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MPAA Rated R for pervasive language including sexual references, violent content and drug material

Sex & Nudity

  • Crude sexual dialogue.
  • Over 120 uses of the F-Word
  • Women are shown dancing in scantily clad outfits. Their buttocks are focused in on in relation to a song that is playing. Some of their bare buttocks can be seen due to the revealing outfits.
  • Women in small bikinis are shown at a party.
  • A partially nude woman is shown on the cover of a porn magazine.
  • A pole dancer is shown partially nude.

Violence & Gore

  • Whoever rated this a 2 for profanity is crazy! It should be a 10! Lots of F words, also GD...
  • A main storyline of the movie involves actors who think they are making a war movie but then actually have to become real soldiers to fight off a drug cartel.
  • The beginning of the movie has a long graphic scene containing gore and violence. This scene is a satire on many other movies (there are a lot of references to Platoon and Saving Private Ryan), although the violence is toned down in a way that conveys it as a low-budget film. Many people get shot in the face and suffer wounds by other weapons such as bayonets. There is an excessive, unrealistic amount of spraying blood used for comedic effect
  • In this same fake war movie, a man suffers a prolonged disemboweling by a bayonet, though he does not act nearly as wounded as the visual effects suggest, and appears to survive as though it's a minor flesh wound, even attempting to put his insides back into his body later. This is done satirically.
  • Tugg is shown with somewhat fake looking severed hands.
  • Offscreen, Tugg kills a panda then proceeds to wear its skin as camouflage. This scene is much less graphic than the scenes involving human violence, probably deliberately.
  • Multiple shootouts occur between several characters, some are real bullets others are blanks (in the context of the film).
  • Halfsquat, a child, stabs Tugg and is consequently thrown off a bridge by Tugg.
  • Please note that this is a comedy and all violence is taken very lightly or presented in a comical and slapstick fashion.


  • Over 120 uses of the F-bomb.
  • 2 dozen uses of "ass", "shit", and "damn" each.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the main characters is angry because a bird robbed his "gummies", which instead of being those candies, those are drugs
  • Several characters are seen smoking cigars and cigarettes, including an underage child.
  • The main antagonists led (once again) by a young boy, are drug processors.
  • Characters talk about the use of drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The opening battle scene can be intense for some viewers.
  • Some animal lovers may find the panda scene disturbing, but the violence in this scene is presented in a more cartoonish fashion than the rest of the movie.

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