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Just another crazy hitchhiker movie
onosideboard18 March 2007
This movie is watchable, but nothing special. Four girls on a road trip to Vegas foolishly decide to pick up a hitchhiker (because he is cute). They all end up staying the night at a motel in the middle of nowhere, and the hitchhiker's psychotic issues with women become apparent.

The characters are clichés--there is a married, responsible woman; a slutty party girl; an unsure bride-to-be; and a man-hater who just got dumped. The hitchhiker is genuinely nice until he goes crazy.

There's not nearly enough gore, and way too much rape. I enjoy slasher horror/thrillers a lot, and this one did nothing for me. The ending was just as lame as the rest of the movie.

On the positive side, the actors did a great job with that they had to work with. The dialogue isn't awful, and overall I was impressed with the cast, having never seen or heard of any of them before. And the plot wasn't out of the realm of possibility (although I really doubt any woman in this day and age would pick up a hitchhiker--no matter how attractive he is), so I wasn't groaning that things didn't make sense.

Overall, "The Hitchhiker" was well-acted and made sense, but wasn't very interesting. There are a lot of better movies in the same genre that I would recommend over this one ("Rest Stop," "The Devil's Rejects," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," even "The Hitcher" remake). Do yourself a favor and skip it unless you don't have any other options.
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Believable? No way.
casey-grant-118 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
About the spoiler warning? It's not "may contain", it -does- contain spoilers. Readers beware.

Okay, first I need it to be known that I'm not bashing the actors. They're just working with what they're given. The problem was the script. It was horrendous. There was NOTHING believable about it at all. Sure, when you have a movie based on a murderous hitchhiker, there's going to be the bad mistake here and there that puts you in the terribly horrific, movie-worthy situation. But these girls just made stupid decision after stupid decision. The only girl smart enough to ever try and call the police was the girl added towards the end because he'd already killed one and hit another with a car. Speaking of hitting her with a car...why the hell did she try and outrun a truck rather than run to the side like a normal person? Also, does the one who wrote the script honest to god believe cops are not going to investigate a door covered in blood? Frankly, it wasn't suspenseful either. The only suspense I was feeling was the frustration at just how retarded the girls were. Well, this rant has gone on way longer than I meant to for such a bad movie, so I won't bother to touch on the end besides the fact it's unrealistic and lame.
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if you've got nothing better to do...
Relaets11 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First, the current IMDb plot description seems to be misleading, the movie is about a group of girls who pick up a misogynistic hitchhiker, who plans to kill them all. They stop at a small motel, where he holds them hostage, but develops an intense attraction for one of the girls. Violence ensues.

I picked this up by mistake thinking it was the other 2007 movie "The Hitcher". Not that The Hitcher is any better, and I was looking for a crummy movie to watch anyway, but this was almost unbearable at times. I think I could have vomited on a piece of paper and come up with a better plot than this.

I can't even count how many movies I've seen with virtually the same storyline, so this was almost painfully predictable at times, but what really made it awful were a few scenes that ... well let me give an example. At one point a door is covered in (what is very obviously) blood, and two police officers, at the scene because of a 911 call, are looking at it from 30 feet away, see a man, also covered in blood, walk out of the door, agree that it looks suspicious, but decide to not investigate further.

But, however ridiculous it may be, the movie was never boring, was well produced, directed, and acted, complete with good special effects, gratuitous nudity, and violence. I probably would not recommend actually spending 90 minutes of your life sitting down to watch this movie, but it turned out to be perfect to have on while I cleaned my basement. Also highly recommended for fans of crummy movies, and would be a good movie to watch with friends when you plan on doing more talking than watching.
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Another Green lighted awful flick!
David Cavalheiro11 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
OK I went to this website before I watched this movie, read the comments, got pumped, - cause they where all pretty good for a B-flick - watched it and was completely disappointed. The main characters wannabe lone rebel straight out of the mid-west act was sickening to the stomach, and don't even get me started on the two cops, I mean there's a bloody door right there in plain view, check it out! The plot was completely predictable, the editing was rather limited, I swear the editor was even dozing off near the end when he was cutting this movie, and the direction was clouded by bad cinematography. Now please don't get me wrong, I love B-flicks, some are really good.

Want to watch a good B rated flick???

