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Very Creepy Hidden Detail Discovered In Silent Hill 2’s Opening Cutscene

Very Creepy Hidden Detail Discovered In Silent Hill 2’s Opening Cutscene
If you consider yourself a Silent Hill 2 fan, be warned – you’ll never look it the same way again after witnessing this discovery.

No doubt returning from their latest session of scouring the survival horror classic for any undiscovered or missed details, Reddit user ZombiePizzas1999 appears, for all intents and purposes, to have hit the jackpot as far as incredibly well-hidden Easter eggs are concerned. As any follower of the series’ lore will know, 2001’s sequel to the original puts players in the role of James Sunderland, a grieving widower who received a letter from his dead wife directing him to visit the titular town.

In one of the game’s opening cinematics, James can be seen peering into a dimly-lit bathroom mirror, presumably at himself for a hasty self-grooming session before confronting the horrors that await him. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Due to the scene’s dark nature,
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Konami Hinting At Imminent Silent Hill Announcement

Konami Hinting At Imminent Silent Hill Announcement
Konami, at long last, appears to be teasing something related to Silent Hill, though nobody’s exactly sure what.

The publisher, which still owns the beloved IP, has yet to produce a new installment in the franchise since 2012’s Book of Memories, itself the last before an intended reboot – Silent Hills – led by Hideo Kojima was to enter full production. Despite the critical acclaim heaped on the latter’s P.T. demo, Kojima and Konami’s much-publicized split ultimately resulted in the title’s cancellation and fans have been left pining for something – anything – ever since.

Fast forward to the present day, then, and you’ll no doubt be aware of the various leaks circulating online that multiple Silent Hill projects are in the works. Like before, one of these is supposedly aiming to be a soft reboot; the other a story-driven experience akin to Telltale’s work. Konami has
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Megan Fox vs Lions in First Trailer for Action Film 'Rogue' Set in Africa

Megan Fox vs Lions in First Trailer for Action Film 'Rogue' Set in Africa
"Some lions go rogue... She likes to kill." Lionsgate has released an official trailer for an action movie titled Rogue, the latest from director M.J. Bassett. Megan Fox stars in this "explosive action saga" as a battle-hardened mercenary. As team leader O'Hara, she leads a lively squad of soldiers on a daring mission: rescue a hostage from captors in a remote region of Africa. But when the mission goes awry and the team is stranded, O'Hara's squad must face a bloody, brutal encounter with a gang of rebels — and the horde of ravenous, enraged lions they encounter at a seemingly abandoned farm. Can they survive attacks from rebels and lions? This also stars Philip Winchester, Calli Taylor, Jessica Sutton, Lee-Anne Liebenberg, Brandon Auret, Adam Deacon, and Sisanda Henna. This looks especially bland and bad. As hard as she tries, Megan Fox just can't act - even opposite the CGI lions.
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Rogue Trailer Has Megan Fox Fighting One Big Lion

Rogue Trailer Has Megan Fox Fighting One Big Lion
A new trailer for Rogue has arrived online. The action/thriller stars Megan Fox, of Transformers and Jennifer's Body fame. It comes from writer/director M.J. Bassett and looks like it could provide a bit of insane fun in a summer movie season that is sorely lacking in that department. Case in point, the main hook is that Fox will be going toe-to-toe with a gigantic, dangerous lion in a woman vs. beast scenario. Let them fight.

The trailer kicks off with Megan Fox leading a team of mercenaries who are looking to capture an asset in Africa. The action ramps up in a hurry with explosions, bullets and a daring escape attempt. Unfortunately, it doesn't go according to play. Fox and her counterparts find themselves on the run, evading a deadly gang. That, on its own, could lay the breadcrumbs for a compelling enough action flick. But then a
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Sony Might Be Developing A Next Gen Silent Hill Reboot

Sony Might Be Developing A Next Gen Silent Hill Reboot
A new Silent Hill game may have been in the works this whole time, and none of us knew anything about it. According to prominent leaker AestheticGamer, the fifth installment in this infamous horror franchise is currently in development at Sony’s Japan Studio, where it entered the production stage at some point last year.

