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Season 2

8 Jun. 2009
Episode #2.1
It's months after the Harry Braunstein signing disaster and Paulie, David, and Joey are still unable to land rock or kids gigs. In fact, they're reduced to scraping pennies together just to eat.
15 Jun. 2009
Episode #2.2
Their professional lives on track, the boys turn their attention towards their 3rd major concern in life: the opposite sex.
22 Jun. 2009
All Z Small Things
The boys play a kids party for a lesbian couple and their adopted Chinese child, then get a shot at redemption when Dina scores them a gig opening for Kiss...or so they thought.
29 Jun. 2009
Jail House Z Rock
Neil begs his way into a raucous road trip with the boys when they land a two-night gig opening for Brett Michaels in the tawny suburbs of Westchester.
Jul. 2009
Z Are Family
As the boys search for a new sound for ZO2, an old ghost reappears and throws the makeup of the band into question; Dave Navarro is back.
Jul. 2009
Episode #2.6
The boys' dreams finally come true: they play a wrestling-themed kids party in which they get to dress up in tights and capes. Pulled Pork Paulie, Joeylicious, and ChippenDave put on quite a show.
Jul. 2009
Z My Baby
On the eve of Battle of the Bands, Joey hurts his knee, putting ZO2's entry into question - and turning their biggest rival, Steel Panther, into the favorites to win the competition and take home the $15,000 prize.
Jul. 2009
Episode #2.8
For the first time in their lives, the boys are friends with "the man." A local Brooklyn politician running for State Senate hires ZO2 to play a political rally, but questions regarding his alleged mafia connections force the boys to decide whether or not to accept their big payday, and risk their integrity in the process - or turn it down, and risk their necks.
Jul. 2009
Episode #2.9
John Popper returns, rehabilitated, 12-stepping, and looking to make amends for prior misdeeds - namely, nearly ruining the boys' careers.
15 Jun. 2009
Z Will Rock You
ZO2 gets the gig of a lifetime: a Bar Mitzvah. Technically speaking, it's actually a "B-iz-ar Mitzvah" for a well-known black rapper, and it's being filmed as the pilot episode of a highly anticipated reality series about crazy Bar Mitzvahs.

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