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I can't wait for Season 2
galebeck19 March 2008
I just finished watching the finale of season one of Damages. All I can say is bring on season two! I missed the show when it originally aired and read about it later. I was fortunate enough to download the complete season although it took some doing.

Truthfully the reason I was uninterested in the show originally was because I've never been able to warm up to Glen Close since Fatal Attraction. Not an unusual reaction I guess. But I am so glad I finally got over my aversion to her which was based only on a character she played.

She is in fact a terrific actor, as is Rose Byrne who plays Ellen Parsons.

I cannot compliment this show enough. It was a real surprise to me. I have always enjoyed legal dramas but this is so much more. It is a thriller really and different from other legal ensemble shows which concentrate on courtroom drama. This one never enters the courtroom.

Starting at the end and working back in flashbacks it is so interesting. Like a giant puzzle which you put together piece by piece. By the end most of the pieces are in place. Enough to make you feel very satisfied.

However, there are still enough little pieces left out to start a new puzzle for season 2. So as I said "bring on season 2 asap".

One last thing. Ted Danson as Arthur Frobisher was great as well. Played with understated evil I found this to be his best role ever.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a show which requires thinking and concentration.

Congratulations to the producers, writers, cast and crew. Excellent.
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You have to see it to believe how perfect it is.
dead4754828 September 2008
I expected it to be great, but not this perfect. It takes 'riveting' to a whole new level. The show manages to have so much going on but always kept me involved and wondering what these people were hiding, how they are connected, what twist was coming my way and most importantly, how the events we were seeing happen in the present were going to lead to the ominous and frightening glimpses we get to see of the not so distant future. There's a lot happening and a lot of mystery around every corner, but it never feels like it's wandering too far into an unknown direction or getting too far ahead of the viewer. It's clear that every scene has a purpose and the writers now exactly where they're going and how they're getting there. So whenever something happens that's a little bit over the viewer's head at that moment, you know that it's going to be explained all the way soon. Everything that happens comes together in the final picture. And the journey to that final picture is one of the most compelling I've ever taken. Each of the thirteen episodes brings a remarkable amount of believable character development that looking back to the first episode after finishing the finale, it seems like I began by watching completely different people. There is so much information, so much mystery, so many twists and turns that are so comfortably displayed with such raw intensity throughout. My eyes were glued to the screen the entire time, and every episode just had me aching for the next one. Genius stuff.

The acting more than deserved all of the immense praise that it received. Glenn Close gives a shatteringly intense performance that is frighteningly commanding. Rose Byrne is perfect as the one character who makes a huge change throughout the first season. She plays this transition from the gullible, naive new attorney to a hardened, revenge-driven women as if she were born to do it. I've loved her as an actress since I first laid eyes on her, but she still managed to impress me in a way I couldn't have imagined. She's never had a role this dark, this adult...gone through so many different levels of maturity and emotion without hesitating for a second. She holds her own against Close, and that is no easy task. We see her go from being a tool in Patty Hewes (Close's character) end game to being an almost mirror image of Hewes herself. Zeljko Ivanek is the cast member who surprised me the most, though. I've seen him in shows before (24, Oz) but he was never given the room to really display his immense talent like he was given in this one. He has a quiet intelligence to him that always drew my attention towards him on screen, and his character probably faces the most tragic journey throughout the first season. And he makes the southern drawl his character has seem as if it's been his voice since the day he came out of the womb. He deserved that Emmy and then some. Ted Danson, Noah Bean and Tate Donovan round out the main cast of this perfectly acted thriller.
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Best TV series I've seen in years
serpico-2529 October 2007
Suspense from the first minute of the pilot to the last minute of episode 13. Don't trust anybody and nothing is what it seems. Very tricky story about law, murder and money and an excellent casting. It's not like other TV shows, one story per episode, its more like a mini series in thirteen parts, don't miss a single one.

Excellent acting by Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan. I wonder if there will be a season 2 because I don't know how they can keep up with this one. But still there are some questions to be answered.

So if you missed Damages watch out for the rerun, it's worth every minute. And I'd like to mention that when I'm watching TV I don't try to find holes in the plot or to look out for goofs so it could be that I've got carried away a little bit.
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This is triple AAA television!
m-dm18 June 2008
Wow, this series deserves an 11 because 10 just does not give it justice. I put this series on the same pedestal as Sopranos and Deadwood. Fabulous, intriguing, more addictive than crack cocaine (and better for you). I just cannot praise this series enough. The acting was just superb. What i find amazing is how the performances in this series and for instance Deadwood were so much better than any acting performance in any movie for the last decade. They should be giving Oscars to these series because they are far higher quality than Hollywood films.

Glenn Close is utterly brilliant, and so is everyone else really. Each and every character is so well casted it is hard to find anything to criticise. I suppose some might say its a little gory but I don't think so.

Actually the only complaint i have is at the BBC who aired the series in the UK. They put it on at the most stupid time at night when it was clearly the best piece of television they have on the BBC. This series left everything else behind it in a cloud of dust.