Of course, Silent Hill has been the subject of more rumors than we care to count, mostly because we can’t keep track of them all. Indeed, while we’ve heard that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima had picked up the plans for a sequel which he was forced to abort in 2014, other reports say that God of War director Cory Barlog is secretly considering taking on the project.

According to AestheticGamer, however, the game will be headed by Keiichiro Toyama, creative director of the 1999 original. According to the leaker, Akira Yamaoka, the composer of Silent Hill 2,
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New Silent Hill Game May Be In Development With Gravity Rush Team

New Silent Hill Game May Be In Development With Gravity Rush Team
The rumour mill for Konami’s Silent Hill franchise has been in full swing as of late.

From outlandish reports of Microsoft buying the Japanese publisher’s gaming back catalogue, to more plausible news of the company partnering with Sony to develop two brand new Silent Hill titles, to even the unlikely possibility of a re-collaboration between Konami and everyone’s favourite Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. Long story short: even though there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the publisher, the Silent Hill series feels like it’s finally back in the spotlight now, and that’s even before mentioning the new cinematic sequel that’s officially been given the greenlight, too.

That said, some fresh new intel that pertains to Konami’s beloved survival horror franchise has begun to make the rounds, and it comes from one of 2020’s most prominent leakers, Dusk Golem Aka AestheticGamer over on Twitter.
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Silent Hill's art director and monster designer finds inspiration in the pandemic

  • The AV Club
Silent Hill's art director and monster designer finds inspiration in the pandemic
The Silent Hill games are among the most unsettling works of horror ever made. This is in no small part thanks to Masahiro Ito, who worked as a monster designer on the first three games and the art director for Silent Hill 2 and 3, creating a line-up of ominous locations filled with memorable nightmare freaks like the…
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Kojima Productions Might Be Hinting At A New Silent Hill Game

Kojima Productions Might Be Hinting At A New Silent Hill Game
While it might not have been the most traditional video game out there, last year’s Death Stranding was a critical and commercial success, having racked up a handful of perfect review scores, including one from our very own David Morgan. Following the fallout between studio head Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami, it seemed like any projects the two had been working on (including a brand new Silent Hill game) would be axed permanently, but a recent social media post has some gamers rethinking their stance on the matter.

A tweet from Kojima Production’s official Twitter account shows a staged picture of Aki Saito, the studio’s head of communication. At first glance, the photo in question is pretty standard stuff, but there are a few odd inclusions that have begun to turn heads. For starters, the post itself features the phrase “sorry to be silent,” which some have
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5 Things That Silent Hill Did Right (& 5 Things Silent Hill: Revelation Did Better)

When it comes to the movies and even with the loss of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, fans of the Silent Hill games could count themselves lucky because their movies aren’t the worst. Video game movies are generally terrible, but the Silent Hill films could be seen as the exception to this rule. In fact, original director Christophe Gans' recent announcement of a new Silent Hill movie was met with excitement rather than concern.

Related: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Video Game Movies

However, the reception of the Silent Hill movies isn’t unanimous. While the first entry can be a bit polarizing, its sequel is almost universally despised. That’s not to say that Revelation didn’t get anything right – and we’re not talking about its 3D effects. Here are five things that Silent Hill got right and five more things its sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation, did better.
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Summerford Pays Tribute to the Era of Silent Hill Horror

Matthew Byrd Jan 20, 2020

Wish you could play another classic Silent Hill game? Summerford may be the closest that you'll get.

Indie developer Noisy Valley Studios is working on a new title called Summerford that looks to satisfy your need for a new Silent Hill game. 

Summerford tells the story of a young woman named Sam who is described as an urban explorer. It seems that Sam gets separated from her friends and eventually wanders into what certainly seems to be an awful situation involving a town that once suffered from a nuclear disaster. Naturally, though, the studio is remaining somewhat quiet regarding the more substantial details of the plot at this time. 

