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2 Feb. 2009
The Ladybug Festival
Kai-lan and her friends are hiking through the woods to the big Ladybug Festival! Tolee gets frustrated when the others don't listen to what he has to say. Kai-lan needs your help to figure out what to do.
9 Feb. 2009
The Dinosaur Balloon
Kai-lan, Rintoo and Stompy are making a special dinosaur-shaped balloon for Lulu's hot air balloon festival!
16 Feb. 2009
Playtime at Tolee's
Everyone's going over to Tolee's boat house to play, and Kai-Lan invites us, too! All the friends have a great time; until Rintoo accidentally rips Tolee's new panda painting.
23 Feb. 2009
The Moon Festival
Hoho is thrilled because he's finally old enough to stay awake for the Chinese Moon Festival. He gets disappointed when he can't see the moon in the cloudy sky and Kai-lan needs your help to figure out what to do.
2 Mar. 2009
Kai-lan's Big Play
Kai-lan and her friends are putting on a play based on the Chinese folktale about the Monkey King. When Rintoo gets the part that Hoho wanted, Hoho quits the play and it's up to the viewer to help Kai-lan figure out what to do.
9 Mar. 2009
Kai-lan's Big Surprise
Kai-lan needs our help to plan a very special party for Ye-Ye to thank him for all he does for us. But when everything she plans goes wrong, Kai-lan gets very frustrated and starts to cry - much to the surprise of her friends!
16 Mar. 2009
Stompy Rides Again
Kai-lan and her friends are riding a train to Hula Duck island, but when they get to Stompy's house, there are no seats left for him and he gets really sad. Kai-lan needs your help to find a way for Stompy to play!
30 Mar. 2009
Rintoo's Big Flip
Kai-lan and her friends go to see the Chinese Rabbit Acrobats and are invited to be in the show! Rintoo is sure he'll be able to flip without practicing - no problem! Kai-lan needs your help to convince Rintoo to practice.
6 Apr. 2009
Rintoo Makes a Splash
Ye Ye takes Kai-lan and her friends to a special water park! Everyone is having fun until Rintoo starts playing too rough. Kai-lan needs your help to get Rintoo to play more gently so everybody can enjoy the water!
13 Apr. 2009
The Ants Dance
Kai-lan wants to help the ants put on a big dance show for everyone. When a bossy ant named BuBu makes all the choices for the routine it's up to Kai-kan to convince BuBu to let everyone have a say so the show can go on!

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