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Could be used in horror film school as a textbook example of what not to do...
The_Dead_See22 August 2008
Good grief I can't even begin to describe how poor this film is. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting much to begin with. Let's face it, a PG-13 slasher flick is pre-destined to be missing the ummm... slashing, so no one should be surprised by the lack of gore. But it was the level of incompetence and cliché on display in all the other aspects of this movie is what really blew me away.

We have a protagonist who is quite simply so completely useless that you find yourself rooting for the bad guy. And here's a turnup for the books... SHE NEVER CHANGES - hence breaking the cardinal rule of basic screen writing - character development. If you think by the end of this film the poor little girl is going to turn around and finally kick some arse then think again.

On top of this, we're handed possibly the least intriguing (and definitely the least scary) killer ever to grace the genre. I'm not joking when I say that Dora the Explorer has scarier villains than this movie.

Finally, because all the potential for tension or gratuity is removed by the inept (and apparently thirteen-year-old) director, what could possibly be left to fill up 2 hours of screen time?

Closets, that's what.

Lots and lots of closets: big closets, small closets, mirrored closets, closets to Narnia, so many damned closets you'll not want to dress yourself for another year. In fact this movie should have just been called "CLOSET", and had a picture of a big scary coathanger on the DVD case. On the back it could have had a photograph of the audience falling asleep and a quote by Roger and Ebert - something to the extent of: "what the f*@! did we just waste our time watching!"
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Prom Night 2008, how do I hate thee...
Nightman8512 April 2008
...let me count the ways.

1. A title-only 'remake' that pulls out every cliché in the slasher handbook.

2. A plot so predictable that it becomes quite pathetic.

3. A completely weak execution of all attempts at suspense or thrills.

4. A PG-13 rating that insures no gore, violence, or sex.

5. A villain that is not frightening or even mysterious.

6. A cast of characters that are so thinly written and stereotyped that we couldn't possibly care about them.

7. A lack of any effectively creepy atmosphere (much unlike the original Prom Night).

8. A script of dialog that's beyond poor - it's mind numbing.

9. A series of cardboard performances (not sure whether to blame the actors or the lousy aforementioned script for that).

10. A completely inept teen-targeted slasher remake that's not brave enough to attempt to have an imagination - or even to show a puddle of blood.

It's a no-brainer horror fans, save your money.

BOMB out of ****
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This is how badly we've regressed?
Aomalle2722 April 2008
I'm not particularly fond of remakes, or to steal the modern jargon "retellings", but this film truly peeved me off. The original Prom Night, while not in my humble estimation a masterpiece, still realized what it was... horror. There are some simple things to remember when making a horror film. Suspense is crucial to maintaining the interest of the audience. Sorry folks, but a white knuckle film this was not! The scares were cheap, and foreshadowed terribly. (A good example of scare which has been done to clichéd excess now, is the cat jumping out of the closet, followed soon there after but a now unexpected appearance by the villain of the film) This film couldn't successfully pull that off, so how could I expect it to fulfill any of the other conventions of horror film. There needs to be a likable hero or heroine. This film doesn't have one. The person I most identified with was the head detective. His calm demeanor, but level headed approach to the escape of a killer was what more films of this ilk should have. Common sense approach to events that occur. (If you're running from an Axe wielding psycho, you turn and sprint in the opposite direction. Not jog, whilst looking back ever three seconds, gaging the killer's progress, only to trip over every branch and inanimate object in your path.) If you friend disappears, you don't go looking for them alone. And if you suspect foul play you tell someone, not investigate yourself. These clichés are tired and well overplayed. In the horror genre in general, and in this film in particular.
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Absolutely awful
SJinSeaTac11 April 2008
Poor acting, no script, no plot, no convincing killer, no suspense, no original setups, it uses the same closet/under the bed/person-behind-you-in-the-mirror tactics over and over again making it repetitive and boring, and NOT in a foreshadowing way either, and the fact that NOBODY ever "really" gets killed (at least not on screen) , which in turn zaps any suspense it may invoke right out of it and makes everyone feel eve MORE cheated for spending money on their admission ticket....its a horror film w/o any horror LMAO. The MOST you see is what looks like someone having taken a ketchup bottle and spraying it across a plastic sheet.

