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Agree or Disagree, LC is Required Viewing
frankenbenz5 June 2008
A few years back I watched the internet phenomena Loose Change (2nd Edition) and was impressed a group of college kids could piece together such a convincing argument/conspiracy theory about the attacks of 9/11. That's not to say this argument was a flawless one, in fact, it was wrought with innuendo, hyperbole and a handful of logical gaps. Regardless of its shortcomings, LC strung together a staggering amount of coincidences, so many that any reasonable/logical person would be compelled to ask the incredibly important question: what really happened on 9/11?

Last night I watched Loose Change Final Cut, expecting it to be a less didactic re-vision of the first two editions. I was wrong. The Final Cut is a completely new reinterpretation of what went down on 9/11, with new evidence, new footage, new questions and a refined journalistic emphasis on fact vs. fantasy. FC is not only a dramatic improvement over its predecessors, it's a documentary that stresses how far the truth movement has come and how much the filmmakers involved have matured.

In the years between the 2nd Edition and the Final Cut, writer/director/editor Dylan Avery has taken painstaking efforts to correct inaccuracies, remove hyperbole, and counter his critics/detractors with a damning pile of evidence that simply cannot be ignored. Instead of leaping to wild conclusions (as he did in the 2nd Ed.), Avery soberly lets the (readily available, yet widely ignored) facts speak for themselves. In the end the viewer is left shaking his/her head in disbelief by the volumes of questions the government of the United States of America should be forced to answer in a court of law. The bottom line here is that where there's smoke, there are usually liars and the overwhelming amount of evidence stacked up that contradicts the findings of The 9/11 Commission Report, causes pause for very serious concern.

While the Bush administration may or may not be directly linked to the attacks, there is no doubt they should be forced to prove (in court and under oath) what exactly their role was. Will any of these players ever be forced to reveal the truth? Probably not since they not only create the laws of this land, they also enforce them...legally and (debatably) illegally. Perhaps one day we'll live in a country where the government fears its people, but until that day Loose Change Final Cut proves we have should fear our government...if not for anything other than their ineptitude.

As a sidebar, I watched "Screw Loose Change" in an attempt to form as objective a stance on this topic as possible. Unfortunately the maker of SLC was never a student of The Art of Reasoning and thus, would not only make a pitiful lawyer, but also proves to be incredibly incompetent as a documentary filmmaker. Unfortunately, SLC wears its bias on its sleeve and loses all credibility as a result. In SLC's zeal to refute everything contained within LC 2nd Ed., it jumps logical barricades with shameless ease. One example: SLC attempts to refute LC 2nd Ed.'s first bit of evidence: the presentation of declassified files of operation Northwoods. SLC's contention is that LC "does not display any effort whatsoever to connect the two events, instead it merely describes Northwoods." Instead of making a very basic observation that LC is merely attempting to establish a trend/pattern in the actions of the US Government, SLC asks LC to do something it later attacks it for: reaching unfounded conclusions through leaps in reasoning. Perhaps SLC will follow the lead of LC and go back to the drawing board in an attempt to make a better, more truthful film. If not, SLC is destined for the garbage heap while LC Final Cut will likely end up being studied in Journalism courses.

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Very well done
nicolovvassil19 February 2008
Every coin has a flip side.This is the flip side of a story the American government has been selling to its citizens and the world for the last 6 years:the war on terror. Selling the war in Iraq and Afganistan of course requires propaganda.For instance,when you watch FOX news, you're watching propaganda.Everything nowadays is propaganda.It tries to influence you, to persuade you, to blind you from the truth.Propaganda affects very easy stupid people who take everything for granted, people who would swear that Lee H. Oswald shot J.F.K. Smart people on the other hand don't trust propaganda, they first look at both sides of the story before building an opinion.There is no right and wrong propaganda, there is good and bad propaganda.Bad propaganda is superficial and noneffective and good propaganda makes you think. Following what I said above,"Loose change" is also propaganda.And it is good propaganda because it makes you think and ask questions. I don't say I buy what "loose change" claims, and I don't say I don't.I just say this is an astonishing documentary with a lot of detail and excellent argumentation. This is a must see film especially if you are an American and have an IQ over 90.
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Loose Change Summary
slipgrid10 May 2007
The final cut of Loose Change is the long awaited documentary that goes over the 9/11 conspiracy. It is a follow-up to the Internet hit, Loose Change Second Edition. The previous Loose Change documentaries include lots of media footage of the September 11, 2001 attacks. They also include an in depth overview of the attacks, all the time pointing out inconsistencies in the account given by the 9/11 Commission Report, the FEMA Report, and this NIST Studies. It is believed that Charlie Sheen will narrate Loose Change Final Cut. This movie is sure to spark tough questions from its viewers. Regardless of your political stance, this movie is sure to keep you awake for weeks. You may never look at your government and media the same way again.
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Realise the truth about the world we live in......
alexsandra-419 January 2008
You must watch this documentary. Also google video 'alex jones: end game'

