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15 Jan. 1963
Darkness at Noon
During the Stalinist purges in Russia in the 1930s, a committed Bolshevik named Bubashov sits in prison, having been betrayed by the cause he fought for, and goes over his life via a series of flashbacks and coded conversations with other condemned prisoners in an adjoining cell.
22 Jan. 1963
Danger Zone
Airline boss Henry Brunewald deliberately flies eight famous celebrities into a nuclear testing zone in an attempt to stop the test.
19 Mar. 1963
J.B. Priestley Season #3: Dangerous Corner
An unexpected suicide prompts much speculation about honesty and theft.
26 Mar. 1963
War and Peace
Napoleon's tumultuous relations with Russia including his disastrous 1812 invasion serve as the backdrop for the tangled personal lives of five aristocratic Russian families.
21 May 1963
The Rainmaker
Lizzie Curry is on the verge of becoming a hopeless old maid. Her wit and intelligence and skills as a homemaker can't make up for the fact that she's just plain plain! Even the town sheriff, File, for whom she harbors a secret yen, won't take a chance --- until the town suffers a drought and into the lives of Lizzie and her brothers and father comes one Bill Starbuck ... profession: Rainmaker!
4 Jun. 1963
The Truth About Alan
A promising student is found drowned, the first assumption is that it is a suicide, but events start prove otherwise.
2 Jul. 1963
The Heart of the Country
Frank and Fay decide to get away from it all. Will the slower tempo of country life help them to solve their problems?
3 Sep. 1963
Three Sisters
Olga, Masha, and Irina Prozoroff lead lonely and purposeless lives following the death of their father who has commanded the local army post. Olga attempts to find satisfaction in teaching but secretly longs for a home and family. Masha, unhappy with her marriage to a timid schoolmaster, falls hopelessly in love with a married colonel. Irina works in the local telegraph office but longs for gaiety. Their sense of futility is increased by their brother's marriage to Natasha, a coarse peasant girl. She gradually encroaches on the family home until even the private ...
17 Sep. 1963
The Gioconda Smile
When his wife dies mysteriously, womanizer Henry Hutton learns to regret his off-hand treatment of adoring spinster Janet Spence.
28 Oct. 1963
Velvet Cage
Film director Mark Wheeler struggles with film-industry politics and an overbearing studio head.
30 Dec. 1963
Three Roads to Rome
Deborah Kerr's British TV debut is a trilogy of short stories, all with a Roman setting.

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