You have to be a teen who was sitting there screaming in the theater and scaring yourself to have enjoyed this, or you were high/drunk at the time.

Honestly, I have a life and don't bother writing reviews that often unless I really really hated something, or enjoyed it tremendously.

But this film is AWFUL and I feel I have a duty of sorts to warn you NOT to give your money to Hollywood and encourage this kind of filmaking ever again!

It is one thing to rent a "bad" movie at blockbuster from the Weinsteins, its another when you have to sit through it in a theater.

Also, in case you want some remake nostalgia, forget it! This is NOT a remake, nor is it a re-imagining. It is not scary, nor engaging, nor is it satisfying enough to be "funny" like others on IMDb have is just stale and booooring.

Here is what you will take away from this film: remembering the scar on Brittany Snow's head that stands out more than the plot, the fact that Jonathan Schaech MUST be having some sexual affair with J.S. Cardone of "The Forsaken" to have gotten another role as a killer(because he is as frightening as my poodle, and too cute to kill just about anyone) and that for some reason (duh) everyone who goes back to the hotel suite never comes back. What kind of person would NOT get worried at the prom when they decide to announce the candidates for prom king and queen and the fiercely competitive girl just somehow doesn't show up? This is my warning to you. DO NOT waste you're money like I did. The "original" sucks too but is more of a guilty pleasure for Jamie Lee Curtis fans, though no way near as bad as this piece of crap (sorry to sound vulgar or rude, but once you see this, you will understand why I say what I say).
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Less scary than the kid toucher episode of Webster
nomad-4812 April 2008
Prom Night is shot with the artistic eye someone gives while finely crafting a Lifetime original film. You know the one. This October, Lifetime takes a break from the courageous tale of a woman surviving (insert disease name here) to tell the somewhat creepy tale of a woman pursued by a stalker ex-boyfriend. It's dramatic … it's sappy … it's immensely dull. It does nothing to further a genre, tell an original story, or strive for ANY sort of newness. Prom Night shares this plight. Watching the killer poke holes in his victims, we sit silently as they slump to the floor with not a drop of blood spilled. It occurred to me that this was the cleanest killer in movie history.

Our director is working with a fairly good-looking killer so he is forced to pour on the camera angles to make him appear creepier. Think about Matthew McConaughey coming at you with a knife. You'd probably go … "OH! Good lookin guy is going to kill me? Naaaa." Not scary even for a second, so the director throws Schaech into shadows and over the shoulder in the mirror. This mirror shot is repeated to the point of sickness as it practically becomes a fetish of the creator. You'll get 15 jump scares in this film, 2 of which made my date jump (I might mention she is afraid of EVERYTHING). I'd also mention she decided to take a nap halfway through the film and at one point threatened to leave me.

As if this film were not disjointed enough, it appears to be cut to shreds. I'm not saying it looks like key points were left on the cutting room floor as the crew scrambled to salvage some semblance of a horror film; I'm saying as the film moves from scene to scene, you often get a jarring jump. This is the kind of thing you'd expect when a film catches fire and a projectionist is forced to splice ends together, cross his fingers, and hope for the best. The editor should be shot.

With a plot you can pack into two sentences, one stray spray of blood, an emo killer, and the tension of a very special episode of "Silver Spoons", we're left with no reason to support horror this weekend … at least on the big screen. In fact, this is the sort of film that should be punished. Is it really that hard to make a scary movie? Was this crew even aware they were making a horror film??!! A complete waste of my time and yours. I bit the bullet to get you this review. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain. DON'T GO INTO THE MOVIE!!!
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Horror is gone in Hollywood
pianoman90413 April 2008
I am the guy who usually keeps opinions to himself, but I just got back from this movie, and felt I had to express my opinions. Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE horror fan. But what makes a horror movie? I sure like to see even a tiny bit of a good script and character development. I know they often lack in horror movies, but Prom Night looked like it didn't even put forth ANY effort in that department. Next, we all love suspense. That on the edge of your seat suspense with unpredictable surprises. Yeah, Prom Night had none of that! Of course, we like a terrifying killer. Prom Night have that? Nope, it has a pretty boy with a cute lil' knife. And when all else least horror has its guilty pleasure to make it enjoyable like gore gore gore, and the occasional nude scene! Yeah, well when you have a horror movie rated PG-13 like Prom Night, they leave that stuff out too. So with all of these elements missing, I ask....does this still count as a horror movie? Nope. I'd call it more of a comedy. People in my theater were laughing more at this then they were when I saw "Semi-Pro" that was supposed to actually be a comedy (which also sucked, but thats another story!). I think I am just going to have to give up on new horror. All the good horror movies of the good ol' days have been remade into garbage so movie studios can make money. The people I went to see it with didn't even know this was a remake! Which made me mad! I wonder what will happen when there's no more movies to remake??? Where will horror go next???
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Beyond Stupid
galahad5820 August 2008
This movie is a good example of the extreme lack of good writers and directors in Hollywood. The fact that people were paid to make this piece of junk shows that there is a lack of original ideas and talent in the entertainment business. The idea that audiences paid to see this movie (and like an idiot I rented the film) is discouraging also.