You don't need to completely believe everything suggested in it, i didn't, but it raised enough logical questions for me to to be sure there is something 'rotten in denmark'. You cannot escape that - as the film states - it wants you to do your own research, ask questions.... When was the last time you heard any other media institution or government official represent itself so modestly?

I congratulate Dylan Avery and the team making this documentary. It has helped open my eyes to the truth, i hope it does the same for you....
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Investigative Journalism is still Alive!
njmollo18 November 2007
Loose Change: Final Cut

It has been interesting to watch the development of Dylan Avery from a home filmmaker with attitude into a Director of true worth and talent.

'Loose Change: Final Cut' is the most mature and arresting of his series of Documentary films on 9/11 and should be taken very seriously. This is an extraordinary work of investigative journalism. Gone are the youthful assertions of his earlier work. The rapidly maturing Director now simply asks questions, shows or explains evidence and is careful to not to speculate.

The wealth of information Dylan Avery's team have collected is extraordinary. The evidence shows beyond a doubt that the American Government was directly involved in the atrocities of 9/11. If not by direct assistance then by lack of intervention.

What I find practically insidious is the blatant obstruction of justice perpetrated by the Bush administration.

Dylan Avery should be praised for making all of his 'Loose Change" films and this latest Documentary should be regarded as the best so far.
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Great Movie-Start your journey to the truth
patawa9122 March 2007
This is a great movie. This is one of the movies that got me going down the road of truth. This movie does a real good job of introducing people to many of the deceptions of 9/11. Once you've seen this go on and see movies such as TerrorStorm that tell more of the big picture. A person needs to understand that the United States is in dire condition right now. People would have us believe that our economy is strong, but that could not be any further from the truth. The fact is the U.S. is bankrupt, and we owe trillions of dollars to foreign nations. This current administration has spent more money than any administration in history. 9/11 was simple a horrible symptom of the horrible conditions of America and her economy.. A horrible inside job meant as an injection of steroids to keep our economy limping along. Please do the research, especially about the economy. When our economy falls, millions lose jobs and homes, and martial law is declared you and your family need to be ready. I hope we do elect some leaders that can head this thing off so that doesn't happen, but right now our leaders are leading us off the deep end. Regards.
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Out side of the box
Rellik_1398 September 2009
Its one of those movies that I admit is kinda biased but he truly believes this so therefore would be hard for him not to be biased but makes you think that USA might have known at the least if not did it. I actually didn't hear of this movie until last night when I watched 9/11 conspiracy's show on cbc and they mentioned it. One big point is Bulding 7 that they didn't mention about the attacks and I believe that is was a controlled explosion like come on fire cant burn down a steel building in 7 hours and it wouldn't collapse straight down. Everybody else please respect my opinion and I will respect yours, Just my opinion on the issue.
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A Fair Documentary
jason-195016 December 2007
I think its very unfair for people to give bad ratings to this movie without even watching it, a lot of heat Loose Change gets is centred around the original film and the second edition.

It's true that Loose Change 2nd edition and the original film did contain inaccurate information, and have been debunked in many areas. Which is precisely why this film had to be made.

For people who were put off by the first two films, you shouldn't be so quick to judge Loose change final cut, it really is completely different film and approach to 9/11 truth. Loose Change Final Cut doesn't jump to wild conclusions like the previous editions, it states only facts and then leaves the viewer to decide.

I'm not necessarily a truther, but I do like to give all 9/11 documentaries a fair chance and this one has delivered IMO.

Watch the movie and decide for yourself.
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Truth is in the eye of the beholder, much like most things in life
digitalWarp9 January 2008
I watched the first part of this before my Interwebs died on me, but it was enough to get a distinct feel that it is much different than the previous 2 versions. I have also watched Screw Loose Change, and perused other sites dedicated to debunking the film(s). Now, my official stance on 9/11 is that something stinks, and everyone knows it only some people are unwilling to admit it. Also there is no such thing as a 9/11 Denier as that is a logical fallacy and an ad hominem attack used in an attempt to discredit anyone who's opinion and perspective is different from those who believe the events as they were presented by the main stream media. The purpose of Loose Change: Final Cut is to open peoples eyes to a possible truth, and to raise questions that need to be answered. This it does using new footage, and new information that the previous films did not have, and by removing information that wasn't sound as any decent film maker should do.