Dave recommends

" High Tension "
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If You Can Forgive a Few Holes in the Plot, This is Worth Watching
atomic_age5713 March 2007
I'm sure this film will get scathing reviews, but I actually found it to be quite tense, scary and disturbing. As much as you'd like to rip it apart at times for what it doesn't deliver, it does deliver enough to keep you glued to that screen the entire time, just like the box promises. The hell with Jason, Freddie, Michael Myers and the others; the scariest monster is the average guy-next-door that appears nice on the surface, then slowly morphs into a fearsome psychotic. Jeff Denton did an admirable job as this particular "nice-guy" killer, and he was pretty darned believable. Even though the girls were obviously not professional actresses, they managed to deliver worthy performances in these roles, adding to the dreaded atmosphere. The dumb-cop segment was pretty far-fetched, but like I said, it can be forgiven in favor of the unsettling mood this movie created. As soon as I saw that plastic-lined motel room, I knew this was going to get brutal. Call me a sadist, but I just really love this type of movie. 8 stars.
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Switched from thriller R movie to made-for-TV movie of the week
acidhead4311 March 2007
This movie was disappointing for at least one of two reasons. The suspense created disappeared because of horrible acting or lack of direction from the director.. I don't know.. it was like a tasty bubble gum that seemed to run out of flavor yet you continue to chew on it because it once tasted great. Like most thrillers The Hitchhiker had promise yet failed to deliver when it had me bright eyed and ready to turn the volume down(I was watching the movie alone.. in the dark) This so called thriller simply came apart like it was made of Lego transforming into something else. It simply ran out of gas and left me staring at a made-for-TV-like style movie with one exception.. it was probably rated-R.
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do not rent,buy or even download for free
Ej B17 October 2010
This Movie was the Absolute Worst movie i ever seen i lost all interest when the four girls had 2 chances to kill him and did not i don't care i see people saying oh well you know its not easy to kill some1 Na F that if some1 plan was to kill you and you have the chance to kill them you better go for it. and the 2 stupid cops was another epic fail and due to the fact i don't have enough lines i will copy and paste what i just said This Movie was the Absolute Worst movie i ever seen i lost all interest when the four girls had 2 chances to kill him and did not i don't care i see people saying oh well you know its not easy to kill some1 Na F that if some1 plan was to kill you and you have the chance to kill them you better go for it. and the 2 stupid cops was another epic fail and due to the fact i don't have enough lines i will copy and paste what i just said and me saying this twice means I'm twice upset
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Lawrence Griffin11 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is total swill. If you take The Devil's Rejects and suck all the good out of it, and add a lot of twisted, kinky bondage parts, a few rape scenes, and like one or two sincerely horrifying scenes, and you'd get this movie. People are calling this a ripoff of '86's The Hitcher, but I don't see that at all. Even the worst Hitcher ripoffs are still better than this. The main problem on display here is that there's really nothing here besides a few of the director's fetishes being showcased like circus exhibits. Is all you need out of a movie shots of girls being abused and tied up, cowering in fear? Well, then rent this movie!

However, I'd rather just watch a good movie, which this is clearly not. The sad thing is, there are some really good thrills waiting to be uncovered here, but only a few. For instance, the suspense at the beginning before the bondage nonsense started...pretty damn good if you ask me. And the scene where the hitchhiker kills the nympho girl (can't remember names) is chilling, very brutal in a way, challenging even The Devil's Rejects for unbridled fury. How come the rest of the movie can't be that good? Huh? I really need to stop renting stupid crap like this. Closing message: Just let this gutter trash die and forget it forever. Not recommended.
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I don't care what you all think! This is a pretty entertaining low budget picture!
Bill35725 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Asylum and Leigh Scott get a lot of heat from a lot of people over these films meant to capitalize on big studio productions. The low numbers for The Hitchhiker kind of surprise me though, as I think that it's actually better than the movie it supposedly imitates, the dismal remake of The Hitcher. It makes me wonder if any of the people voting this down even watched it. If this were made in the seventies it would probably be a cult classic right now instead of an object of ridicule.

Asylum contract star Jeff Denton gives a pretty good performance as the title madman terrorizing women in his plastic wrapped motel room. He's soft spoken, yet menacing and violent. The girls are all three-dimensional and the actresses that play them are decent enough too.

Unlike The Hitcher remake, it takes chances by actually having really unpredictable and violent things happen to some of it's female characters. It's sort of surprising which ones survive and which ones don't.

There's one thing I didn't like however, I believe that the film should have climaxed on the dusty Utah road instead of jumping foreword in time several weeks to the main protagonist's house. It kind of robbed the ending of some of it's excitement.
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The story is believable, Awesome movie!!
MoviePhAnaTic24 February 2007
Wow. I don't know if i was just in a mood or what but this movie scared the crap out of me. The tag line on the DVD cover is "you will never take your eyes off the screen" and it was correct. I was glued to the TV from beginning to end, tensing up, closing my eyes but still watching, I had to use the bathroom, but i refused to pause it. The plot is so real, that is why it scared me. The acting isn't bad, not for a B horror film, the cinematography could have been better, but i have seen much worse. The movie only runs 90 minutes, but i swear it seemed longer because i was enthralled in the story. It's your average hitchhiker story, except the hitchhiker, he's nice looking, you like him even though you know he's a bad person. I have never seen any of these actors and actresses before but I think they did a great job. I do not know why something like "The Hitcher" gets in theaters but something actually good, like this movie is thrown to DVD, other than the fact that it is extremely graphic and the teeny bloopers wouldn't be able to watch it. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to everyone. 4 out of 4.

