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Quirky... in a good way
Tweekums20 October 2009
When I first saw this advertised on television I thought it might be a fun little show, I didn't think it would be something I'd want to own on DVD though... I soon realised that this was something special; the colours are all brighter than normal, the dialogue is more wordy than people really use and the plot is surreal to say the least. All these things could have lead to a disaster but it worked perfectly for me. The cast did a great job bringing their surreal world to life.

Ned isn't like ordinary people; he can bring the dead back to life with a single touch, there are two major catches though, if he touches that person a second time they will die forever and if he leaves a person alive for more than a minute somebody else nearby must die. Using this skill he is able to help private detective Emerson Cod by questioning murder victims. Things change for Ned when one of the victims he revives is his childhood sweetheart Charlotte "Chuck" Charles. He can't bring himself to touch her again which apart from causing somebody else's death leads to a very difficult relationship between them. When Ned isn't dealing with dead people he cooks in The Pie Hole, the pie-restaurant he owns.

Most of the episodes are of the murder-of-the-week variety although there are some continuing threads to the story. The murders are never anything normal; their strangeness reminded me of the 1960s series "The Avengers". As well as having two great leading characters the supporting cast does a great job, I especially liked Kristin Chenoweth's portrayal of the diminutive Olive Snook a Pie Hole employee with a soft spot for Ned but who does not know his strange secret.

It is a shame that the series was cut short but I'm glad that it was given a proper ending even if there were a few loose ends left untied the main story had nice conclusion. This series won't be for everybody but if you want to watch something a bit different I'd recommend giving this show a chance.
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Quirky, touching, and wonderful
jimpowellsf23 December 2009
This show is addictively wonderful. The writing and acting are fantastic. Funny, touching, and also intrigue all wrapped into one. Be sure to get this into your DVD player and enjoy it from the beginning to the unexpectedly short end. Watch it, watch it, watch it! There are some great characters and great guest appearances that only help add to the endearing aspect of the show. Kudos to the writers for developing a great storyline that only gets better over time. I just don't understand why this wasn't interesting for the American TV public. Bad time? Too quirky? Not enough studio support? I suspect that the production costs were very high, but all parts of the show (directly, special effects, costumes, sets) are great. Thank goodness it's on DVD, and I can only hope that it somehow comes back in one way, shape, or form.
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Quirky and wonderful little series
TheLittleSongbird9 June 2011
When Pushing Daisies was on, it always made my day. I just loved how funny, quirky and clever it was. So I was saddened when it ended as abruptly as it did, it may have had a rocky start however it did get much better very quickly and had even more time to progress if given the chance.

I loved Pushing Daisies for several reasons. With skillful photography and striking clothes, lighting and sets, the visuals were constantly very colourful. The music had a lot of charm and quirkiness about it too, the writing was witty and engaging and the stories were clever with an original and imaginative concept. The characters were always fanciful and likable, Jim Dale's narration was sardonic and beautifully delivered, Kristen Chenoweth brightened up every scene she appeared in as did a fair number of those who guested on the show and Lee Pace and Anna Friel were very endearing in their own way.

In conclusion, a gem that ended too soon. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Come For The Pie - Stay For The Characters
javrivera19 January 2010
Flawless acting, unique stories, and visual eye candy.

This has to be one of the best examples of what TV should (and essentially) could be if you put it in the hands of real talent. Everyone behind and front of the scenes is working grade A performances. Lee Pace and gang have never fit so perfectly in an ensemble using each of their unique talents to deliver some of the best dialog and storytelling.

The visuals are an obvious standout but leave it to Creator Bryan Fuller to not focus entirely on special effects and set design. Instead, he shows the value of great characters and character development through intriguing stories. And that, my fellow Daisy fans, is why this series works so well.

The biggest frustration, of course, is the cancellation. Why would a show this flawless get canceled? What does ABC have to replace it with anyway? It's just a shame.

