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So Bad that it is Good
djhreg13 September 2007
The first thing that we noticed as the movie began is the "cheap" look. The film seems to have been shot with low cost video equipment of the type used for daytime soap operas. The lighting sophistication was similar to that of soap operas. Camera angles were not subtle.

Choreography was crude. Acting was very weak.

However, half way through the movie there was a short, very technically effective, soft-porn sequence (bare breasts; no genitalia) Our suspicion was that the movie may have been made by a team that otherwise earns its living making soft porno movies - that is a porno movie team hoping to move upscale to something more "artistic"

Note that other than this little sequence in the middle of the movie, the rest of the movie is almost family entertainment - lots of hand-to-hand fighting and little else. Nothing awfully terrifying. No other nudity at all.

The net result was that our college age boys, roared with laughter through the entire movie. Their otherwise extremely open-minded, fun-loving, not-a-bit-prudish, Japanese mother was so disgusted that she went to sleep.
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Weak film that drags but has a few good scenes
Hyomil18 June 2007
It doesn't take long to see this a B-grade, amateurish flick with a flimsy, clichéd, underdeveloped script that seems like it got used before the author had finished writing major sections of it, and it just stalls a number of times, seeming to not know what to do. Notably absent is good music that could create a mood to cover other deficiencies. Its like watching dailies or audition tapes at times. None of the characters are ever fleshed out in anything but a trite, superficial way that's often laughable; instead, there's a lot of dead air to think about how things that should have dramatic weight have none. Still, the movie isn't entirely a waste if you like the "girls with guns" genre. Mika Shigeizumi as Junko puts in a convincing performance as one of the assassins who enjoys her work a little too much and some of the action is well done.

But for something good in this genre see So Close (2002) or Naked Killer (1992), or perhaps a Moon Lee and Cynthia Khan movie like The Avenging Quartet (1992) or A Serious Shock! Yes Madam! (1992).
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Not as cool as it should have been
gridoon20187 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Personally I am willing to watch any movie that features beautiful women in shiny cleavage-baring outfits efficiently assassinating people. It's a pity, however, that many films don't make the extra effort to go beyond that concept and be truly worth watching. "Cool Dimension" is one of those films. The girls here are voluptuous and their outfits perfectly emphasize that fact. But the film is too talky, it has too little action, and apart from some sexy girl-on-girl headlocks, the fights are nothing to write home about and sometimes they are excessively sped-up. I liked the twist of having one of the girls turning out to be a truly sadistic villainess. On the other hand, the grimmer-than-grim ending is typical for this type of low-budget Japanese fare. ** out of 4.
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