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Sex & Nudity

  • One scene, lasts about 20 seconds (starts ~52:08) that features no nudity, except a woman's mid thigh region and cleavage is seen briefly as a man kisses her and tries to lift up her skirt.
  • Second starts around 1:07:20: Nudity prevented by strategic placement of a sheet and the man's hands. They are heard moaning.

Violence & Gore

  • During the course of the film we see much real footage of Germans attacking Danes, Danish resistance planting explosives etc.)
  • Flammen shoots a Danish nazi in the head (with bloody results) and shoots him several times in the chest (no blood)
  • Flammen shoots yet another man in the head with blood splatter
  • We see a member of the Danish resistance being shot dead while tied to a pole
  • Flammen shoots a woman in the head (with blood splattering all over the wall)
  • Flammen is preparing to shoot a Nazi but the man turns around and both takes a shot to the chest (both lives)
  • Citronen shoots two men dead (one is shot in the neck, with bloody results)
  • Citronen robs a grocer to get food for his family (he holds a gun at the grocer and punches him in the face)
  • Three members of the Danish resistance are shot dead (with bloody results) and sevral other killings are mentioned in the next scene
  • Citronen threatens his wife's new man
  • A small gun battle breaks out between Nazis and Flammen & Citronen and in the end five Nazis are shot dead (no blood)
  • Flammen, Citronen and sevral others assault a bar where they believe that the head of Gestapo is hiiding. Flammen exchanges much gunfire with the man (but none are killed)
  • Citronen shoots a snitch in the head (with a graphic bullet hole showing)
  • Flammen & Citronen riddles a car with gunfire where they beleive that the head of Gestapo is, but it turns out to be a father and his son (the father has many bloody bullet holes in him and the son is mortally wounded in the stomach, Citronen later says that the boy died)
  • Some Danish Nazis wounds Citronen and he's taken to the hospital and in the ambulance he shoots the guard in the head (we see the blood splatter all over the window from some distance)
  • Citronen has a very violent gun battle with many enemy soldiers where lots of people are shot and killed. In the end he steps out and he is riddled with gunfire
  • Flammen kills himself by taking his cyanide pill


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