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Fun episode
Woodyanders5 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Haven (a solid and likable performance by Michael Shannon) goes undercover as an Irish boxer to infiltrate a crooked boxing ring while Joe Cleaver (an excellent and engaging Ernest Borgnine) poses as Haven's trainer.

Director Robert Douglas, working from a compact script Mann Rubin, keeps the engrossing story moving along at a snappy pace, stages the boxing matches with flair, and neatly captures the boxing milieu. The sound acting from a capable cast helps a lot: John Amos contributes sturdy support as the grumpy Bundy, Michael Gazzo excels as shady manager Charlie Willis, Rod Mccary likewise does well as slimy mobster Jack Cassey, and Stan Shaw appears briefly as ill-fated pugilist Ollie Dawson. J.J. Johnson's funky-bumping score hits the get-down groovy spot. Haven's photographic memory serves as a key source of amusing witty humor. An enjoyable show.
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