"Heroes" Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' (TV Episode 2007) Poster

(TV Series)

(II) (2007)

Hayden Panettiere: Claire Bennet


  • Sandra Bennet : I don't know any Mr. Muggles and I don't know you.

    Claire Bennet : Dad? Dad? Dad?

    [to Lyle] 

    Claire Bennet : Where's Dad?

    Lyle Bennet : On one of his stupid business trips.

    Claire Bennet : There's something wrong with Mom.

    Lyle Bennet : There's something wrong with you!

    Claire Bennet : Mom, do you know who this is?

    [pointing towards Lyle] 

    Sandra Bennet : Claire, leave your brother alone.

    Claire Bennet : You recognize us?

    Sandra Bennet : Yes, you are the daughter who is supposed to be setting the dinner table.

    Claire Bennet : I was standing over there just a minute ago and you had no idea who I was.

    Sandra Bennet : Lyle, help your sister with the table. Honestly, Claire.

    Lyle Bennet : [to Claire]  Good thing Dad's not home, because he would so drug test you.

  • Sandra Bennet : Claire, do we need to talk?

    Claire Bennet : No... Yes.

  • Dr. Lindale : Your mother has a subdural haemorrhage.

    Claire Bennet : I got a C minus in biology.

    Dr. Lindale : It's like a bruise on her brain. Specifically, in the area that controls memory.

  • Noah Bennet : [about Sandra]  She'll be okay.

    Claire Bennet : No thanks to you.

    Lyle Bennet : Shut up, Claire.

  • Noah Bennet : [to Claire about Sandra]  The doctor told me you had an interesting theory about your Mother's condition.

    Claire Bennet : [fuming]  It's not a theory. You did this to her.

    [wheels around] 

    Claire Bennet : You erased her mind.

    Noah Bennet : Claire, that's ridiculous.

    Claire Bennet : You tried to erase mine!

    Noah Bennet : I don't know where you're getting these ideas.

    Claire Bennet : [at this point, Claire has lost it]  Stop! Stop it! Stop lying! After what you did to Mom, isn't that enough?

    [several doctors turn to stare; Bennet holds Claire against a wall] 

    Noah Bennet : What you know is dangerous. If the wrong people find out about what you can do...

    Claire Bennet : [about Sylar]  Like the man who killed Jackie?

    Noah Bennet : Exactly.

    Claire Bennet : [crying]  Why? Why did you do this to Mom?

    Noah Bennet : [about Sylar]  A few days ago, that man broke into our house, looking for you. He found your mother instead, so I made her forget.

    [Claire, sobbing, glowers at Bennet] 

    Noah Bennet : Your mother is a gentle soul, and people like her shouldn't have to know about people like him.

    Claire Bennet : And maybe people like you!

    Noah Bennet : I never meant for her to get sick. I only wanted to protect my family. Claire-Bear, I promise... I promise this will never happen again.

    [Bennet tries to calm Claire down, but with a shout of "ENOUGH!" she pushes him away] 

    Claire Bennet : [pushing Mr. Bennet away sobbing uncontrollably]  No! You don't just get to say you're "sorry" and make everything go away!

  • Noah Bennet : Claire. We'll get through this. Your Mom needs us. Lyle too.

    Claire Bennet : I don't even know if I'll remember any of this tomorrow.

    [seething with anger] 

    Claire Bennet : All I want to do is run away, but I can't. Somebody's has to protect this family from you.

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