I highly recommend you buy the series (BluRay is a must for those with HDTVs) and enjoy what you may never see again on TV. Come for the pie - stay for the characters!
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A great series...too bad it was too smart to succeed.
MartinHafer25 May 2011
"Pushing Daisies" was a marvelously original show--so much so that it had to fail. After all, good television is like the sentiment 'no good deed goes unpunished'! And, like a wonderful show, it manages to start off with a real bang--with an episode that keeps you wanting more.

Apparently, the idea for "Pushing Daisies" was originally a plot idea for "Dead Like Me"--another show so good that it quickly failed. In the show, they had planned to have the reapers learn that some of their victims had mysteriously returned to life--the result of a guy with magical life-giving powers. Well, the idea was re-tooled for this ABC series and was done independently of "Dead Like Me". However, unlike "Dead Like Me" the atmosphere, costumes and set design had a much more other-worldly appearance--like it was filmed in a magical fictional land--full of LOTS of primary and secondary colors! I could try to explain the series, but frankly it defies explanations. Plus, IMDb has a summary. Instead, lets' focus specifically on what they got right...other than everything (which is true but a bit vague). The characters are exquisitely written and easy to love...very easy to love. The dialog is even better--very, very snappy, intelligently written and clever. And the plots generally very good--specifically so in this pilot. In this case the entire lore of Ned's magical powers is explained as well as the set-up for the series--his partner Emerson (my favorite character), how he accidentally brought Chuck (a girl) back to life as well as his strange but lovable employee (Olive).
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WOW - I can't believe the bad reviews... LOVE this show!
caseofthepunks28 August 2009
Are you kidding me?? This show is WONDERFUL! Perhaps it may be because I have watched it from episode 1, thus... fully understand the concept completely. Or perhaps it is because I stumbled upon this show by random and had no preconceived feelings.

I absolutely fell in love with this show. I love every character, the way it's filmed, the narration, the actors chosen... EVERYTHING!! I absolutely adore Kristi Chenoweth - too adorable and will make you laugh every episode.

I think if your asking too many questions about this show - it may be too advanced for you. Are you serious?? 'No one would believe if so and so told on him... why don't they bring back history figures to talk? blah blah' IT'S A SHOW. lmao. Makes me laugh... You're looking into it too hard and not just taking it for what it is. Regardless... rent the first season and watch the first few episodes! Awesome show!!
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Pushing Daisies
messina442 November 2009
This was my number one show to watch. I have decided not to start watching a new show so that I won't be disappointed because of it's abrupt end. I loved the show. Even though it was frustrating regarding the plot line, the writing and humor got me every show. They could have found a loophole. There is always a loophole, especially with such a magical plot line. Everyone on the show was very talented, and I could believe their fanciful characters. The musical numbers helped drive the suspension of disbelief. Glee has show us that. The only reason I turned to Glee was because of the loss of Pushing Daisies. It is much less mature and negative in humor, but it has it's fun parts too. I wish that a show like this would get more support.
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Beautiful television
drwordsmith22 July 2009
After having read two or three negative reviews on the main page of IMDb for "Pushing Daisies", and having literally minutes ago finished watching the final episode, I thought it was about time I said what I thought of PD.

First off, to address what some of the issues that I have seen other people having with this show: something along the lines of "I expect the people who have been woken from the dead to have a more realistic reaction". Realistic, on this show ? Pushing Daisies is, truly, pure and utter escapism. It's colour palette, the dialogue used, the scenarios, situations, music: all of it, to me, is just an escape from everyday life. An escape from the mundane and boring. It is here where Pushing Daisies exceeds exceptionally well Pushing Daisies isn't for everyone: A large majority of the television audience don't "get" it, for some people it's just too out there and silly. But for people like me, even from the first episode I watched of it (Season 2's "Frescorts") and I was just blown away by the show. From then on, I bought both the box sets and they have barely been out of my DVD player. Other people I know can't stand it, it really seems to be like Marmite.