Obsessed teacher (3 years prior) kills teenager's family because he wants her. For no reason he kills the mother, father and brother. From the first five minutes you see the bad acting and direction. Years later, obsessed teacher breaks out of prison. HMM--usual bad writing--no one in the town he terrorized knows until the last minute. Obsessed teacher somehow becomes like a Navy SEAL and can sneak around, sniff out people and with a knife is super killer. Sure!!! Now obsessed teacher kills hotel maid for no reason, knifes bellhop for the fun of it, and starts to hunt down the teenager's friends. Now there is the perfect way to get the girl to love you. Obsessed teacher sneaks out of hotel---again it is stupid, ever cop would know his face--but he walks right by them. Now he kills two cops outside teenager's house and somehow sneaks into her bedroom and kills her boyfriend.

There is not one single positive thing about this piece of garbage. If any other profession put out work of this low quality, they would be fired. Yet these idiots are making hundreds of thousands of dollars for writing and directing this trash.
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Prom night is probably the worst film of 2008
gimmemore1011 April 2008
Prom Night is about a girl named Donna (Brittany Snow) who is being chased by a psycho killer trying to kill her at her prom night. And by doing so killing her family, friends, and her enemies.

Now before I begin let me say have you been tired of PG-13 horror movies that haven't been scary lately. Are you tired of stupid girl dialog 'Oh my god' and talking about girlish things. And are you really tired of girls in relationships and then crying. And the last thing are you tired of the US remaking Asian, Japanese, and Chinese films. That pretty much sums up Prom night but I'm still not done with the review.

The only reason to see 'Prom night' is to crack a laugh at the kills. If not, don't see Prom night. You never see the kills an only hear screaming and you see some blood on the wall. And by the way the deaths are repeating like 24/7. So not only aren't they scary but it's obnoxious. By the time I met the cast I think I was ready to hurl. Too much girl talk, too much guy talk, and lots of 'Oh my gosh. It's our prom'. I understand it's fun but seriously is it too much to ask not to concentrate.

If I were to put Prom Night on the list of worst films of 2008 without seeing the other films I'd be the first one too. I'm not going to be surprised if it gets released on DVD for cheap and quick. Seriously don't spend your money or the time for dull acting, cheap scares, and a 'Night to die for' when watching the film.

1 star out of 10. (P.S. If I could give the film zero stars I would).
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A scary movie? Not really...
cheer_chick9012 April 2008
So, Prom Night was supposed to be a horror and thriller movie. I'm a big wuss and was scared to see this movie at the beginning, but upon seeing it, it is neither horror or thriller.

I was basically making fun of the movie in my seat because it was so predictable. You could predict what was going to happen next. The young actors were alright at playing their characters, but I'd have to say the killer was definitely at the top of the game - acting wise.

Yes, I'll give props for the plot because it was good, but it's not thrilling or scary. There were almost zero "jump-in-your-seat" scenes. So, don't waste ten dollars seeing it in theatres, wait 'til it comes to DVD.
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Wake me up when it's over...
Leofwine_draca8 March 2011
This has to be one of the plain laziest slasher films I've seen in a good while. As a "remake" it fails; the only idea carried across is that a killer is killing teens during their prom. Great, I thought, perhaps the chance for a more original storyline (I'm not generally a fan of remakes anyway). Unfortunately, no, this turns out to be just another lame, politically correct movie, a slasher that goes through absolutely all of the motions without ever once approaching anything halfway decent or unique. I truly hate the way these films exist and act like the same old storyline hasn't been done a hundred times already.