The movie should be seen by everyone if only so that everyone has a chance to see that there are problems with the official story. The film might be biased in one direction, but that doesn't mean it doesn't merit a once over since it's not the same as the first two.
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sjensen-427 January 2008
This so called "Documentary" state that George Bush and a secret Government conspiracy somehow managed to plan and execute 9/11, and make Arabs look responsible.

Though you should never accept what the government says blindly, then you should look at all cases with a fresh perspective now and again. Could the US government have planned 9/11? No. They could not. That would be idiotic.

No governments in history have ever successfully kept a secret of such a magnitude. The very thought implies that not a single person in the American government have any moral values what so ever – that they would gladly sacrifice 3000 innocent people, to loose a war in Iraq. But that simply is an idiotic idea. Such big and horrible secrets always leak. Always. Look at Watergate: Someone in the high levels of the US Government leaked the story to the press, which lead to the Watergate-scandal, which lead to that Nixon had to resign as president. And that was only about a simple break-in into a democrat-office, what you conspiracy theorists are talking about is the biggest mass-murder in modern American history. But I doubt you people know that. Watergate proves that something like 9/11 could not have been planned by the Government without the public knowing. Also they must have been insane to try something that stupid. Also: do you conspiracy-theorists really think that the white house could engineer the most elaborate attack on its self, without leaving behind any proof - when they could not even hide the fact that Bill Clinton had a blow-job in the oval office?

Evidently all the conspiracy claims put forth in this documentary have all been debunked by: Popular Mechanics, BBC, The History-Channel, 911myths.com and loosechangeguide.com.

Case closed. Get on with your lives, people.
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He who casts the first stone
GloriousGooner23 February 2010
I've never seen the original Loose Change, but after hearing so much about it and having seen Zeitgeist, The Power Of Nightmares and Freedom To Fascism i figured it was about time i gave the big one a whirl.

This "Final Cut" seems like half a film. It's a well organised, neatly structured pseudo-documentary that effectively breaks down the events of September 11th 2001 into easily digestible nuggets of information. Many many fingers are pointed at the 9/11 Commission's official report and the questions that were, or were not in most cases, asked of key witnesses. Important stuff indeed for good investigative journalism is one of the keystones of a free democratic society, able to challenge its rulers on the balance of probabilities and reasonable doubt. In fact, coming away from this film one is puzzled at why the official explanation is still trumpeted around as a gospel account of the tragedy. Undeniably convincing, cannily constructed, this really puts the administration under an uncomfortable spotlight. So why did I only give it 2 out of 10? The reason is simple. All the mud is hurled across the fence, all the holes pointed out and many reasoned logical arguments are deployed in debunking the commission's account of events. But not one alternative is presented. This would be bad enough alone but further than this there are no attempts made to suggest why such a conspiracy could or would exist. There're the usual collection of experts and statistics, but in a film hoping to be taken seriously this seems little more than cheap gimmickry utilised in the hope of enforcing the shakiest of arguments. Aspersions are cast as to credibility, but the frightening prospect of the inside job, oft hinted at, is unsatisfactorily left hanging in the air without following it to its own damning conclusions.

Ultimately the hole in this argument is context. No context is given to the intelligence that was or was not ignored and no context is really given to the circumstances the administration and/or the FAA and FBI were operating under.

I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm saying that the polarised, one-dimensional presentation so totally devoid of context severely undermines most if not all of what is trying to be said.
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For the Truth watch "Screw Loose Change"
jsteves6 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this video I was completely blown away by it and saw no way other to explain the events of 911. Fortunetely I came across another similar video on this site where someone posted a comment about an opposing video named "Screw Loose Change". Being the real truth seeker that I am I decided to give a fair shot. What I found in this video was the complete destruction of any credibility that Loose Change once had. The video goes through Loose Change point by point and tells the whole truth about it. Once you watch "Screw Loose Change" you will realize that Loose Change is nothing more than a clever and cunning manipulation of the evidence and that it holds no ground once fully examined. If you have never seen Loose Change save yourself the two hours and a whole lot of propaganda and lies and watch something with real facts about 911.
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Problem about sceptics!
darion_kain20 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The sceptics don't want the mainstream media to see this movie. Same for the government. Sceptics live in their own world where they are right and anything else is wrong. Ask questions, Demand answers. There are more holes in the official story it's not even funny. Yet the mainstream media refuses to even ask these questions. And when people do ask they are considered 'nut jobs' for asking. If the people don't wake up soon we all will be living in a police state run country told what to do. Sceptics don't care about truth. They only care about being right. Screw Loose Change is nothing but a play on words that doesn't debunk Loose Change whatsoever. And if someone tells you this movie sucks then their telling lies because it's not even out yet. Watch the movie then make up your mind. If you can't answer all the questions asked look it up on your own. You can gain intelligence from reading, but common sense cannot be taught. Sceptics only see what they want to see. Don't be blinded by play on words.
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Alex Jones - Master Actor
khanbaliq230 May 2014
If you want to see a man who lies so much that he almost believes himself then watch the acting genius that is Alex Jones.