Watch it and watch it again. TV this good is very rare.
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The Big Chill
Rogue-3226 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Talk about an hour of intriguing television - the commercial-free pilot for Damages, premiering last night on FX, certainly was that AND a bag of chips. Thanks to excellent writing, superb acting, lush cinematography and cojones to spare, this thought-provoking series promises to be at the very least a sleeper hit for the channel.

Nothing is what it seems in the pilot episode; we think we're getting one set of realities, one set of characters, but under the surface far more is going on than meets the eye. In fact, at the end of the pilot, lethally provocative questions are raised, forcing viewers to tune in again if they were the least intrigued. I was and I will be.

10/24: So the Season Finale was last night, and what a Finale it was! Satisfying in the way it did give us resolution, while at the same time creating yet more stunning intrigue for Season 2! I watched it through TWICE, as the FX network runs it back to back on Tuesdays. This series is the most brilliantly diabolical mindfk of a drama I've seen on TV in years, and if it doesn't come back for a second season, there is no justice, plain and simple. Upgraded my rating from a 9 to a 10 last night.
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Slick, addictive, morally reprehensible...I love it!
yawn-221 July 2012
In approaching this, the first thing you have to come to terms with is there are NO good guys, none, zero, zip, nada. This is a legal fantasy show set in a moral universe far closer to Tony Soprano's than Perry Mason's. Hewes and Associates isn't a real law firm: it's a professional practitioner of extortion and blackmail. Patty Hewes never goes to court because she'll do absolutely anything to destroy her opponents long before they can get her into one. We're supposed to give her a pass because she's taking on big-time corporate criminals and other easy-to-hate plutocrats. And we do...but there's this lingering bad taste you can't quite shake off and that's the real genius of the thing.

Damages may be the most morally bankrupt show on TV; it's also incredibly well-acted and despite a non-linear storytelling approach that I generally find tiring, superbly written and directed. Just don't go looking for any role models in this pit of vipers.
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Most Intriguing Show Ever
devinshane2312 June 2008
What a pleasure to be drawn into a series by such intelligent writing and outstanding acting. I couldn't wait until the next episodes. I talked to several friends each week to prolong the pleasure. In a world fun of shamefully silly and dumb programming, my hat is off to FX.I hope this show returns. The ending left it wide open for answers. I can't wait until it comes back. Glenn Close was perfectly cast as the villain; the character you love to hate. I was surprised at the wonderful acting by so many actors I had not seen and the ensemble of the cast was perfect.Why can't there be more shows with the depth and suspense? Is there any way to let fans know if this series will continue?
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5 Seasons are not enough
rodrigoalderete21 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this show for some many reasons, the cast is great, the plot, the intro theme, OMG...this show is all I wanted to watch.

It's hard to believe the fact "DAMAGES" is rated 8.1 and "SUITS" 8.7, In my humble opinion, DAMAGES gets my 9.7 Vs. SUITS gets my 6.0.

Many people hate this show because the story goes back & forth. I like puzzles, and this drama puts you on the edge.

Glenn Close and Rose Byrne: Blows my mind. Another great actors appeared like Lily Tomlin,Ted Danson, John Goodman and Martin Shorts (all comedians) turn into evil characters- AMAZIING.

Patty Hewes is evil indeed, no one can play better than Glenn Close.

This show is cool: Murders, Revenge, Intrigue, Sex, Bad Dreams, all in a litigators drama. A very addictive show indeed.
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One of if not THE best show on TV right now
politically_incorrect20431 January 2010
I took notice of this show once it was Emmy nominated in 2008. I have regretted that decision. This is by far one of the best dramatic shows I have ever would definitely say one of if not the best on right now.

IMDb remarks that this and Mad Men were the first series nominated from cable for best drama. Personally Mad Men doesn't compare to this show if you ask me. The writing is intricate, complicated, and very intelligent. The acting is top notch (evidenced by several emmy and golden globe nominations over the years). And of course the production and direction are impeccable as well.

All of that being said if you want a show where you literally have to watch every episode to keep up with whats going on and will challenge you with every episode this is the show for you. One of the best and most intelligent shows around, hands down.
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I'm addicted to Damages!
mirwais-orbit2 February 2008
No doubt that this show is one of the best ones I've seen in years, not for the story itself since it's not so probable to happen in real life for dirtier the legal world can be, but yes for the way that it's told and mainly for the performances. Glenn Close, what can we tell about her? For sure she's ALWAYS mesmerizing and particularly in this show she's frightening terrific. I also agree to think that it's a waste of talent see an actress like her having to work in a TV show, but at the same time a thank god for being able to watch a show like this one casting an actress like her. Rose Byrne is great and a lot convincing, I already knew her for some previous works and she's really talented. Ted Danson worked perfectly as the pathetic Mr. Frobisher and was great to see Tate Donovan working in something interesting again instead of wasting his time in TV shows like The O.C. And the same can be said about the other guest appearances thru the seasons.