This one suffers from a particularly inane script that features the killer lurking in a hotel suite for much of the running time, bumping off anyone who pays a visit. I mean, seriously? Could this particular story get any LESS suspenseful or interesting? A bland cast of interchangeable characters are the victims, but you couldn't care less about any of them. In fact, the only people I really registered were Idris Elba's detective (mainly because he's one of the few here who can actually act) and Uncle Jack, as played by Linden Ashby (MORTAL KOMBAT), a one-time martial arts star. Mix in a kid-friendly PG-13 rating that makes this an entirely bloodless affair and you have one big waste of time. About the only compliment you can give this is that it's better than the WHEN A STRANGER CALLS remake, but that really isn't saying much.
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Prom Night may just be the worst film in my collection.
TheMovieDiorama24 February 2018
An achievement if you will that has surpassed the likes of 'Rings' and 'Pompeii'. The worst of the worst. I have literally just wasted 89 minutes of my life watching a serial killer stab countless students and hotel employees with no one battering an eyelid. I'm not even going to describe the plot to you, you all deserve better. Typical slasher plagued with uninventive deaths, bad acting, dull dialogue, no characterisation, lack of backstory and piercing cheesy American pop songs that you would find in a teen flick from the early 00s. The only positive aspect to this whole diabolical mess is Idris Elba, who tried his best. But hey, even great actors have to start somewhere. The story is literally pointless. A creepy stalker who creepily stalks a girl whilst wearing creepy attire that shows off his creepy stalker personality is creepily waltzing around a hotel killing everyone, just because he wants to stalk a girl. That is literally it. There is nothing else to this. It's like eating a jam doughnut and realising that you've got no jam in your doughnut. Are you disappointed? Yes. Did you waste your time hoping to taste that sweet juicy jam? Why yes, you did. The killer hides his victims in various hotel suites, to which a detective casually walks along and then BAM a body flings out randomly to create a jump scare. If that's not scary enough, then you'll be "frightened" multiple times by the repetitive use of characters walking backwards only to trip on something or knock into someone which consequently somehow creates a loud noise or scream. There's more suspense in the hotel beds than the plot itself! The conclusion then arrives ends. Literally bang bang, hugs and tears and then the credits roll. The pointlessness of the film meant that its conclusion amounted to nothing, it couldn't even end properly. I endured this savagery, this uninspired piece of rubbish, just for it to end abruptly. I'm done. This film has ended my existence. I cannot be saved, there is no going back. Goodbye.
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Bodies are piling up right and left....but let's not get TOO excited over all this.
planktonrules30 November 2018
I am NOT a fan of slasher pictures. It isn't that they gross me out...but it just feels wrong to enjoy watching people die for entertainment purposes. However, my dislike of the genre didn't prevent me from watching "Prom Night" because I have a weird hobby...finding and watching films from IMDB's infamous Bottom 100 list. Yes, I am trying to watch all the worst movies I is masochism if you'd like.

The story begins with a family being butchered because some maniac wants to impress a girl. How killing her family will make her fall in love with him isn't exactly clear...but he is a maniac after all! Three years later, the surviving girl, Donna (Brittany Snow) is going to her Senior Prom...only to have the maniac escape from prison that same night. The police and her new family don't immediately get Donna because they want her to enjoy the prom (?) and because the police don't think he's going to return to town (???). Even when bodies begin to pile up everywhere and the guy just starts randomly killing just about everyone, the police seem pretty chill about the whole thing. No immediate warnings are sent out to the school and the prom just goes on! Can Donna survive this onslaught? And, will the audience care?

Considering the film is among the 100 worst rated films on IMDB with at least 10,000 scores, you would expect the writing to be terrible...and it is. The way folks act and react throughout the movie makes little sense. The police are too blaise and victims just stand there waiting to be murdered...even though the killer has no supernatural powers that would explain this lack of a normal response. Plus, considering the maniac wants Donna so badly, wouldn't you think the cops would just watch HER and have cops waiting to apprehend the guy when he strikes?!

