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Magnificence of Forgiveness
claudio_carvalho11 March 2007
Locke, Sayid, Kate and Danielle find a communication center in an isolated cabin in the woods and they capture the Russian Mikhail Bakunin. Sayid recalls his past in Paris, when he was invited to work as a chef of a Iraqi restaurant, but actually he had been recognized as the torturer of the wife of the owner. Meanwhile, Sawyer plays ping-pong game against Hurley and loses his bet.

"Enter 77" is another great episode of "Lost", this time centered in Sayid. He recalls the encounter with one of his former victims, and her magnificent act of forgiveness saying that hurting is easy, but she would never able to do the same to a human being or an animal. Locke, as usual, destroys another Dharma facility using the computer, and the sequel of this episode is very promising. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Note: On 7 April 2013, I saw this episode again on DVD.
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Everything You Love (plus eye patches!)
kdynia8 March 2007
I continue to feel sorry for those of you who've decided to no longer tune into Lost, because plain and simple, you're missing out. Lost continues to reign supreme as the most exciting, entertaining and mind-boggling show TV today has to offer, and it continued to prove why this pas week. Enter 77 was a powerfully delivered episode that compliments last week's "fun and uplifting" episode very well. We are given some much needed answers, and a lot of new light was shed on this always twisting show. Enter 77 was what we lost fans live for: excitement, drama, comedy and of course good ol' jungle mystery-solving. Right up there with "Flashes Before Your Eyes" as the best of the season.
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A game of chess
ametaphysicalshark12 December 2008
"Enter 77" is a widely-loved episode, but I have reservations in calling it one of the best episodes of the show only due to the flashback, which does a decent job of exploring Sayid's character and manages to make a convincingly emotional story out of rather simplistic metaphors, but does strike me as more than a little redundant and stagnant. On the other hand the on-island events are all absolutely enthralling with Kate, Sayid, and Locke meeting Mikhail at the Flame. There's a nice light-hearted diversion in the ping pong tournament, and the final conversation between Hurley and Sawyer is excellent and nicely understated.

The whole episode is basically about strategy. Mikhail and his visitors are playing a game, the Iraqi woman and her husband are playing a psychological chess match with Sayid (regardless of whether or not that was their intention), one which he eventually loses, and Locke literally plays chess on the computer at the Flame. One aspect of the episode which tends to amuse me on repeat viewings is trying to figure out if Mikhail or the survivors won the 'chess game' by the end of the episode. Sometimes I think it's a stalemate, most of the time I pick a side. Ultimately the answer would be provided by the rest of season three.

An extremely action-packed and entertaining episode with enough emotional content to keep the audience invested in the characters, and a good script. The only issue is the stagnant, redundant flashbacks but that was a general problem with the show at this point and would only be overcome later.
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Tense strategy
TheLittleSongbird21 April 2018
When 'Lost' was in its prime, it was must-watch television. Remember first watching it, found it remarkably easy to get into, was hooked from the start and was on Season 3 by the end of one week. The general consensus is that the final season is a disappointment and cannot disagree.

Alongside "Not in Portland" and "Flashes Before Your Eyes", "Enter 77" is one of the best Season 3 episodes up to this point of the season. Also feel that it is one of the best of Season 3 in general, one of the best episodes of 'Lost' up to this point and among the best of the show in general. Every aspect of "Enter 77" is brilliant and along with "Flashes Before Your Eyes" it's as classic as Season 3 got.

The episode has pretty much everything that 'Lost' is all about. It's taut and thought-provoking, even when not having as many answers as other 'Lost' episodes. It has an emotional core in the intriguing and heartfelt flashback that adds a good deal to Sayid rather than going round in circles. It has tense strategic elements, especially with Mikhail.

On top of all that, it advances characters, shows plot progression rather than repeating itself or being filler and there is some nice foreshadowing. The on-island events are indeed enthralling and there are humorous and light-hearted moments to give levity, like with Hurley and Sawyer.

Can't fault the performances, with Naveen Andrews shining more than he has done since Season 2, also some of his best acting in the role of Sayid.

Nor the stylishness and atmosphere of the visuals, nor the effective use of music, taut writing and the tightly controlled direction.

In summary, brilliant and classic 'Lost'. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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