Behold a man who managed to dupe thousands of uninformed people by making himself seem like a loud honest Texas family man. Behold a man who serves his capitalist Koch masters so well that he doesn't go a day without badmouthing communism and socialism. Behold a man who respected the conservative tool Glenn Beck and then, after Beck called him a psycho, began to talk a little less respectfully about Beck. Behold a man who tries to exploit every opportunity to make himself more popular, the way he did with the 9/11 truth movement. Behold a man who constantly quotes the British intelligence project Wikipedia. That deceiving man is Alex 1776 Jones, a true American patriot who constantly violates the constitution. Alex Jone is the reason why the word DECEPTION was invented.
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Utter Dribble.
stirtonproductions8 August 2008
For all those morons that think this movie was going to change the world... Check out the poxy 400 odd votes it's received. Even a rubbish indy flick will get more than that. So how does that reflect on the film that was meant to blow the doors off 911? Not well. But the real problem isn't the self importance or the choppy editing and overtly dramatic music.

It's the sheer lack of good journalism. Taking quotes out of context. Making huge leaps of logic based on anything BUT the actual facts. Pish poor research and a rabid one sided nastiness that has quite rightly left most sane people with a bad taste in the mouth. 10 more years and this will be forgotten.

The film came out. No-one cared.
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I am a Natural Skeptic - And Yet Still I Found..
dragons260721 November 2007
That once again - people get an idea in their heads, fabricate the truth, and go full-force onto the internet where people gobble up everything they say and take it to heart.

First and foremost - if you're looking for absolutely no evidence (other than youtube quality videos, and well-edited snippets of information) to deduce what occurred on September 11th, then look no further. Now, I'm not here to say what did or didn't happen that day - I'm here to review a "documentary." Bottom line - this movie is for the most impressionable of people. Dylan Avery's "facts" have been refuted time and time again by the most credible and unbiased of sources, yet he continues making these flicks and people continue eating them up.

The one thing this movie can teach you - is to always question. However, for someone who is so convinced that the government is lying to its people about one of the worst atrocities in American history, its a very introverted causality when he turns that paranoia into fabrications. If you want an accurate, intellectual account of what some truthers believe happened on 9/11 - steer clear of Loose Change. There are many more reputable films/documentaries/interviews that might quell that need for a conspiracy better.

This one isn't, and shouldn't be, it.
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Brilliant, yet awful.
dileas21 September 2009
It's difficult to assign an accurate score to this film. As a propaganda piece meant to mobilize the young and the ignorant, it's absolutely brilliant. The director does a terrific job at playing on the emotions and insecurities of the audience. He shapes questions as if they were answers, thereby creating false assumptions in the mind of the viewer without ever making clear statements or accusations. He throws out "questions" like a machine, succeeding phenomenally in creating a terrifying atmosphere of gloom and paranoia without needing to tie the details together. He manifests a grand conspiracy-theory which seems clear and obvious, without even having to offer a coherent narrative. It's clear that the authors are masters of propaganda and conspiracy-mongering - they seem to have an in-depth understanding of human psychology, and pull no punches in using it to their advantage.

On the other hand, as a documentary, this film is a complete failure. The same points which make it such a successful propaganda piece also make it useless as a source of information. The lack of a coherent narrative means that many of their points contradict each other. The leading questions create erroneous perceptions, and no answers are ever provided. The points themselves fall apart the first time you attempt to examine them. Trying to verify the claims of this film after watching it is rather like suddenly discovering the most amazing and complex machine in all of human history ... only to have it crumble to dust the moment you touch it.