Some reviewers complained that the film wasn't graphic enough. While the amount of blood and some of the killings are underplayed, the squishy sound effects and repeated stabbings you see are pretty depraved and awful. How anyone could enjoy this is beyond me...nor why they would want to see more.

Overall, you have a brainless film in which realism is completely out the window. Instead, it's just one killing after another after another...and the folks mostly just stand around waiting to die. Not among the worst films I've ever seen but among the sickest and least entertaining to make the IMDB list.
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A Night to die for
springsunnywinter9 April 2008
I've not seen the original (1980) Prom Night but the remake was not really scary but it was quite entertaining. The story is about Donna (or Donor Kebabs for a laugh) who is away to a prom with her friends and expects it to be the best night of her life, but an obsessed killer is after her (which is related to her terrible past). The story is simple and the cast is unknown but it is better that way because then you can just concentrate on the mystery.

At first the prom was beautiful with a great atmosphere but turns into horror. It is another low budget slasher movie which has been tackled a lot of times in Hollywood but I had no problem with it because I had a good time watching it and you can see every penny spent from the $18 million budget. Prom Night is not the kind of film that is going to appeal to everyone and it is best not to take it too seriously. I would recommend it to people who liked movies like Scream.
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lifeless teen horror
SnoopyStyle23 June 2015
Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) returns home to find her obsessed former teacher Richard Fenton killing her family. He's put away in prison but she still has nightmares about him despite treatment from Dr. Crowe. Three years later, she's going to senior prom with boyfriend Bobby, best friends Lisa Hines and Claire. Then Detective Winn (Idris Elba) is told that Fenton had escaped from prison. He contacts Donna's new guardians Aunt Karen and Uncle Jack. Winn tries to find Donna but Fenton is already at the prom.

It's a lot of unscary jump scares. Everything is predictable. It is all paint-by-numbers horror. The kills are nothing special. It's not especially bloody. The killer isn't a mystery. The cops are really incompetent. It shouldn't be that hard to find a girl. Even in a world without cell phones, they could call the front desk. When they find the dead body, they should be rushing around. I know they don't want a panic but there's a killer on the loose. It's also not good for the tension of the movie. It just feels lifeless.
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Two Words: Um EW!
FiendishDramaturgy30 April 2008
Well, was this lame, or what? "Prom Night," held the potential to be GOOD in the venue of slasher flicks. Frankly (and I do try to be frank), there is nothing new here. In the venues of remakes, sometimes that is a good thing as it lends familiarity to an old story, and basically gives your ardent fans an updated version of their comfortable old slippers.

In this case, however, instead of atmosphere and skill, the audience is cheated by cheap thrills (loud noises that make you jump instead of earning the scare via masterful suspense); cardboard cut out characters with so little depth that there is NO WAY to develop any emotion at ALL towards them, be it sympathy or worry or even animosity; and no dialog, no effort whatsoever in the area of a screenplay and/or story.

It's a shame, really. This could have been a GREAT slasher flick, but alas! It is pretty mediocre in every way. From the performances to the screenplay, this movie is flat, plastic ... flaccid.

All in all? If you're a horror fan, don't bother with this. Wait for On Demand. Actually, if you're NOT a horror fan, there is no reason at ALL to see this. Actually, there's no reason at all to see this at any rate. Yes. That's it. All in all? Don't see this. Wait for it free on cable to decide if you want that DVD, or better yet, rent or buy the ORIGINAL Jamie Lee Curtis flick and watch a GOOD horror/slasher flick!

It rates a 2.9/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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A good laugh if you weren't expecting a serious movie
HolyMythos11 April 2008
Now I haven't seen the original version, but I can tell you that it's probably better than the remake. The movie's PG-13 rating takes almost all of the thrill and suspense out of the film.

The beginning of the movie starts off sudden, but afterwards there's a nice drought of action until the first prom killing. The PG13 rating makes the death scenes quite bland and boring. You won't see the victims actually getting attacked, but you'll see silhouettes and blood smears. That's about it.

The characters in the movie make it seem like you're watching a movie of The Hills. The girls are the classic "dumb blonde" stereotypes while the men are the typical "hard jock" stereotype. Any angst there is between the characters is very dry and holds no real meaning to the overall movie.

The plot is very predictable, I sat through the entire movie correctly guessing what was going to happen next and when something good was going to happen.

