agreed and they started the tussle but it was judged a No Contest when Roberto Rodriguez interfered. Del Rio quickly high tailed it and Rodriguez was the poor recipient of a Sheamus beat down.

Alberto Del Rio has just about been cleared for a wrestling return which is expected to take place at the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view next Sunday night, if not before.

Meanwhile in other news
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Layla Expected To Win WWE Divas Title When She Returns & New Diva Announcer

WWE diva Layla, who has been out of action since May 13th after requiring surgery for tearing both her Anterior cruciate and Medial collateral ligaments, is expected to be pushed with the Divas Title when she returns next year. The belief internally is that they have exhausted the Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres matches and are desperately in need of some fresh match-ups so are looking at pushing Layla in a big way upon her return.

Early in the New Year there are also plans to give Natalya a run with the Divas Title, and perhaps giving her a run against Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres or turning her face to take on her current partner Beth Phoenix. Certainly if I was booking I would make a fatal four-way match between Phoenix vs Kelly vs Torres vs Natalya happen somewhere soon down the road,
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