These shortcomings lead me to conclude that this film would probably fit better in the "horror" and "fantasy" categories, which is rather apt; it turns out that Loose Change was initially meant to be a fictional film, and only turned into a "documentary" once it's authors realized they'd make more money by scamming the gullible.

Overall, I have to give Loose Change a 2 out of 10, just on principle. Much like with the German classic "Triumph des Willens", I can admire the skill of the film-makers and the artistic merits of the movie, while protesting the harm it has caused to the people who fell for it. Unlike a film which is marketed as fiction, Documentaries have the power to change lives - a power which the makers of Loose Change have wantonly abused.
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A must see for every up growing scholar
jesse_arents5 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Louder then words" made a very interesting point of view on 9/11 with this Final Cut edition of Loose Change. Documentaries like this will be broadcast on quality TV channels like BBC or CANVAS (here in Belgium) when time is ripe. (Read : when the people on earth have awoken) Guilty or not question of certain governments is left at the viewers decision, but certain fact simply can't be ignored ! (WTC 7 collapse and the ridiculously low budget of the general 9/11 investigation) Anyway, very well made, but at present day still boycotted tactically far away from the eyes of television audience. The reason why young adults and scholars should see this documentary is the fact that most of them were to young in 2001 to fully understand what happened back then and the consequences for the world after that particular date. The second reason is that youth is the future of our world and they are the ones to draw lessons from our mistakes (in a better way as we have handled with genocide and dissolving democracies in our time-line ) An 8 for excellent research and editing.
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It has been debunked
loleralacartelort78904 February 2008
The movie Loose change tries to prove that George Bush planned 9/11. But all the claims in this movie have been debunked. Sorry fantasy-lovers, there is no conspiracy about 9/11. This movie has been debunked by Popular mechanics, BBC, History Channel and many others. Let me mention some of them.

Dylan Avery (director of Loose Change) claims that airplanes could not have brought down the WTC. Avery claims that controlled demolition brought down the towers. But this is simply not true. It is true that fire from airplane fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the steel of the World Trade Center. But that is not a valid claim. Any Structural engineer would tell you that fire does not have to melt steel, to make the building collapse. It only has to weaken the steel so much, that the building gives in, and collapses. Steel weakens and losses half its strength at 600 degrees Celsius. Fire from Jet-fuel burn at 1000 degrees Celsius – do your own math, of course that building collapsed because of the fire from jet-fuel. It burned even hotter than the 1000 degrees Celsius, because the fire also consumed plastics, paper and wood, so that the fire got even hotter. All the metal-cabinets and other metal in the building melted from the intense heat, which resulted in the melted steel you see in some footage. Also: if explosives where used, then they would have been registered in the seismic recorders in the city – but they weren't, because no explosives where used. That been debunked, next myth.

The movie Loose change very arrogantly claims that all calls made from the airplanes used by terrorists on 9/11, all where faked by the Government, using voice-modulators. This claim not only insults the people who lost loved ones on the airplanes, but it is also a false claim. Dylan Avery Claims that, Cellular Phones in 2001 could not possibly have made such calls from that altitude, thereby "proving" a government conspiracy. But the thing is that almost all calls made from the airplanes on 9/11 where all made from air-phones, NOT Cellular Phones. Dylan Avery either is too incompetent to mention this fact, or he deliberately lied about it. Air-phones are connected by wire to the airplanes communication – which is reliable. That is one of the main claims of Loose Change, and yet it is so easily debunked. The few calls, from cell-phones, that were made, where also very quickly cut off. And anyone who believes this cell-phone theory really lacks common sense: if the government had planned all that, and did modulate the victims' voices, then the Government would have had to spy on the victims, for weeks before 9/11 - to get their voices recorded. The Government also had to use really good actors to listen and play the victims over the voice-modulators, because a family-member would know, if the family member on the airplane did not use the same manner of speaking as before 9/11. This voice-modulating conspiracy theory is simply so stupid and false, that I can't understand why people would believe such nonsense. But then again: people do like X-files. That been debunked, next myth.

Another claim of Loose change is that World Trade Center 7 was also brought down by explosives. The reason that this conspiracy theory exist, is that a TV-station filmed WTC7 collapsing from a great distance. From a great distance it actually looks like a controlled demolition, but it just weren't. Loose Change claims that WTC7 was used by CIA as a control-centre or bunker, to control 9/11-attacks on New York. And that the Government afterwards destroyed WTC7 to cover up its involvement. This is the most stupid claim ever made by any conspiracy theorists. If the government did have a control-centre in WTC7, then it would be really stupid, no: RETARDED, to blow up the building in front of the world. Any commander in the world world not blow something like WTC7 in front of the world, when you had just carried out the biggest terror attack in history – you had just gotten away with it, the most stupid thing you could do was to blow up the building. If there was something in WTC7 that could prove a Government conspiracy, then they would just simply remove it. Also: WTC7 was on FIRE. It was hit by debris from when WTC1 and WTC2 fell. There are tones of photos that show WTC7 on fire. Also: almost all of the buildings around WTC1+2 where damaged on 9/11. Almost all of them where removed or was destroyed. WTC7 was not destroyed by CIA.