All in all, this is a good movie if you're looking for some good laughs, but overall don't expect to be extremely happy with the final product. Personally I'd wait for the movie to come out on DVD. If you've seen any other slasher film, chances are you could guess every next move in this movie.
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Prom Night = Sad movie!!
stpatrickqin13 April 2008
Wow, what an awful movie. Bad writing, bad acting, bad clichés; I really wish I could have the 1 1/2 hours of my life back. This definitely wins the award for the worst movie of 2008 so far. What were they thinking when they made this movie? It's like they put nothing special into it; nothing we've never seen before. Did they really think this was going to work? I knew, going into it, that it would be a bad movie, but I didn't think it'd be the WORST. The only way I'd see this movie again is if I was strapped to my seat, duct tape around my mouth, and my eyes taped open. Even then, I think the sight of seeing me like this would be more exciting than the movie.

Save your money!
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About 90 mins too long
scummieB20 April 2008
Imagine the scenario - you are at the movie theater only because you are in Washington for the weekend and it's raining and you're finished with the Museums. You think you might go see the Sarah Marshall movie as the trailer look so so and you don't have to engage your brain. It's sold out. Options? - The Bank Job, In Bruges, The Leatherheads or Prom night. You've seen the Bank Job (suprisingly decent heist movie that) and In Bruges (again, pretty good) so you're down to two. You don't fancy watching Clooney or the nice one from the Office run around in 1930 football uniforms, so you go see Prom Night right? Wrong. You take the $8.50, walk up to a stranger in the street and ask him to punch you in the face for $8.50. It would be money better spent.

It actually plays like more of a comedy than a horror/thriller or whatever it is supposed to be. If I was financing that movie and they showed me that as a final cut I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry. Probably both. An insult to anyone's intelligence... my roommate was laughing out loud most of the movie, as for the acting, they might as well have cast robots (or maybe dogs) in the roles, they would have been more realistic. The detective has to be possibly the worst actor I have ever seen (Ben Affleck and Hayden Christansan (I hate his acting so much I don't care how you spell his name) you are relieved on your title(s))

So in summary 'not good'
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well that was...ordinary
disdressed1211 April 2008
i won't say this is a terrible movie,but i don't think it's very good either.there's nor gore very little blood,and not too many scares,although i have to admit i jumped once.there is a bit of suspense,but not a lot.i did like the soundtrack though.there were some good songs.i also felt that nobody in the movie actually seemed scared when they should have's like they didn't realise they were supposed to be in a horror movie.this movie is rated 14A in Canada,while in the gets a PG13 rating.i've seen some TV movies and/or shows that are more violent and bloody.the only other bright spot besides the music,was Jonathon Schaech as the villain.he was pretty convincing and credible.otherwise,this movie is just,well, ordinary.i'll give it a 4/10
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Utter garbage.
HumanoidOfFlesh23 August 2008
Donna witnessed the tragedy of watching her mother murdered right in front of her.The killer was one of Donna's teachers who had grown an unnatural attraction to the teen with books of pictures of her in his home.A few years later he has escaped from a high security mental hospital and is on his way to get the girl he believes belongs to him.The loving killer strikes during Donna's prom night.Dumb and uninspired teen slasher with no gore and nudity.The original "Prom Night" from 1980 at least provided some sleaze and bloody violence,the remake offers tons of fake scares,lots of goofy talk and laughable killer.The killings are completely bloodless,the acting is bad and the script is even worse.I can't believe that J.S Cardone,the director of creepy slasher flick "The Slayer" wrote this obnoxious trash.I have seen hundreds of slasher movies and this ranks among the lowest of the low.It truly reeks!
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It may or may not be one of the worst horror films ever made, but it is also the lamest slasher film I've ever seen.
eminkl5 October 2019
When a film starts with a murder scene for the PG-13 family, you know the rest of the film is going to be dull. At best, the acting was bad, the choice of music was gross, and the scares were non-existent, but there was certainly a lot of jumping scares. It's a slasher-generic movie where you know which characters must die. Basically, it will kill any characters going upstairs. This film is less than an hour and a half long, but the pace was appallingly slow.The antagonist takes too long to kill the characters as the movie attempts to build "suspense" before they decide to kill the characters eventually, and this attempt to build suspense affects the pace tremendously. This film is so poor that it couldn't even be seen by Idris Elba. With this one don't waste your time!
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An abysmal success
BeEmKay903 May 2008
I doubt there's much question to this movie being technically terrible. I mean this movie epitomizes cliché in all the wrong ways. From the not-so-clever scare tactics (i.e. cinematic tension unfolding into either a jolt or a joke) to the clear as day plot twists. It ripped off all the classic slasher flicks failing to amount to them whatsoever. I'm not saying that Scream was good, but this is like a carbon copy of Scream minus the strategic comic relief and plus some awkward, cardboard acting and poor attempts at getting a laugh. There is little doubt that this movie is an abysmal failure.

