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Welcome back Jack.
bifties8 January 2007
I have just this minute finished watching the first 4 episodes of the new series, and without giving anything away, I am happy to report that this series looks to be just as exciting as its 5 predecessors. Excellent! Not to be missed.

I admit that half way through the first episode I was more than a little upset, but by the end of the episode I was more than happy with where the story looked to be going.

And, with all the previous series I was completely wrong about where the story was going.

However, for those of you out there that have not seen some or all of the previous series, I strongly recommend you go back and watch all of them in order. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Like millions of others out there, I know that Jack Bauer is probably the

Welcome back Jack.
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Well Written
Mike-on-TV15 January 2007
The abrupt action continues on 24 during the second hour of the workday. Jack has intel that Assad has flipped as a good guy and Jack is able to convince and befriend the former-terrorist by preventing the president ordered attack and eventual destruction of Assad's now anti-terrorist headquarters in an Inglewood ghetto. Together the two now have to track down Fayed as quickly as possible and end the bombings.

Jack, in this episode has convinced everyone that 20 months of torture cannot keep him from the fight. Although it is a little fetched that one man is able to prevent terrorist attacks, disprove government information and remember the longitude and latitude of a location overheard while being tortured, I think we can all agree that Jack also shows human qualities other than his conviction to the protection of humanity.

During the getaway, Jack faces a challenge that has not experienced. He finds that he cannot torture that well anymore. He doesn't know if he can do 'it' anymore. But two years in a Chinese prison will make you second guess yourself here and there. Thankfully he has his new former terrorist buddy is there to give him the self confidence he needs. That's what friends are for right.

It is very gutsy for the writers and producers to have half a dozen fictional attacks on American soil within the first couple of hours of one fictional day. I can't remember any other television show or movie that created such a threat to the standard of living in America that was not based on true events. The only thing that comes to mind is The Sum of all Fears. What will they do next to the people of 24? Perhaps block all wireless connections west of the Colorado River? read this review and other at www.mikeontv.com
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Jack Gets Back On Track So Soon
Desertman8413 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack finds out that Fayed, not Al-Assad, is behind the attacks, and manages to escape. Jack teams up with Al-Assad to stop a suicide bomber on a subway. FBI agents search the Islamic-American Alliance offices in D.C. under dubious pretenses, to the chagrin of Sandra Palmer. Ahmed Amar implements Fayed's plan in the suburbs.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Devastating terrorist attacks have been going on for eleven weeks.

2.Ahmed Amar receives a call from his boss, Fayed, about the "package". He then gets attacked by his neighbor Stan Miller and kills him in self- defense. Scott Wallace shows up and Ahmed takes him hostage.

3.Sandra Palmer calls her brother, the President, about the FBI coming in and performing an unjust investigation of private matters. Unsuccessful, she then deletes private files from the computer, and then gets arrested, along with her friend Al-Rezani.

4.CTU seeks the life of Hamri Al-Assad for his terrorist attacks, but Jack shows up and rescues him.

5.Assad discusses with Jack his plans to renounce terrorism.

6.Following up on a lead, Jack Bauer tracks a suicide bomber to a train station. They fight, but ultimately Jack pushes him outside the back of the train, preventing any other deaths. Jack then rushes to join Assad.

After suffering for many months into the Chinese Prison and managing to outwit them for to escape,Jack gets back on track so soon that one find it rather unbelievable considering.
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Too Much for One Hour
Hitchcoc4 February 2019
I will use a common criticism and get it out of my system. We are two hours into this episode. How could people travel from one place to another and do so much in two hours. I have considered changing the name of the show to "Two Weeks." Putting that aside, we have vintage "24." We have a group of innocent people victimized. We have a jerk in authority, Tom. We have the wrong person being trailed. We have the usual mistrust of Jack Bauer. History seems to mean nothing at all. Anyway, it is already getting pretty thick.
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