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6 Jan. 2008
'Cashmere Mafia' features the lives and loves of four of the most wealthy and powerful women in New York City. After accepting his marriage proposal, magazine editor Mia Mason ends up in competition with her fiancée, Jack Cutting, for a promotion to publisher. Wall Street banking executive Zoe Burden juggles her two kids, her architect husband Eric, and her job when their new nanny is poached. Cosmetics mogul Caitlin Dowd finds herself attracted to someone new: a female public relations executive named Alicia. Hotel chain CEO Juliet Draper deals with both her ...
9 Jan. 2008
Conference Call
A wealthy, stay-at-home mother puts Zoe on the defensive when she makes a move on her kids and her husband Eric. Caitlin isn't sure she's able to have a real relationship... much more with a woman when Alicia takes her out on a date at a local nightclub. Juliet takes the first step in her revenge on Davis for his infidelity by transforming herself into a seductress and plots to be unfaithful to by hooking up with her old boyfriend Bobby Walsh. Elsewhere, Mia's first unpleasant task in her new job as chief editor of Bonfire Magazine involves firing her mentor.
16 Jan. 2008
Dangerous Liaisons
Juliet flirts with the idea of cheating to get back at Davis when an old boyfriend, named Bobby Walsh, arrives in town on business. Meanwhile, Mia faces off against Todd, a magazine editor who was friends with her ex-fiancé Jack, about a controversial cover titled 'Modern Man'. Zoe is caught in the middle of a messy office affair between Clayton, a fellow managing director who is married, and Katherine, her young research analyst. Also, Caitlin becomes nervous when she's 'outed' on an Internet gossip blog, run by Cilla Grey, over her growing romance with Alicia.
23 Jan. 2008
The Deciders
Mia is pressured into a blind coffee date by her mother, Juliet finds another of Davis' secrets, Caitlin is attracted to someone new, and Zoe finds herself the target of a power play by a newly promoted associate.
6 Feb. 2008
Stay with Me
While divorce looms for Juliet and Davis, their daughter, Emily, is suspended from school because of a provocative Internet photo. Hectic schedules create problems for Zoe and Eric's plans for their 10th anniversary when Zoe's business partner, Nicholas, arrives from Europe wanting some important business done. Meanwhile, Alicia unloads a big surprise on Caitlin by revealing that she's pregnant which prompts Caitlin to run into the arms of Sam Morgan, the guy she met the previous week. Elsewhere, Mia deals with her mean boss, Clive, who wants progress done, as well as...
13 Feb. 2008
Yours, Mine and Hers
Mia and Caitlin search Jack's apartment for a revealing sex tape that Mia made with him, even as the ex-couple continue to fight their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, just as Caitlin warms up to the idea of being a mother, Olivia, Alicia's ex-partner, stings her by telling her there is no room for another "mother" or a bad role model like Caitlin in the baby's life. Zoe battles to land a new billionaire client, but her unappreciated efforts force her to make a life-changing decision by quitting her job. Elsewhere, the nasty divorce battle for property ownership ...
20 Feb. 2008
Dog Eat Dog
Juliet is pursued by Len Dinerstein, a multimillionaire and corporate raider with ulterior motives to take over her company. Caitlin's job is on the line as her boss, cosmetic's titan Lily Parrish, puts mounting pressure on her to produce a big publicity splash during Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Mia falls for a stray dog she picks up, but is unable to pass the ownership test for his adoption. Also, newly unemployed Zoe struggles with being the perfect stay-at-home mother, only her control freak habits puts her at odd with not only Eric, but her kids, Sasha and Luke's, ...


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