What we do know is that you can expect an old-school horror gaming experience from Summerford. That influence is most obviously found in the game's visuals and camera which harken back to those days and experiences like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
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Konami Reveals New Silent Hill Project, But It’s Not What You’re Expecting

Being a longtime fan of Silent Hill myself, there’s a very good reason why I vividly remember 2012, and that’s because it saw the release of three games in the franchise: Downpour, Book of Memories and the HD Collection. Okay, the third one mentioned may not have technically counted as being “new,” but I still bought it. Plus, we mustn’t forget how Silent Hill: Revelation hit theaters that year as well.

Most unfortunate for us all, Konami must’ve thought that stuff would hold us over for the rest of our lives, because there hasn’t been much to discuss in the time since. Oh yeah, they did tease us with Silent Hills, only to pull the plug after releasing a playable demo and a trailer. It’s as if they hate their fans or something.

It wasn’t that long ago when we were given a glimmer
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February 19th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Overlord, The Return Of The Vampire, Skinner, Color Me Blood Red

For February 19th’s home media releases, one of the biggest reasons for genre fans to get excited is that Bad Robot’s Overlord is finally making its way to various formats, so for those of you who may have missed it in theaters, this week is your chance to right that wrong (this writer loved it!). As far as cult titles go, Scream Factory has resurrected The Return of the Vampire in HD, Severin Films is showing Skinner some much-deserved love, and Arrow Videos has Herschell Gordon LewisColor Me Blood Red on tap.

Universal is re-releasing a ton of titles on Tuesday, including Cry-Baby, Dracula (1979), Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Silent Hill: Revelation,and The Watcher, and Nightmare Vacation is getting a special release this week as well.

Color Me Blood Red

URFor the third and final instalment in his infamous 'Blood Trilogy', Color Me Blood Red, splatter
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Jonathan Maberry’s ‘V Wars’ Is Coming to Netflix

Best-selling author Jonathan Maberry’s visionary mind is coming to a TV screen near you. Production has begun on V Wars based on the novels and comics of the same name. The series will run for ten episodes and stream on Netflix.

V Wars centers around a virus outbreak that triggers a dormant gene in humans and turns five percent of the worlds population into vampires. Of course, this turns into a global epidemic pitting vampire against humans, and of course there is good and bad on both sides. The show will star Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann, Adrian Holmes (Elysium) as Michael Fayne. Peter Outerbridge as Calix Niklos, and Jacky Lai (Silent Hill: Revelation) as Kaylee Vo.

Jonathan Maberry is a prolific writer and an all around nice guy. He has worked as an editor, comic book writer, teacher/lecturer, novelist, playwright. He is best known for the Joe Ledger Series,
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HBO's Watchmen Series Casts Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., and More!

Yesterday Damon Lindelof shared a letter with fans regarding his HBO Watchmen series. In that letter, he reveals that his series will not be an adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's graphic novel. He doesn't want to touch that because of his respect for it, so this new series of his will expand on the universe, which I think it the best possible way to play in that world without adapting a story that fans are already happy with.

Today we have the names of several actors that have been cast in the series so far, and I love who they've brought on board! The series will star Regina King (Seven Seconds), Don Johnson (Django Unchained), Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr. (Iron Eagle), Adelaide Clemens (Silent Hill: Revelation), and Andrew Howard (Hell on Wheels).

There's no word on who exactly they will be playing in the series, but
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Silent Hill: Revelation Director Discusses The Film’s Shortcomings

Considering that this is a topic I don’t get to write about very often, I’m going to open up and say that there are few franchises I love more than Silent Hill. Being a fan who’s been on board since the original game dropped in 1999, I’ve since felt compelled to regularly revisit the otherworldly town, often referring to it as “my home away from home.” Heck, I’ve even met and seen Akira Yamaoka perform live, an experience I will cherish for the rest of my days.