Then why say success? The one thing that this movie delivered with incredible success only applies to a certain target audience. Those are the 11-13 year olds who are simply excited to have gotten into a 14A movie and will be bombarded with, for some, their first "horror" movie experience. It gives them all they want: blood, twists, jolts, tension, and of course kissing. They can't tell a bad slasher flick from a Tarantino masterpiece. Not because of their age, however, but because they just haven't been exposed to enough 14+ movies in order to have a well developed movie sense. It's a good experience for them, a benchmark, if you will. I may have hated the movie, but all the twelve year old screams and laughter in the theater made me think that maybe it was worth it to make a horror so mind numbingly terrible for the sole purpose of appealing to those young ones. Revisiting the Scream days, but with less prowess.

oh, and financially, it was a great success as well. This probably due to the massive influx of underage movie goers.

A success. An abysmal success, but a success nevertheless.
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A paint-by-numbers slasher flick
cricketbat20 October 2020
Prom Night is a paint-by-numbers slasher movie. There's nothing really new or creative about this flick, other than the fact that it's PG-13. The predictable plot glides along a well-worn trail of blood, with a killer who seems to be superhuman in the way he's able to slice and dice his victims without detection. I don't get all the hate towards this horror movie, though. If you're a fan of the slasher genre, it's cut from the same cloth.
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Another Awful 2008 Horror Movie
yourmotheratemydog71523 August 2008
Prom Night (2008)

NOTE TO READERS: This review is for the UNRATED version of "Prom Night" on DVD. I didn't see the PG-13 version, but I can't believe that this is much better.

2008 didn't start that well for horror. One of the first movies released in theaters in 2008 was "One Missed Call", which was so horribly awful, it was funny. March's "Shutter" was even worse, because it was horribly awful, AND it wasn't unintentionally funny. And April's "Prom Night" concludes the trio of awful horror movies that are some of the worst of all time.

So, there's a girl named Donna. Her entire family was murdered by a teacher who was obsessed with her. But, the teacher was caught, and locked up in a maximum security mental institution. FLASH FORWARD a few years. Donna is a high school senior, going to her prom. She and her friends go to the prom and (surprise, surprise) the teacher has escaped from the maximum security mental institution and is back to kill everyone that makes any kind of contact with Donna.

First off, 99% of all remakes suck. Hollywood, please stop remaking movies and think of ORIGINAL ideas. Even though this can hardly be called a remake (the only things the same are the "killer at a prom" idea and the title), they still shouldn't make remakes. Just getting that out of the way quick-like.

So, this is an awful, awful, awful, awful, awful movie. It uses EVERY cliché in the "Book of Slasher Movie Clichés". Every character makes the absolute stupidest decision you could make in a situation like this. There's nothing really right with this movie.

You know how in most slashers, you don't know the killer's identity until near the end? And if you do know the killer's identity, sometimes you don't know WHY he's killing? Well, "Prom Night" gets this wrong right off the bat, because in the first 10 minutes, you've learned everything about the killer. His name, what he looks like, why he's killing. And instead of revealing plot elements cleverly through dialogue, all they do is have a cop talk about the killer for a few minutes, telling you everything you need to know about him. Yeah, eliminate any and all mystery from it right off the bat.