The DVD is unrated, but there is scenes of rape, language, severe violence, sexual situations other than rape. 90 minutes
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Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
Edd Walker18 April 2015
Though the movie is brilliant in the beginning, do not let it fool you. this movies contains much sexual abuse and you will certainly be left wishing you never knew it exist. The sexual scenes within the film last for at least 40% of the film. Yuck! I need to clean my brain and my eyes. I will never trust a movie filled with crazy girls again X_X

The idea would have been great, but it was ruined by the abuse and disregard for the girls; not to mention they themselves lacked personal respect. I couldn't finish the film after running into nudity, I literally felt like throwing up after seeing this.

Save your time and find something better! :D
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For The Asylum, it's not too bad but is still lacking in a number of areas
TheLittleSongbird24 September 2012
When I saw that The Hitchhiker was made by The Asylum, I immediately thought "Oh no, here we go again". But I watched it to give it a benefit of the doubt, and while for The Asylum it is not so bad The Hitchhiker is still lacking in a lot of areas. I'll give it some credit, Jeff Denton is quite good as the villain and it is not too cheap visually having some decent scenery and effects and the editing is not as choppy as feared. On the other hand, the dialogue is horrendously bad, the characters are undeveloped clichés and the story is painfully predictable and severely lacking in any kind of suspense. The rapes and gore are nowhere near harrowing enough, with too much of the former and not enough of the latter. The ending is far too jumpy and rushed and doesn't feel rounded off satisfactorily. Apart from Denton, the acting is poor, I didn't get any sense of terror from either of the women. So on the whole, lacking but a marginal improvement on the general standard of Asylum's movies. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Funny...because acting is so very bad
miked602215 April 2012
The scariest part of this movie is that I am actually taking time out of my day to comment on it. I could be doing something much more productive, like cleaning out my sock drawer. The characters in this movie are beyond stupid to the point you just don't care for them. You can easily find yourself rooting for the main antagonist, "Rollin' Commando" Jeff Denton,who himself, comes across like a hipster dufus. This villain is as terrifying as a poodle with the runs. If you had the choice of watching this movie, watching the grass grow, or watching paint dry....then by all means, watch this movie. Grass growing or paint drying aside, I'm sure you could find something to do much more worthy of your time. This movie, however, is not without merit. You could easily use the DVD as a coffee table coaster....or even use it for skeet shooting.
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No direction
Greatornot7 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
All 4 of these women were stupid and slutty. The writer did not even give us a rooting interest for any of these women. They were out of the situation and then went back and did not kill or at the very least frisk the killer for weapons, after one saw the hotel clerk was shot. This was just sloppily done. Not one of the characters even tried a cell phone. This was ridiculous and badly acted. This movie had so many loose ends and evidence staring the viewer in the face with 'Keystone' cops, unable to figure it out. 4 ladies going to Vegas and one of them decides to be like a man and just hop in bed with the killer,before they knew he was a killer, but still. Of course , You had the shallow girl talk of 'size' etc. This was just a bad movie and I give it a 3 based on some action here and there.
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JAMES DEAN as a serial killer,Maybe ?
Chris Mackey (guestar57)24 February 2007
Hitchhiker theasylum's ( Starring Jeff Denton (interviewed), Shaley Scott( soon to be interviewed). Leigh Scott ( writer & director) brings us his version of the someone who you need to pass by and not stop for. This movie was scary and suspenseful. That said , It has some ugly moments with sheer violence and sending the wrong message towards female abuse. Denton plays the bad guy and has major problems with women, Jeff has played flaming genteels(Pirates Of Treasure Island) and good guys( Beast of Bray Road),This time NOT NICE !We have labeled Denton with JAMES DEAN look, This film is something DEAN may have tried if time and car error had been kinder. Shaley Scott , Is known for her singing and this film proves she can act too. We felt she was really given a opportunity to shine and that is very rare for your first effort on screen with lines. She is also featured on the box art, Which again is quite a kudo. The violence is very real seeming, Especially the gun play has a gritty hurt- producing effect. The ending is questionable for effect, I hate red herring stuff, But the female hero made it all work .
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Not bad.
sleeping_gorilla5 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What impressed me most about The Hitchhiker is that the story unfolds in a logical way. Jack is pretty sick, and he becomes more and more desperate as the situation gets out of his control.

Jeff Denton does a good job as the killer. He's good looking and charming enough at first. So it's not hard to believe the women would trust him enough to drive him down the road a few miles, it's 4 against 1 after all. As things go south for him he plays the character as more desperate than over the top evil. A nice change for the genre.

The 4 women played by Sarah Lieving, Shaley Scott, Sarah Hall, and Jessica Bork, are likable enough that you sympathize with their ordeal. There is some pretty brutal violence these women go through that I didn't care for. At the same time I knew what I was getting into when I sat down to watch it. Fans of movies like Saw will find this tame.

So to sum up. Decent performances, decent script, not for kids. Though I probably wouldn't watch it again, it's not bad for a low budget movie.
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