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Season 3

15 Feb. 2010
I Want My Horace
Little Princess is delighted when Great Uncle Walter's Shetland Pony Horace comes to stay. That is until she discovers how stubborn he is. Will Princess learn the secret to taming Horace, or will the rest of the household send him home?
16 Feb. 2010
I Want My Treehouse
Little Princess is busy making a treehouse when she discovers that Algie and Maid are building one in the tree next door. A competition to see who can build the best treehouse is soon underway...
17 Feb. 2010
I Don't Like Arguments
Little Princess is trying to paint a picture, but an artist needs peace and quiet and General and Maid are in the middle of a very noisy argument. If Little Princess wants to finish her picture, she is going to have to help them make friends again...
18 Feb. 2010
I Want to Skate
Little Princess is learning to roller skate, but it's not easy. She's tempted to give up, but when she finds out that her dad cannot skate either, Princess decides to keep on trying. Will Chef succeed in teaching Princess and King how to skate ...without falling over?
22 Feb. 2010
I Want to Go to Space
Little Princess is leaving home to go to space, but despite all the stars and aliens that it has to offer, Princess soon realises that her home is just as exciting...
23 Feb. 2010
I Want to Be a Bridesmaid
Little Princess watches an old slide show of the King and Queen's wedding, and decides that she wants to be a bridesmaid. She finds the perfect outfit and organises a cake, but finding someone to get married isn't quite as easy...
24 Feb. 2010
I Want to Be a Detective
Someone has eaten all of Princess' freshly baked biscuits and is determined to find the culprit. Like a true detective, she sets up a number of traps to catch the hungry biscuit thief...
25 Feb. 2010
I Want Scruff
Algie visits the castle, and is soon showing Princess how well he can train her dog Scruff. Does Scruff really prefer Algie, or is there a special secret to his training?
26 Feb. 2010
I Want to Go to the Seaside
Little Princess and her friends are off to the seaside. Excited by the prospect of sand castles and donkey rides, everyone is disappointed to find the beach empty, and worse still - it's raining. But Little Princess is determined to make the best out of the situation...
14 Nov. 2011
I Want to Be a Vet
Princess wants to be a vet, but looking after poorly animals isn't easy. The animals don't seem that keen on being treated either...
19 Aug. 2012
I Want to Play a Joke
Algie keeps playing tricks on Princess, so she decides that it's time to get him back. But, playing a joke on someone isn't as easy as she thought...
20 Aug. 2012
Please Don't Go
When a flock of unfriendly geese drive Admiral from his pond, Little Princess sets about finding a new role for him in the castle. However, after a series of calamities, Admiral realises that life on dry land is not for him. Will Admiral leave the Kingdom and his beloved pond for good?
1 Dec. 2011
I Want a Gymkhana
General has organised a gymkhana at the castle. Princess is sure that she and Horace are the perfect team, but can they win against Algie and his bicycle?
24 Aug. 2012
Who Turned the Lights Off?
A powerline is cut at the castle just as Little Princess and the rest of the household are preparing for Great Uncle Walter's birthday party. Can the celebrations go ahead without electricity?
25 Jul. 2010
I Want My Duck
Little Princess is enjoying a lazy day by the pond when Scruff finds three little duck eggs. Without a nest or a mummy duck in sight, Princess must look after the three eggs. Soon they turn into three very hungry and playful ducklings...
7 Dec. 2011
I Want to Be a Policeman
Little Princess does not like rules and decides that if she has to follow them, everyone else in the castle should too...
12 Dec. 2011
I Want to Be a Nurse
Maid is not very well, which is good news for nurse Princess, because she's been looking for a patient to look after. Princess comes up with lots of ways to make Maid feel better, but does she have what it takes to make Maid well again?
15 Dec. 2011
I Want Your Tiara
Princess is delighted when Scruff finds a sparkly tiara for her, until she finds out that it belongs Maid. Will Princess keep the tiara she admires or return it to the rightful owner?
9 Sep. 2010
I Want to Be Famous
Princess wants to become famous for doing lots of wonderful things and have statue made in her honour, just like her Great Uncle Walter. What can a Little Princess do that no one else has done before?
10 Sep. 2010
I Want A New Bedroom
Princess wants to redecorate her bedroom, but choosing Princess simply cannot make up her mind about what colour to use. What colour will best suit a Little Princess?
9 Aug. 2011
I Want a Stick Insect
Princess is looking after Sticky, Great Uncle Walter's stick insect, but Sticky does not always stay where he is supposed to. Finding a pet that looks like a stick is not an easy task...
1 Sep. 2012
I Want to Play Hide and Seek
Little Princess never wins at hide and seek, that is until she finds a hidden room in the castle. Keeping her room a secret is exciting, but pretty soon she realises that playing alone is not much fun. Will Princess reveal her secret hiding place to the household?
2 Aug. 2011
I Want a Sleepover
Princess and Algie are having a sleepover at the castle, but sleep is the last thing on Princess' mind as she persuades Algie to join her on a night time dragon hunt...
8 Aug. 2011
I Mustn't Be Bossy
Little Princess has opened her own café with Algie as her waiter, but running a café needs lots of organisation and Algie does not like being told what to do. Princess is dismayed when Algie opens a rival café...
8 Dec. 2011
I Want to Go Camping
Princess is delighted when everyone is locked out of the castle, because they will have to spend the night camping. How will Princess and the rest of the royal household cope with a night under the stars?
4 Aug. 2011
I Want a Pen Pal
Little Princess wants to receive a letter in the post, but she needs to find someone to write to first. How will Princess find herself a pen pal, and whatever will she write in her letter?
22 Sep. 2010
I Want My Robin
Little Princess is learning to bird watch, but wild birds aren't very easy to spot when they keep flying off upon seeing or hearing her. How will Princess manage to get a closer look?
29 Aug. 2012
I Want to Recycle
The Little Princess decides that she shouldn't waste anything and everything should be recycled.
5 Aug. 2011
I Want a Go Kart
Little Princess and Great Uncle Walter have teamed up for the castle go kart race. After building her four wheeled racer, Princess is dismayed to see all the other household's elaborate go karts, but whose go kart is fast enough to reach the finishing line first?

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