Der Staatsanwalt Poster

(2005– )

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Season 8

4 Jan. 2013
Blinde Gier
Staatsanwalt Bernd Reuther must leave a trial to attend to Oliver Buchholz who sought church asylum and threatens with suicide from the spire to demand Reuther personally clears the suspicion that he shot his business consultancy partner Stefan Bakes in their office. Blind receptionist Meike Pfahl is the only witness of him alone leaving afterward, but could be tricked. An attempt on Meike Pfahl's life by car arouses more suspicions. The widow also has an inheritance and private motive, like recently fired technician Lutz Reimann, but Pfahl and the firm's attorney ...
11 Jan. 2013
Bis aufs Blut
Martial arts champion Nicole Berg's skull was smashed with a heavy cup. She had debts and an affair with her coach The team also leans on homeless petty robber junkie Andy Bender as break-in witness. Neighbour Nadine Wolfs brother Patrick was coaching Reuther's superior Heinlein's troublesome teen son, hothead Tobias, at Nicole's club, and secretly also had a far more lucrative adulterous lover, Heinlein.
1 Feb. 2013
Die lieben Nachbarn
To Bernd Reuther's surprise, contractor Iris Steinwalk, whom he had a an appointment with to order a floor, dies in a car crash due to sabotaged breaks. Iris's daughter and firm heir, student Diana, is shocked, having lost her father years ago when he moved to Thailand bet kept contact by mail behind Iris's back. Neighbours Robert and Gaby Limmer support her but were part of the local hostility against Iris's business, which is believed to have caused asbestos poisoning, including some asthma patients among them. None is found however in the shed she furiously banned ...
8 Feb. 2013
Mitten ins Herz
While Bernd Reuther enjoys tycoon's widow Henriette Kern's lavish party, her younger fiance Rolf Bartz is founded fatally stabbed. *While grandson Alexander looks after her, son Stefan owns the murder weapon and vehemently opposed the happy couple's plan to sell the innovative medical equipment firm, his father's lifework. Henriette's daughter Pauline once was Bartz' lover. Next Alexander's reporter girl Anuschka dies in a suspicious bicycle accident, perhaps to prevent her rendering public the firm's dark secret. Reuther sets a bluff trap.

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