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  • Choose your path as the Captain of the Federation, Romulan Empire, or the Klingon empire, and fight for the victory of your race as many other threats arise!


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  • Star Trek: Online is a Star Trek Video Game title set in the year 2410, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis in the Prime Timeline of the Star Trek Universe. The game involves many story arcs and 2 main subplots.

    The first subplot in Star Trek Online is the Federation story line. This story line involves 1 unique story arc before merging into the main story, otherwise known in-game as "Klingon War." During this somewhat short story arc, it is up to the player to determine the motives of the Klingon Empire to prevent further incursions deep inside Federation borders. It involves multiple run-ins with the Orion Syndicate, which is essentially a ring of rogue space pirates that work with and for the Klingon Empire from time to time. If you play as a Klingon, the first story arc is essentially the same, except all the missions are from the reverse -- and you play as the second officer on a ship who takes command by right of combat with the captain where the former first officer failed.

    The second subplot in the game features the Romulan Empire's shattered remains. Introduced in one game update, the Legacy of Romulus, you find yourself a colonist on a remote Romulan world, Virinat. You have a simple life until the Romulan Empire decides they don't want "outer rim" colonies to exist anymore. You are forced to make an escape and join D'Tan in a fight against a monolithic enemy known as the Tal Shiar. After shocking events transpire during a conference at Khitomer, the Federation and Klingons agree to set aside their differences to support the Romulan colony refugees. It is not long before you meet Charva, Tovan Khev's sister, who joined the Tal Shiar in the hopes that they would provide some safe haven for her, and get sent on a wild goose chase only to find that each time it was a setup. After the Charva incident, you go undercover and join the Tal Shiar ranks to gain their trust -- and access to files otherwise off-limits to even the highest levels of clearance. It is only after you sacrifice the dignity of an entire colony that Empress Sela, Tasha Yar's daughter, finally warms up to you. In the end, what you discover leads to the exposure of the Tal Shiar and it is only a matter of time until they collapse. You are left to clean up the mess they made with the Elachi, including the threat to the Romulan Republic's newfound Homeworld, and numerous outposts being attacked by the Elachi. It turns out that the Elachi are a servitor race of the Iconians, along with the Undine (also known as species 8472) and together they have been attempting to subjugate the alpha and beta quadrant races in an effort to establish a shadowed form of control over the entire galaxy. Only when this secret is revealed that the remaining Tal Shiar support is mostly shattered, leading to the eventual crippling of the organization and the death of Hakeev, of course by your weapon's discharge.

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