Then, you're introduced to the annoying characters that you don't give a crap about. The closest thing to characterization is one girl whining about how her boyfriend is complaining about her going to college. Most of the dialogue is annoying, too, plus it adds absolutely nothing to the story. "So, my dress is kinda like a champagne color, but it's got diamonds on it, so, you know, it's kinda sexy." WE DON'T CARE! The first half hour of the show is like a freakin' episode of Gossip Girl. "Oh my god, she's such a hoe." "Oh my god, look at you. You're so hot!" "Oh my god, like, oh my god!" Stop talking about your damn dress. I don't care. No one in the audience cares. It makes you want them all to die so the damn movie can be over.

So, after the first "Gossip Girl" act of the movie is over, we get to the actual killings. The director has no idea how to handle a killing. Of course, it's PG-13, so they can't show much blood. Even in the unrated version, they don't show anything gory at all. But along with the absence of gore, the director feels the need to make all the kill scenes "flashy" and "stylish", but fails miserably, just making them unwatchable. Here's how EVERY one of the deaths goes. Killer pulls out knife. Screen goes black for a second. Killer runs towards victim. Screen goes black for a second. Wide shot of the killer stabbing victim, with weird stabbing noise that sounds incredibly fake. Screen goes black for a second. Kill scene over. Plus, add random slow motion, fast motion and annoying camera angles, and you've basically got every kill in the movie.

Also, the characters are so mind-numbingly stupid, it gets to the point where you think they deserve to die. In one part, the fire alarm gets pulled, and repeatedly the words "Warning. Leave the building at once," are said over the PA. But despite this, no one gives a crap. Everyone EVENTUALLY leaves the building. Except that Donna, after leaving the building, just goes "Oh, oops, I forgot my shawl," and walks up to her hotel room, despite the flashing lights and the "Please leave the building" warnings. Is anyone really that stupid? Seriously?

In some parts, it's even nonsensical how stupid the situations are. It's either a stupid situation or a cliché that has been done many, many times before. About 6 different times, Donna opens a mirror to get something, and then closes a mirror, and suddenly, someone's behind her. Somehow, she doesn't actually notice the person going through the door, which is right by the mirror. Plus, it's about as scary as the "cat jumping on screen" gag that has been done so many times. Jump scares are overabundant here. Donna runs into lamps and jumps. Donna runs into her creepy aunt who appears out of nowhere many times for no reason and jumps. Donna trips over a table and jumps. Not only are jump scares not scary most of the time, when they're handled as badly as they are in this movie, they're just funny.

Well, I'm going on and on, so I guess I'll just stop myself here. You get the point. "Prom Night" is awful. Here's the full rating:

Overall Rating *** (3 out of 10)
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So Incredibly Bad...Avoid At All Costs.
Matt_Layden14 February 2009
A teacher is obsessed with his student, so much that he has killed her family so that she would have no one but him. After years in a mental institution, he escapes and comes back for her, on prom night.

I never really thought the horror remakes were truly horrible until I watched this piece of crap. For some strange reason these PG-13 horror remakes are still being made, ruining the reputation of the originals. Damn you Prom Night, Black Christmas and When A Stranger Calls...why? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! So what's wrong with this film? Well, let's get out the list.

For one, it's not thrilling, chilling, scary, intense, jumpy, gory, fun, interesting, on and so on. The execution of this film is pathetic and weak. It's not even a well made crappy horror flick, at least When A Stranger Calls can say that. This isn't even really a remake, it's a remake by name only. The film is so predictable that it makes the ending to films like Titanic or Passion Of The Christ surprising.

Slasher horror films always have certain clichés to them, meaning they are full of violence, sex and gore. This film had none of that. That PG-13 rating cripples it so much that I did not even get any enjoyment out of the deaths of these horribly acted characters. That's right, the acting is bad too, surprised? The characters are horribly written, I had no attachment to any of them. I didn't even hate them enough to want them to die. I simply did not care. At least in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre I hated the Franklin character so much that I was cheering when he was finally killed. Here, none of them do anything. I guess you can say that the horrible acting is attributed to the horrible script with horrible characters, but some blame has to be put on their shoulders. Don't even get me started on the dialogue.

The killer? What ever happened to mystery? We know who it is from the beginning, we see him all the time so there is no suspense or edge of your seat entertainment. It's just the viewer sitting there wasting their time watching this guy stab people.

So to say this movie sucks is an understatement. It's a pure and simple cash grab. I'm sure film fans know well enough to skip it, now I'm telling you horror fans. Save your money as well.
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