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Sex & Nudity

  • Contains strong sex
    • The strongest instances of sexual activity occur when a group of young men - all part of a football team - have sex with a group of young women in their hotel room. The young men and women are shown in various states of undress and some of the young men are fully naked (bare buttocks are seen). The men are shown to be engaged in various sex acts around the room, though most of them are just implied through moaning and facial expressions rather than explicitly shown. The most explicit instance occurs when the scene focuses on two of the young men having sex with one woman. One man thrusts into her from behind while she gives the other young man a blowjob. The man thrusting into her is partially nude (he still has a shirt on) and the man receiving oral sex is fully naked, though his penis is shielded from view (sometimes by the young woman's head). During the scene the young men have a conversation whilst they have sex and one stops to threaten one of the hotel staff who comes in to deliver room service. The hotel employee removes one of the younger males from the room (he is 16) as he does not believe it to be a suitable environment for a boy so young.
    • The consumption of drugs is sexualised (cocaine is taken off the buttocks of a young woman).
    • There are a number of moderate-to-strong sex references, including references to 'group sex'.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains moderate threat
    • A young woman holds a knife to a man's neck and threatens to kill him. She is very distressed holds the knife close to his skin.
    • A young man (whilst naked) threatens a member of hotel staff and pushes him against the wall. The man being threatened draws attention to the young man's nudity and the scene uses the young man's naked state as slightly comic which mitigates the aggressive feel to the scene.


  • Contains mild language
    • Some mild language
    • Infrequent sexist comments and behaviour, though the work as a whole clearly condemns such attitudes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains hard drug use
    • A group of footballers are shown taking drugs, including cocaine. The illegal drug use is shown as part of their wild lifestyle. Though the men are not shown to suffer adverse effects, the activity is made to seem disreputable and is not condoned by the work as a whole.
    • A group of hotel workers are shown drugging food to make people sick.
    • There are scenes of drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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