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The Hollywood Reporter
De Palma's screenplay is outstanding, and he draws wonderfully naturalistic performances from his youthful cast.
The result of the film is shocking, saddening and frustrating.
He intercuts documentary sequences from a French news crew and also includes Arab website footage of insurgents and YouTube confessions from soldiers who witnessed a barbarous act, which we also see, involving the platoon and a young Iraqi girl. The concept is audacious but the actors are too theatrical.
Anyone who sees the suffering faces of the victims in "Casualties" and "Redacted" knows that De Palma not only despairs over what he’s showing us but implicates his own medium--his own male gaze--in the crimes against nature.
Redacted is hell to sit through, but I think De Palma is bravely trying to imagine his way inside an atrocity, and that he’s onto something powerful with his multisided approach.
Chicago Tribune
Like so many of his movies, Redacted is difficult to watch but queasily fascinating.
Brian De Palma's Redacted doesn't quite work as a movie. But it works as SOMETHING.
Village Voice
The most authentic thing about Redacted is the rage with which it was made.
The A.V. Club
As an expression of from-the-gut anti-war rage, Redacted is admirable, but as art, it's undercooked.
Deeply felt but dramatically unconvincing "fictional documentary" -- inspired by the March 2006 rape and killings by U.S. troops in Mahmoudiya, south of Baghdad -- has almost nothing new to say about the Iraq situation and can't make up its mind about how to package its anger in an alternative cinematic form.

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