Hopefully, there are still some of you out there who share this sentiment, because we the fans have gotten the shaft in the time since 2012. If you’ll recall, that year brought us a triple threat of games – Downpour, Book of Memories and the HD Collection – each of which remain our last interactive experiences to fall under the Silent Hill banner,
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Rememory Starring Peter Dinklage Available on Blu-ray & DVD November 28th

An official selection from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Rememory arrives on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital HD), DVD, Digital HD and On Demand November 28 from Lionsgate. When an inventor turns up dead, a mysterious man (Peter Dinklage) steals his latest invention: a device able to extract, record and play a person’s memories. The Rememory Blu-ray™ and DVD include a behind-the-scenes featurette and audio commentary with writer-director Mark Palansky and actor Peter Dinklage. The Rememory Blu-ray™ and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.99 and $19.98, respectively.

The film explores the unexplained death of Gordon Dunn (Donovan), a visionary scientific pioneer whose body is found shortly after the unveiling of his newest work: a device able to extract, record and play a person’s memories. Gordon’s wife, Carolyn (Ormond), retreats into her house and cuts off contact with the outside world when a mysterious man (Dinklage) shows up.
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Cuphead Cosplays As Pyramid Head In This Awesome Animated Silent Hill Video

Calling all Silent Hill and Cuphead fans!!! Here's a great video we found where Cuphead runs around in the Silent Hill Resort from Silent Hill 3, with plenty of Heather and Robbie the Rabbit to feast your eyes on. Yes, yes, I know Pyramid Head did not actually feature in the game SH3, despite Silent Hill: Revelation movie's portrayal of Red Pyramid, but if you look past all the canon fodder, you may actually enjoy this fun bloody video. I know I did.

What did you think of it? Would you like to see some more Cuphead meets Silent Hill? Let us know in the comments.
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Line-up announced for ‘Grimmfest 2017′

  • Nerdly
Grimmfest, Manchester’s Festival of Horror, Cult and Fantastic Film is back; bigger, bolder, and bloodier than ever before. As the Printworks once again find itself under siege by blood-soaked hordes of horror enthusiasts and film freaks, as Team Grimmfest unleashes…the Ninth Configuration! The festivals latest and greatest line-up yet of dark, dangerous, wild, weird, witty, thrilling, chilling, blood-spilling movies, every one of them a premiere or cult classic of one kind or another.

Highlights include: World Premieres!

Grimmfest is proud to be presenting the world premiere of the remarkable and utterly unique Borley Rectory. Using an elaborate mixture of live action, stills, paintings, and model work, it’s an immersive, eerily atmospheric, and elegantly retro-styled exploration of the Most Haunted House in Britain. Over six years in the making, it’s a real labor of love for its creator, Ashley Thorpe. Featuring a score by Ex-Banshee Steve Severin,
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Melbourne 2017 Review: Rabbit Falls Down a Meandering Yet Mesmerizing Hole

Luke’s Shanahan’s twisted twin sci-fi thriller Rabbit is a bold and confident debut feature with wonderfully detailed small moments and plot twists that recall some of the best in psychological horror. The film has a focused idea of how it wants to presents things, and whether it will adhere to genre conventions or subvert them entirely. I was reminded of German auteur Michael Haneke’s austere and mundane horror. However, Rabbit is in conflict with its artistic vision and its need to entertain. With striking, wonderfully employed credits, Rabbit cuts between the twin protagonist(s) Maude/Cleo’s desperate predicament as they flee something in the lonesome Adelaide country. Adelaide Clemens (Rectify, Silent Hill: Revelation) plays both twins but the film occupies itself predominantly with Maude’s life. We soon learn that...

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20 great movie monsters who only appear in one scene

Padraig Cotter Nov 18, 2016

From The Cabin In The Woods and Ghostbusters through to Pan's Labyrinth: the movie monsters that make a huge impression in their one scene.

Screen monsters come in all shapes and sizes, from the bizarre beauty of Giger’s Alien all the way through to the very human evil of Seven’s John Doe. Audiences have a strange relationship with these creatures, being both repelled and fascinated by them at the same time. This push/pull attraction has been going on since the birth of cinema, and it’s likely to continue for many years to come.

Sometimes the most enduring creatures are the ones that pop up, steal the movie and then swiftly exit stage left. It could be their unique design or the impact they have on the story, but for the monsters included here, all they needed was one scene to impact on our collective nightmares.
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