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Warp speed Mr Bauer
Rich27 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
An episode of mostly filler material, memorably only for an explosion at the end straight from almost any episode of Miami Vice, with the convenient ticking bleeping LED covered bomb giving the hero just enough time to dive out the window before the house blows up.

As for the warp speed, how else can you explain Jack and Morris turning up at CTU at 2.05pm when they were both last seen across town at 1.59pm?

I know Jack does things fast, like that lightning fast shave and haircut in episode one, but only Morris was being tortured next door a huge pinch of salt is needed here.
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The Bauer Family
Desertman8413 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Morris is brought back to CTU with Jack. Fayed contacts Dmitri Gredenko, a Cold War General, who is in L.A. and has been planning the day's events. Al-Assad begins work on a statement to address his people in Washington, D.C. Marilyn Bauer is coerced into leading Jack into a trap by Phillip, who has taken Josh Bauer hostage.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.President Wayne Palmer asks Hamri Al-Assad to give a televised speech to the world in order to install peace between America and the Middle East. Vice President Noah Daniels tells Palmer that trusting a mass murderer like Assad is a mistake. Assad warns Palmer that people in his administration will conspire against him because of his decision.

2.Tom Lennox tells Reed Pollock that removing Palmer from office is a terrible thing to do. Reed tells him they're in a national crisis and Palmer brought this on himself. He asks for Palmer's itinerary to Assad's televised speech. He tells Lennox the less he knows, the better. Morris O'Brian tells Chloe O'Brian it's his fault that Fayed has the device to arm the three nukes because he cracked under torture. Chloe conveys to Morris that it's not his fault. However, Morris is sure that when the next bomb goes off, Americans will remember he was the one responsible.

3.Abu Fayed tells his accomplice, Dmitri Gredenko, CTU found him. Placing the second bomb into the hotel was necessary for his escape. Gredenko is disappointed that Fayed wasted two bombs because of carelessness; the delivery system software was designed for five detonations, but now they're down to three nuclear weapons. Fayed assures him that's more than they need. Gredenko informs one of his of men the goal in their conspiracy. Since Russia lost the Cold War out of fear of America's retaliation, he will enact their revenge; afterward, he'll arrange for Fayed's terrorist cell to be the scapegoat in the plot.

4.Jack asks Marilyn Bauer to remember the route she took when she followed Graem one night in order to find Gredenko. Phillip Bauer asks his daughter-in-law what's going on between her and Jack. Marilyn tells him she can help find Gredenko because she followed Graem to a meeting with Russians at that house. Jack wants to take her there. Later, Phillip blackmails Marilyn into setting a trap for his son, Jack. If Marilyn doesn't keep her end of the bargain, Josh, her son, dies.

5.Jack Bauer asks his sister-in-law if anything is familiar as they drive. She gives him a bogus location on Phillip's orders: 9407 Hindry Place. Bauer and a CTU Tac team storm the building only to find wired C4 ready to go off. Bauer calls out "Bomb!" jumps out the window, and the house explodes in a fireball. Armed men, ordered by Phillip, chase Marilyn and Milo Pressman. Milo blows up the van and they flee...

This episode further exposes the Bauer family like Graem's wife, Marilyn Bauer and their son,Josh.It is not so good to know how sinister,Phillip Bauer could be that he is willing to kill anyone as in KILL ANYONE to cover himself from any involvement which makes him less of a human being and more of an animal.

The writers have introduced us to villains who are less than a human from Jack Bauer,who recovered in a minute spiritually,psychologically and physically; and now his father,Phillip,who is willing to kill anyone and that includes his son and does not undergo any regret or any issue of morality whatsover.

And add to that,the prior relationship that Jack had with Marilyn,which only made the show more melodramatic in a way.

The TV series have definitely made left turns that is why Day 6 was considered a disappointing season.
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Season six is almost at the halfway mark, but haven't we been here before?
SgtLennon9 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
At almost the halfway mark through season six, I'm at a bit of a loss as to explain why this season of "24" isn't quite firing as well as it should. On a structural level, it's more robustly built season than the one that came before it. There's a better collective sense of the world the season created by the writers: all the way up to a governmental level, people are fatigued by being besieged by domestic terrorism, Jack merely functioning perfunctory at his job, etc.

In this episode, Buchanan tells that forensic evidence indicates that Jack was likely responsible for his brother's death from his evasive interrogation. Morris feels guilt, regret from arming the suitcase nukes while under Fayed's control. Tom Lennox (Peter MacNicol) receives information concerning an assassination attempt on President Palmer and reluctantly feeds information to Reed Pollock (Chad Lowe). Marilyn Bauer (Rena Sofer) gives Jack a lead concerning a rogue Russian Cold War general (Rade Serbedzija) and they follow up on it. However, Phillip Bauer (James Cromwell) finds out and uses Josh as a pawn to manipulate her to mislead CTU.

Beside the stories with Jack and Morris, these story lines work in theory more so than in practice. Yet even those aforementioned plots, the writers are committing to them, without really committing to them. The fault in them is that 24 played these cards better before and season six hasn't shown any way to differentiate and/or improve them from the past.

And even worse, none of the reliable cast of villains bolster the proceedings. After a promising entrance, Adoni Maropis doesn't have any good material to play as Fayed by the writers, and as result, he is flat-lining at an accelerated rate. Rade Serbedzija as Gredenko might be substantially worse.

He uses Fayed as a pawn for retribution against a lack of mutually assured destruction during the Cold War. This, he explains, will give him plausible deniability to prevent blame being pointed at them. Like most others terrorists on this show, they under-appreciate the governments ability to uncover their involvement with the terrorists in fairly short order.

The writers continue to play this season safe. Sure, it has had risks, but virtually nothing it cannot backtrack. Think about where we started with Jack Bauer at the start of the season and where we are now, is he all that different from Episode 23 of Season 5 from where he is at Episode 9 of Season 6?

Just shy of a complete overhaul in the second half of the season, I dunno what can salvage this season of familiarity.
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