The show follows the adventures of Ned, the Piemaker, with a magic finger, who brings back childhood sweetheart Charlotte Charles, works in association with private investigator Emerson Cod, owns the Pie-hole and employs waitress Olive Snook. Completing the main cast members are aunts Lily and Vivian, whom Charlotte (Chuck) is never allowed to see. They live in a fantasy world where the dead are brought back to life, everything is shown with a wonderfully bright splash of colour, and narrated by Jim Dale.

Other than outlining the basics of the show, I really can't praise it much more without saying: Just watch it. Despite being screwed over by the Writer's Guild of America strike, with only 22 episodes ever to be made, it provides wonderful plot twists, story lines, characters and situations while providing (for me) a satisfying ending (yes, I could tell it had been tacked on the end and rushed, but I was still happy with the way it went out). Whether it is creative or just pretentious, for a lot of people (me included) it made the most addictive and wonderful viewing, and I hope for the future of television that more shows like this are created so I'm not left with just 22, 40 minute memories of what true entertainment can be.
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A pleasure that ended too soon.
Blues82615 August 2009
Pushing Daisies is just a lovely fairy tale, with shades of "Amelie"'s aesthetic and romance. It's got a beautiful palette, its shots well thought out and detailed, its names and dialogue whimsical and too cutesy to be real, its imagination great, and its romance deep.

Watch the blue in the sky pop out at you, as blue can't be found in the rest of the sets or shots (with few exceptions).

Watch a weirdly natural and totally satisfying song break out of a scene.

Its score is gorgeous, its cast is supremely likable, there's great music, and the two leading romantic stars can't touch each other or she'll die. How much more sexual tension do you need? (Actually, I had wished they found a way around this one, but c'est la vie).

It is simply a show that it is a pleasure to spend an hour with, and I recommend it highly. There hasn't been other television quite like it, and I would like to see more. It got me through a flu one crappy week, as it makes for good company.

Bring it back!
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Finally some originality.
johnnymacbest26 September 2007
With reality TV and so and so hitting the airwaves, this show is "a breath of fresh air" in Must See TV department. Fan favorites like CSI, Lost, and of course "Heroes" (also my favorite) are great and all but I long for something more "out there". The movie industry can learn something from this especially with today's summer blockbuster bang and boom to produce something that not only has the potential to bring more people into the theaters, but most importantly, realize that originality and innovation can be more effective than special effects and action with cheesy one-liners and whatnot. Secondly, top-notch acting combined with stellar writing and a great ensemble cast can make all the difference. With a movie season plagued with sequels and remakes, we can all agree on one thing: We want something different!! Give this show a chance. Support it. Maybe Hollywood would catch on and give moviegoers and casuals something new to taste(albeit visually and mentally).
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Previews looked good but did not deliver
thearm4 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The show sounded VERY scripted, forced and it is following the SiFi trend of Heroes, The Lost Room, etc.... Yes, I see the creator of PD is the same as Heroes. I like the idea but I don't think it was delivered very well. There are also some problems with the first episode such as: Lee with the gift feels obligated to Chi. Why, I don't know since nobody would believe Chi if he outed Lee. Also, when Chi witnessed the guy falling off the building only to be brought back to life by Lee, a normal person would not believe what they just saw. Chi believe what he saw right away. Also, Anna was very quick to believe that Lee could bring people back to life.

I will watch the second and third episode to see how the story develops.
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Cute, but it's no Wonderfalls
brpetrakis20 February 2008
I have finally come to the realization that there will never be another Wonderfalls. As hard has Bryan Fuller may try, the magic just cannot be recreated and I will forever be forced to live with a mere 13 episodes.

That being said, I do not hate Pushing Daisies. I am actually quite fond of Pushing Daisies, but every now and then my mind will wonder off upon viewing an episode, and I cannot help but reminisce the Tyler family and Eric, the ever-so-charming bartender who Jaye was destined for. It was a PERFECT show. FLAWLESS.

so...what have we learned?

