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Desmond Llewelyn was about the only real life hero . . .
Hot 888 Mama30 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
. . . who appears in any of the 23 Eon production company James Bond flicks, so they spared him 204 seconds to mark his passing on the DVD set for THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, his 17th and final Agent 007 film. (Perhaps the Eon people felt that this would be the most apt tribute possible, since his screen time for those many Bonds totaled less than an average of two minutes per feature, or about half an hour overall.) No doubt folks such as Eon's James II (male model George Lazenby) and James V (Matt Damon school-of-acting grad Pierce Brosnan) were not entirely comfortable being around Mr. Llewelyn any longer than that on set, since everyone knows that old war heroes are subject to the "ticking time bomb" syndrome. Desmond's company, though outnumbered 10-1, took on Hitler's Blitzkreiging Panzers and their superior tanks in the early days of WWII. After fighting to the last shell, he and his buddies were captured. The future "Q" survived five years as a P.O.W. under the Nazi Thumb, even being caught in an escape tunnel (like an episode out of HOGAN'S HEROES!). R.I.P., Q.
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