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7 Jan. 2016
Bis zum Umfallen
Hamburg private management college student Nils Kosta is deeply concerned when his pregnant peer girl friend Nadine Krüger collapses during an exam. He swears after her miscarriage, the endurance drug causing it, found in her blood, was against her nature. The lawyer-headhunter who got her a prized Asian bank job in Frankfort reports abuse by Nils, but.the drugs are linked to fellow student Frauke Prinz.
14 Jan. 2016
The attempted theft by Michel Hilbert and his knave mates from floating restaurant gallion "Elbnixe" alerts the Hamburg harbor quarter police about the dangerous position of broke co-owner Ariane Rosenthal, who tried to make a run with party clients' down payments to pay off debt. Her daughter Clara who was beaten up, possibly by loan shark Ingo Kress, but the team also finds other links with some of the rascals.
21 Jan. 2016
Auf beiden Augen blind
Hardcore feminist cop Franzi Jung testifies as key witness in Julia Schneider's rape case against Jacques Messmer, but her estranged husband Philipp's findings as psychiatrists duly discredit the 'victim' and even the plausibility that a rape even took place. However the team, despite bitterness over her blunt refusal to consider any rational doubt about Julia's story, finds another alleged previous abuse victim, whose testimony, if given, could change everything.
28 Jan. 2016
During a routine ID check on a wrongly parked car's driver and passenger, Mattes and Hansen suddenly find themselves in a gun fight with the men, later identified as recently escaped former cellmates: Til Schilling, whom Melanie wounds badly, and Dennis Wörner, who not only gets away with Til but also kidnaps doctor Jasmin Jonas, yet gets overpowered by the paramedic from whose ambulance he tries to steal the supplies to doc demands to operate. It turns out Til was Jasmin's medical study mate before he lapsed into crime, has terminal cancer and desperately ants to ...
11 Feb. 2016
Melanie enjoys a class reunion aboard a party boat. Suddenly nerd loner Arne Volkerts is reported missing, presumably fallen into the Elbe, and later found on the river bank. The next morning, fellow Heiner Brüggemann is found locked into the sauna of gray mouse classmate Ulrike Thomsen's hotel by cleaning cart, leaving him dangerously dehydrated and temporarily amnesiac. Melanie witnessed little, being occupied with Robert Zerlin. Possible motives are found in jealousy, spite and infidelity. Unorthdox Dr. David Lindberg, in a wheelchair, takes medical charge in ...
18 Feb. 2016
Vorsicht Vergangenheit
During a street raid, Mattes and Melanie arrest people carrying false ID, including pregnant Irina, which turns out to be a Czech alias for local Sandra Beyer, who is a fugitive for a lethal arson years, even her partner ignored that past. She runs, but needs medical care for an infection urgently. The team searches for her and the details of the fire in the anarchist group she belonged to with a present mission preacher, politician and working man, one of which is later badly beaten on the head.
25 Feb. 2016
Geld oder Moral
Crone Hilde Bruns, whom moonlighting dragon nurse Frauke Prinz has been medicating at home as unqualified seniors assistant, is hospitalized for another cardiac incident, which turns out triggered by digitalis poisoning. Her favorite grand nephew and heir, student Torben Schuchard, son of bankrupt scumbag Norbert, discovers that the wooden box she brought along, containing her life savings in cash, is empty. Only Frauke, her colleague Nancy Hagen and Tobern's girlfriend had access.
3 Mar. 2016
Tom Bölling and Lisa Wenzel report their baby Summer missing, which the airhead (pregnant) mother foolishly allowed an unknown girl of ten to take for a walk in the park. It's found abandoned in its buggy, but diagnosed with shaken brain syndrome, suggesting repeated abuse by an adult. The alleged kidnapper kid is hard to find, the parents hope to emigrate.
10 Mar. 2016
Vater, Mutter, Kind
After Sabine Dressler crashes her car against a tree, the cops soon suspect a hit and run of blunt attempt on her life. The empty child seat in her car inspires looking in to the child which may be key to the motive. Suspects include opponents and detectives in a custody case and the ex-con bar owner who anonymously called an ambulance.
17 Mar. 2016
While jogging in Hamburg's deer park, health inspector Klaus Bögner is wounded by crossbow. He may be the victim of local poacher Ingo Koller. A near-absent father, Klaus had an affair with forester Hanna Spohr, which his useless wife Vernika and devoted son Heiko found out about. He also blackmailed a local publican.