Stop spreading these false conspiracy claims. They have all been debunked by big media-concerns like BBC, History Channel and Popular Mechanics. Also Tieck out: 911myths.com and loosechangeguide.com There is no conspiracy about 9/11 – get on with your lives!
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Awful film
kallelortepik9021028 January 2008
This fictional documentary/film tries to convince us that the evil, evil, evil George Bush Government planned 9/11, and made Extreme Moslims look guilty. They Even made them admit it.

But according to this movie, that is all a lie, put forth by the evil, evil George Bush Government, so that they could get a pretext to loose a war in Afghanistan and Iraq – or that is what most Conspiracy Theorists claim. However they are wrong. All the "facts" of this so-called documentary have all been debunked by Popular Mechanics, BBC and the History Channel (I.E. people with education, which no conspiracy theorists have in fields that can be used to explain 9/11).

The main "Evidence" of this so-called documentary is building 7, AKA WTC7. This building was not hit by an airplane, but it did collapse anyway. The conspiracy theorists take this as proof of controlled demolition and a government conspiracy. They claim that because FBI and CIA, among many others, had offices in building 7, then they must have destroyed it – to destroy some computers and documents. In conspiracy thinking that is very smart: to blow a whole building up, just to destroy some computers and file-cabinets. But in the real world that is stupid. Why not just destroy it, when they world watched WTC 1 and 2. Seriously: that Conspiracy theorists claim that WTC7 was brought down by explosives is a very stupid claim. If the evil Jewish-illuminati-shadow-government was behind 9/11, as all you conspiracy theorists claim - then would it not be stupid to blow up your command centre (WTC7), if you had just carried out the biggest false flag operation in human history, and gotten away with it? It would be VERY stupid to blow up the building; it would have been easier to just remove all the equipment!

Also: WTC7 was hit by the World Trade Center, when it collapsed. Almost all the buildings around WTC 1 and 2 do not stand today. They where all severely damaged, when the towers fell. They all had to be torn down. The only reason you conspiracy theorists talk about WTC7 is because of the pictures of it falling. But of the hundreds of film capturing the WTC7 collapse, you people only chose to use 1 film of it. You Conspiracy Theorists do not use all the footage seeing WTC7 burning and the pictures of the building damaged before collapse? Typical! But then again, you people would have to lie, to make people buy your wild theories.

But fact is that if I produced a similar documentary where I fabricated "evidence" that showed that Santa Claus and Bigfoot planned 9/11, then all you 9/11-conspiracy theorists would believe it blindly. You Conspiracy Theorists lack common sense. If the evil George Bush Government had planned 9/11, then they would NOT have used 19 Saudis as "Patsies", they would instead have used 20 Iraqis, Afghans and Iranians – to justify the later war on terror.

Stop believing in these amateur-movies, like Loose Change. Do your own thinking, get jobs and get on with your lives!

1/10 – awful trash! Nuff said!
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Great Documenters
mrminnman3 October 2007
I've seen the first two versions of LooseChange and I loved them dearly. The fairest factual question about this film, I think, is: "whose conspiracy theory do you believe, the governments or this one?" I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The most compelling evidence, so far, has been the molten metal and the plane/missle hit on the pentagon. I don't think the debunkers have come close to explaining how jet fuel can melt metal in the basement or how a plane can hit the pentagon without leaving plane engines or wings laying around.

Overall, I think the movies have been very professional and fair.
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i found this to be disrespectful
rjackrock27 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I found this to be rather offensive, this movie showed no respect to the men and women that tragically lost there lives besides the statement made in the beginning. Not only do they disrespect the government and everybody that runs this country, they disrespect the men and women of flight 93 by making a claim that has not been proved to be true. a cousin of mines best friend past away on flight 93 there's some proof of disrespect right there. some proof against Since i first saw the clip in 2001 of the W.T.C. attack i was silent to show my utmost respect, now i wont be able to watch the clip without thinking about the disrespect shown in this movie.
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