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This is the one that started it all
residentevil69015 November 2010
This is the episode that started the craze, I still remember watching this when I was 11 and was totally blown away, they were the coolest thing to me. I can't believe I'm 44 now (Edited this post on 6-1-17) and still think about this episode from time to time. I always thought this was the coolest cartoon until they changed everything up after the movie in 86. If they only would've started a 2nd TV series instead of killing off all the main / best characters it would've remained on the air for many more years instead of being cancelled after the 3rd season.

All in all this is great fun and is such a classic to me. I can still remember going to the toy stores like Lionel Playworld before Chirstmas in 1984 and they would bring out a box of the toys and the parents would fight over them like a bunch of crazies. Still makes me laugh to this day.

If you've never watched any of these episodes and you do like sci-fi then give it a chance. If you have seen the current live action movies and have not seen the old cartoons that started it all it might seem a little dated of course but never the less still a lot of fun if you can watch it with your kid eyes!! I really liked how they would slowly introduce you to new transformers and they really built up a mass amount of toys which were the coolest toy line ever.

I will always consider this the best cartoon of all time. I missed many hours of doing homework because i would watch this instead. September 17, 1984 changed the world for me just like 5-25-77 when the original Star Wars came out changed the world as well. Those two days influenced my life so much I think it's why I don't like Michael Bay's version of Transformers as much as if he would've stuck to the original material more.
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