1.) If you have not seen Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies will strike you as innovative and vastly original (so you can watch)

2.) If you are a huge, or even minor, fan of Wonderfalls, you will most likely find that Pushing Daisies is entertaining, but miss Lee Pace as Aaron Tyler, and be constantly annoyed by Anna Friel who does not bare the same wit, attitude, or charm as the beloved Jaye Tyler (so it really is not worth your time unless you are a die-hard Pace or Fuller fan)
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Interesting but flawed program
earlytalkie6 October 2007
I viewed the pilot film of "Pushing Dasies" last nite, and I found that there were some good things in the program. It is an original idea, the acting is pretty good as are the production values. What I am having a hard time with is the believability of the the characters and the script. Granted, this is a fantasy premise, but the way these formerly dead people react to being temporarily awakened is absolutely absurd. Face it, if you woke up in a morgue with a sheet over you would you calmly speak in a matter-of-fact tone about your murder or accidental death, or would you scream in terror about what was happening to you? I don't think I would be that calm. The writers need to put some more realistic reactions into this program so that the viewers can take it more seriously.
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This Season's Most Annoying Show!
Clownbird11 October 2007
First, you've got that smug, pompous narrator who keeps referring to Ned as "the pie maker." Eugh. And then the specifics of how old everyone is when they died, as if that has any significance other than giving the show some ridiculously gimmicky hallmark. Yes, yes, he's a famous voice-over guy! He does the Harry Potter books on tape! Whee! Doesn't make him any less irritating.

Then you've got the girl Ned brings back to life - as if her calculatedly unlikely name "Chuck" wasn't bad enough, she's annoying as hell, especially when Ned has one minute to get information out of a dead person and she's butting in with her cutesy shtick.

And then the so obviously crafted and precise dialog with Ned and Charlotte all but talking over each other and dropping little esoteric references and non-sequitirs.

Then the annoyingly squeaky-voiced neighbor/employee of Ned's who for reasons I must have missed is suddenly taking care of his dog for some unspecified amount of time when it was somehow convenient for him to take care of a dog he is unable to touch for the last 20 years. Now there's bad writing. It's like they wanted the dog as a prop or for some sort of exposition to explain Ned's powers for the first episode, but they never thought beyond that. Too complicated having Ned living with two creatures he can't touch? Wouldn't it be easier for Ned to have the dog in his apartment with "Chuck" there to keep him out of harm's way? And this unrequited love angle of the squeaky-voiced waitress is a completely unnecessary element to the show. Her "Hopelessly Devoted" solo was embarrassing. The character adds an element of unnecessary misery to the show.

The one character I truly feel bad for is the poor detective. He seems like the only one with any common sense. Poor sucker, trapped in this inane and irritating world.

Sadly, it's a great idea for a show, and it has promise. But it's being executed here so...annoyingly!
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Wanted to like it, ended up big disappointment
chuckewe8 October 2007
Sometimes, too much hype is a harbinger of a dud to come. You know the kind, the trailers at every theater show all of the funny lines, and I mean all of the funny lines. Soon after opening, it's direct to video.

But when you start out on video, where is there to go? I really wanted to like this show. Seemed by the promos to be a little Dead Like Me meets a David Kelly comedy. That would have been nice, instead we get Disparate Housewives meets Saved By the Bell.

After watching the first episode, (we will give it a second chance)we couldn't figure how long they could sustain this story line. It's why we'll give it another try. Fortunately, we have plenty of DVRs and I suffer from insomnia, so I don't have to be selective yet.
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Uncreative and Annoying
larinamcdonald18 October 2007
Much has been hyped about the "originality" and "creativity" of Pushing Daisies.

Unfortunately, originality for its own sake does not make a show creative or even good.

Barry Sonnenfeld, who has been a wonderful director in the past decided that quantity was the key to this show and threw everything but the kitchen sink at the screen: garish colors, animation, voice-over. If only it had worked...

Bryan Fuller is another otherwise wonderful creator who faltered under the aegis of being "creative". His script is trite, the characters come across as cardboard and clichéd and certainly have none of the life and verve of his previous endeavors.

It's as if they all sat down and decided to hack out something "original" to show how "cool" they were. But they forgot to mean it.

