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positively surprised
g-moff31 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched the movie and felt positively surprised afterwards although I am no particular connoisseur of his music. Falco is being portrayed as an ingenious but also emotionally unstable artist who has problems finding the right approach towards his own feelings, but also - and even more - towards others'. His early life seems to be like a series of clichés: he suffered from the loss of two siblings (which were born dead), his father left family early, he was a very gifted kid but dropped school anyway, started to consume drugs & alcohol etc. etc. Well yes, we have seen that in "Ray" or "Walk the line" in a similar way already, so why watch this movie too? I'd say it is the plausible atmosphere, the good acting & setting and a lack of over-exaggerated tragedy. The movie shows no 'decisive' situation which changes all his life at once. It is, although commercial successes happen of course, rather a long way down in his battle between self-pity and hubris, stimulated by drugs, alcohol and excessive lifestyle which leads to Falco's fatal car accident, may it have been suicide or not. So, no good ending as in the two other musician portraits I've mentioned earlier above; instead, there is a fatal addition of "Leaving Las Vegas" in it.
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The ultimate Falco film Warning: Spoilers
"Falco - Verdammt, wir leben noch!" or "Falco: Damn It, We're Still Alive!" or just "Falco" is an Austrian/German co-production from 2008, so it will have its 10th anniversary soon. The language in here is German (frequently with an Austrian accent) and there is some English in here too, not just in the songs. And with songs I am of course referring to the music of title character Falco, who is still fairly famous today, even if he has been dead for almost two decades. But first things first: The writer and director here is Thomas Roth and it is still his most known work I guess and this may have a lot to do with the man that these 105 minutes are about: Austrian singer Falco. This biopic succeeds in most regards. It is not about making the man look very likable, but instead it goes for realism and informs people about this huge star's career, but also his private life struggles and problem when his music career was not going that well.

A lot of the film's success may have to do with the lead performance by Manuel Rubey. I saw he got cast very shortly before shooting started, but I am sure Stadlober would have been nowhere near as good as Rubey. He literally becomes Falco, even if it helps of course that the costumes were spot-on and that he can hide his eyes behind a pair of sunglasses, just like Falco always did. Oh and lets not forget the music. I have to say the lyrics of Falco's songs are really nothing special to me and it was fitting how one of his hits got called a children song on one occasion. But the melody makes them catchy and Falco's charisma helps really a lot too. He may not have been the most gifted artist, but he certainly was one of the most unique and he built a pretty huge career on his style and individual approach and this also elevated his music by a whole lot. I think this was a good watch. It almost never dragged, which is always a strong achievement for such a runtime. Here we have a film that does justice to the human being that Falco was. I certainly recommend the watch. Also fun to see Tramitz in a serious supporting role here. I don't know any of the other actors, except Bond girl Grace Jones who makes a brief appearance very early.
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Original sex and drugs-story about Austrian mega star
OJT8 November 2015
This Austrian autobiographic film about Austrian superstar Falco and his life from young boy to superstardom to tragic death, all bathed in Falcos hits from "Der Kommisar" to "Jeannie".

The film shock opens with Grace Jones telling about the horror in what happened when he tragically died. Just after we go back to his childhood years when he played organ in the church, and becoming a school dropout dreaming of being a new Elvis.

The film is different and interesting all the way, and manages to capture a life often in chaos. Falco is fabulously portrayed here, by Manuel Rubey as an ingenious but also very insecure and sometimes quite opposite, emotionally and artistic unstable artist.

The film manages to tell the story of sex,drugs and rock'n'roll in an original way, steering outside the clichés that makes a film like this boring. The telling rhythm which is very different, and baffles you a bit. The story is still mostly chronologically told, but gives short glimpses to the end so you realize the end is nearer than you would think during the whole film.

The film is scattered with his hit songs, adding a lot of 80'ies nostalgia, which for me adds to the pleasure. Recommended watch.
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