24 Mar. 2016
Die falsche Frau
While Melanie jogs, her clueless mother Marlies Hansen catches an intruder at home and is abducted by him. He demands the return of his laptop as ransom. The team works out it's a case of mistaken identity trough a website, where Mel deleted her profile, the kidnapper mistakes her for a predatory prostitute who drugs and robs clients with an accomplice. Mattes serves as lure to trap them.
31 Mar. 2016
While social worker Karin Berger minds psychotic charge would be-musician Melody Schiller's doted pre-teen daughter Antonia, she dozes off and the brat disappears from the park, soon diagnosed stressed and drugged with Melody's medication. The cops also look into the father, wealthy Paulus Rohn, who agreed to weekly custody only, his party club buddy Vincent Adamowski, and Melody's hot -tempered boyfriend, barman Dennis Köhler. They stumble onto lies and secrets, including a traumatic fall.
7 Apr. 2016
Nina Hell's hop, the only one in the neighborhood with Internat delivery, is broken into and vandalized. Hans and Franzi consider the only stolen item, a cellphone, and especially jealousy from the backward competitors, shop keepers organized by her ex Frank Wehner. Later Nina suffer a car crashes after meeting mysterious Timo Baumgarten.
14 Apr. 2016
Explosive Lage
While the precinct guards a building to be torn down, explosives supervisor Lutger Dörr secretly carries out his own criminal plans. *By the time Mattes semi-accidentally finds out he lost his license and slipped in after eliminating colleague Hagen, Tarik is stuck inside with a high pregnant woman and a female colleague, while another became the suicidal ex-fireman's infuriating hostage, and he demands to see his bitch ex who caused his dismissal.
15 Sep. 2016
In Hamburg essen sie Hunde
Hans responds startled when pharmacy stock watchman Krause is knocked down by two masked men and his friendly terrier Rifi stolen with some free of prescription medicine, containing an ingredient for meth. Mattes investigates after simpleton giant Hauke seizes the ax in the Cheung family's Chinese restaurant, searching for Dalmatian Mahler he bought for his daughter, which his ex took. Poor quality security video suggests Cheung was among the drug thieves, but it was a goon serving the restaurant's Vietnamese landlord.
22 Sep. 2016
Chemistry student Florian Beck, a crystal meth lab operator, is arrested in the Chinese restaurant case. Hans failed to apprehend the lab cahoot, his own estranged daughter Nelly, attempts to cover her by advising Florian to keep silent, but Mattes soon finds her involved and state drug investigator Werner Preiss is on the case. and she comes forward about her Czech dealer Tomas.
29 Sep. 2016
Gegen die Uhr
Hans's daughter Nelly is kidnapped by the Czech crystal meth gang after badly stabbing drub baron Marek Urban's brother Tomas, whose hospital treatment is complicated by a power cut, leaving the surgical stuck between floors. Marek threatens to kill Nelly unless he hears from Tomas within the hour. Hans shoud be suspended but it informally allowed to help find and arrest the fiend in his drug lab.
6 Oct. 2016
Die Sennerin vom Waseberg
Gym employee Dennis Klemm dutifully informs the police he overheard Polish-born 'Bavaraian' Schlager-singer Andi Rodczek ask half-Turkish jock Tayfun Beller what sounded like kill her ex and sneaky manager StevieTönz. Everyone keeps lying systematically, Andi even nearly runs over Tariq, who finds Beller is part of a trio of ex-cons, Later Stevie is shot at, his new girl Silke's pooch Bijou fatally hit. Hans duly mistrusts the whole affair.
13 Oct. 2016
Schatten der Vergangenheit
Carpenter Niklas Benda was badly slate-stabbed in his workshop, apparently by a robber. He was found by sole apprentice Jeremy Woytke, who lives in Guido Pfarr's juvenile halfway house. Jeremy and his roommate accuse each-other of stealing Benda's laptop, leading to fighting. Mattes's team finds that Jeremy is gay and probably had unrequited hopes for Niklas, but also malversations in Pfarr's finances. Bendas sister is doctor David Lindbergs ex-fiancée.
17 Nov. 2016
Shortly after just released petty ex-con Mustafa Erbil is denounced as Syria jihad volunteer without evidence by his sister Emine, he's wounded in a street fight and refuse sto talk, only Tariq wins some confidence by proving hiself a better Muslim. * \Suspects include a former cellmate and a dealer, after an episode.with flushed drugs, but mainly German convert-recruiter Gerd "Jassir" Molsen, who paid Mustafe for weapons. Tarik Molsenstarts questioning everything and comes up with an unsettling plot and culprit.

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