The result was one more disappointment in a season where Life and Women's Murder Club are the only signs that the art of television is not dead.
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Like a Breath of Stale Air
richardjolie13 October 2007
Sorry, but the whole "it's a breath of fresh air for TV" just doesn't ring true.

The show wallows in its own pretension and is overall very stale and not interesting.

Barry Levinson apparently thought that the more empty tricks he could pile on would make a better show, but it didn't. Having claymation for no particular purpose may impress TV critics, but it won't impress anyone else. It's just weird for the sake of weird.

The character are completely cut from clichéd cloth and don't have any life of their own.

And I kept the worst for last: the narrator. Has an actor ever managed to be this obnoxious? Of course it doesn't help that the narration tell you everything instead of showing it, making it a very lazy writing effort by the previously inspire Bryan Fuller.

Overall, not a must-see at all, but rather a show that will die quickly and not leave a strong memory.
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Cuteness Overload
peterpush4 September 2008
This show truly had potential.

It is the brain child of Bryan Fuller, the creative force behind such gems as Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls.

It sports a very interesting basic idea and should have made for a wonderfully whimsical show.

But sadly it was not to be. Instead of rising like a soufflé, Pushing Daisies is so overloaded with empty pseudo-artistic gestures, it falls down to the earth like a heavy, hard to digest concoction.

The overload starts of course with the unbearably obnoxious narration, but does not stop there. As I read elsewhere, it's as if the creators were so obsessed to be seen as creative they forgot how to be creative.

It's especially sad as Bryan Fuller is a great talent and deserves for one of his good shows to success.

Unfortunately, Pushing Daisies is not that show.
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Nice idea, lousy... umm... execution
mithrendyr10 October 2007
I was intrigued by the premise of Pushing Daisies, and I liked the people involved with it--Lee Pace acting, with Fuller and Sonnenfeld at the helm. I should have known it was the kiss of death for this show (pun not really intended). The two producers are kings of the one-season series, not always because of their own fault. If this one goes down, however, it might just be their fault. From the very beginning, this show suffered from "Look How Clever I Am!" syndrome, with its cutesy names for everything, and it's painfully self-aware narration (do we REALLY need to know how many MINUTES old every damn character is), and its dialoguey dialogue. OK, not everything has to be hyper-real, but if you want us to invest our time and our care into a series, let us forget sometimes that it's a series. Let us get lost in the tale, and forget about the telling.

Another big problem for me is the premise. Bringing the dead back to life for a minute to tell who killed them--it was the premise behind the very first episode of BBC's Torchwood, the exact premise. That threw me from the beginning.

So I fear that without divine intervention, Pushing Daisies might soon be pushing daisies.
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"Dead To Me"
aimless-4611 October 2007
I guess stealing from yourself is not as bad as stealing from someone else, but it does tend to keep you in the same rut. The creator of "Pushing Daisies", Bryan Fuller, simply recycled his premise from "Dead Like Me", even having the characters headquartered out in a waffle (pie) house. The only substantial changes are a surreal production design and an "Ameilie" type storytelling technique; presumably to give the thing a more absurdest feel. CW Television has also stolen Fuller's DLM idea for a spectacularly bad show called "Reaper", which premiered this fall.

I instantly disliked this show despite a very favorable bias. My biggest question is how much better I would have liked it had I not been a fan of "Dead Like Me"? I think that I would have probably liked it a bit better but not enough to become a regular viewer or fear its early cancellation. My other question is how anyone can consider this even remotely original, given its obvious rip-off status? Since everything is relative maybe those making the originality claim have spent the past two years on a steady diet of "Hannah Montana" or "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody".

So why can't I recommend it to fans of "Dead Like Me", or even to fans of "Tru Calling"? Mostly because it somehow fails to capture the humanity elements of Fuller's earlier show (which is available on DVD if you are interested). "Dead Like Me" balanced its supernatural premise with a very clever coming of age story. It had its absurdest elements but they were offset by a realistic production design; which kept it grounded. The strength of "Dead Like Me" was its foundation of normalcy, despite the supernatural elements the characters behaved in ways that viewers instantly identified with. "Pushing Daisies" is more like "Austin Powers", you might find it funny at times but there is never a strong connection with the characters.

Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child.
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Not that original
ashvarts6 October 2007
For a TV show it is Original, I guess. But it's not an original concept at all. It is a complete homage to the french movie Amélie. In fact, the music in the first episode when we first meet the Aunts, is also used in the movie...I think. Anyway, I'll give this show a chance, but what bothers me about it is that it does feel like someone trying to tell a story using someone else's style. Watch Amélie and you'll see what I mean. Not that the show is bad, but it just feels like the action is there to serve the style rather, so it doesn't feel as natural. It's like to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail. So it's almost like a writing exercise. Write a one hour TV show in the style of Amelie. That's a little bit how it feels like, so it seems a little contrived. But it's only a pilot, so they may find their own voice as the series progresses.
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This is one strange little show!
ChristianFilmGuy27 September 2008
After watching one and half episodes I was thoroughly bored. The intended humor comes thick and fast, but it's not funny. The acting is more wooden than cardboard standees of Captain Kirk. The story lines... what story lines? The final straw was when one of the bizarre characters began singing a song from Grease... my wife looked at me, I looked at her, and we knew it was time... we pressed stop on the DVD player and have never looked back.

It's not that I'm opposed to quirky, I love Eureka and Eli Stone, but this is beyond quirky. It's just stupid! I watch a lot of TV and cannot understand why good shows like Jericho, he 4400, The Pretender, and now Stargate Atlantis, get canceled, and a show like this gets renewed, not for another 9 episodes but a full season! There's no justice in TV heaven.

To sum up... utterly pointless waste of time...
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not one episode i can stand
Alise_shenle28 October 2008
this is awful. Ned can't act, he just stands and mumbles while gazing lovingly at chuck. chuck just acts annoyingly perky like a blonde cheerleader. olive and Emerson is the only good ones. at least Emerson is cynical and practical and funny, while olive has a great voice. the plot is like a kiddy show, with mysteries a toddler can figure out, and a happy ever after boring storyline. if you can turn the dead to living, won't you want to bring alive ancient leaders like Tutankhamen or qing shi Huang, to figure out the mysteries of history? and not just become a pie maker, of all jobs??? the show also doesn't explain HOW Ned got this power. if he has the power, he should tell the national security or something, they can do tests on him and unravel the mysteries of the human body, and they can give him bodyguards to ensure people not kidnapping him to revive bad guys.
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Painful to watch
gilda-16 December 2008
Before starting to watch the show, I've heard it was great and aesthetically very interesting. What a deception, the scripts are so dumb that I am quite sure the authors are son and grandson of Scoobidoo writers. And what about the SFX and colors, they are so extreme that it is painful to watch, colors are not saturated they are over saturated, like scripts are overwritten and show is overrated. This show is like a bad pie in which a child would have put only sugar and butter thinking that because these ingredients are the best, they are sufficient. Unfortunately for this show, the only two ingredients of this show are finally vacuity and a total lack of credibility.
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Tired, clichéd and pretentious, if ambitious
estebanwoods23 January 2008
I do give Pushing Daisies some props for attempting to do something original. I really do. It would be nice if creativity was more the order of the day on network television rather than endless clones of few and far between hits and endless brainless reality shows.

However, this show tries so hard to appear original, it fail to deliver any actual originality.

Unlike Bryan Fuller's first efforts, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies is ponderous, poorly written, unfunny and generally overwrought to the point of being offensive.

"Look how creative we are" is what each scene seems to be screaming at the audience.

I don't know what happened or who is to blame. If ABC executives wrought the creativity out of this show too, or if Barry Sonnenfeld became so intent on getting critics and award givers to be impressed (don't worry Barry, they will be - the marketing campaign took care of that!) or if Bryan Fuller has reached the end of his creative rope, but the result is as stale and annoying as it comes.

It's rather disappointing that a show purporting to be all about creativity has so little.
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