During the 5th episode of 1st season, Patty Hewes says to Ellen Parsons to trust no one. The show is ALL about this sentence because everything here is a secret, no one is reliable and nothing is what it seems. All the elements for a good crime/thriller show are there. Some clichés exist but they are important for the entertaining. 1st season was a smash delivering all the greatest things that a TV show like this one should have and its finale was something that really did the audience expect the 2nd season enthusiastically. After more than an year of waiting, 2nd season finally had its premiere and it was awesome the new and undefined plot that was presented, but as new episodes were coming things were more confusing than being just an interesting puzzle to a point that audience was not being an active part anymore, trying to discover together with the characters what really happened, but became a passive one being deceived all the time, losing what made 1st season so special. 3rd season was the same thing, maybe the worst one. A bunch of great actors and actresses underused within a weak plot development full of red herrings and horrible conclusions, failing a lot when trying to exceed the 1st season tricky interesting qualities. Both 2nd and 3rd seasons finale were something kinda strange, giving absurd explanations for things that could be far better if explained in a simpler way. Maybe that's why 4th season was far better and a back to form. The formula using flashbacks and flash-forwards was the same, but a simpler main plot was presented and developed without unnecessary obstacles during 10 episodes. Characters in a exact number performed brilliantly by an amazing cast. Hope 5th season (and last one) to keep the tone achieved during 4th season, and maybe a great court fight to give it a great ending.

So, even thinking that 2nd and 3rd seasons failed a lot in a bunch of aspects, I still give the show 9 stars most for its first season and, of course, the performances that, I repeat, are more than just performances, are outstanding performances.
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Blistering Drama
drednm1 July 2019
Glenn Close is superb as the fierce attorney Patty Hewes, a woman who takes on the big boys for big bucks. Over the five years of this series she takes on corrupt billionaires, the US Army, corporate America, computer hackers, Wall Street, and anyone who gets in the way of her ambitions.

Into this maelstrom comes a brilliant but naive young lawyer named Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne). She's hired to help take on a nutty billionaire (Ted Danson) who has stolen his employees' retirement fund. She soon learns that in Patty's world there is no line between private and business lives, and she's soon sucked in. But it's a dangerous world full of treachery and murder and revenge.

Tate Donovan co-starred in the first three seasons as Tom Shayes, Patty's right-hand man and law partner. He's excellent. Others who play important roles over the course of this series include William Hurt, Judd Hirsch, Janet McTeer, John Goodman, Ryan Phillippe, Campbell Scott, Marcia Gay Harden, John Hannah, Martin Short, Lily Tomlin, Chris Messina, Dylan Baker, and Keith Carradine.

Only season 4 was a little disappointing with its endless war scenes from Afghanistan. Usually, the plots closely follow Close and Byrne as they maneuver to control the other. The series is full of surprises and superb acting.

One of the best dramas ever to grace a TV screen.
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Another TV-drama with a Shakespearian scope
Ryu_Darkwood17 February 2008
I'm not really into your average ''Law and Order'' kind of shows, so I was a bit skeptic beforehand. But I was proved otherwise by a thoroughly gripping and scary introduction scene. We see a young lady running from a building, covered in blood. She accidentally stumbles upon two nearby policemen. It lured me into one of the most exciting new shows of last year.

The concept is pretty simple: someone is murdered and it has something to do with a young lawyer working for a respected law-firm. We see flashbacks of how the FBI is trying to crack the case, giving us the opportunity to see the story that led to the horrific climax of the murder. What the hell has happened? How does a promising young lawyer end up in killing someone? Or didn't she? And what is the role of bitchy uber-advocate Patty Hewes and the businessman Frobisher? Every episode gives you a few clues on the mystery, while still keeping you in the dark of what did happen. It reminds me a bit of Lost, though Damages is more down-to-earth and believable.

Glenn Close is playing the strong advocate with an excellent reputation with the verve she had in previous roles. Her protégé is Rose Byrne as a young, naive girl that falls in the hands of a devilish woman without scrupulous. For me the biggest surprise is actually Ted Danson, who plays a very realistic businessmen on the decline due to several law suits on his person. He's the kind of likable bad-guy that we seem to see more and more these days.

The biggest pro for this show is that they keep all the characters human by giving them a soft side. Nobody is either extremely good or bad, they just are humans making stupid choices and having to pay the price for it. Even the at the surface indestructible Patty Hewes is not able to defend herself against her tyrannic son.
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One of the best shows on TV!!
gettnbusy18 March 2008
There is not one episode that was not filled with me wanting to see the NEXT episode! Some have commented that it is "fractured" in time...that is what makes it exciting - you can see WHY things happened and watch as the present unfolds into the future that you've already seen. It makes it very exciting. Perhaps it takes a specific type of logical mind to find this show fascinating. I love it - I am so glad that they renewed it for 2 more season! I can't wait for more! I don't have cable so I rented the series on DVD; each night I couldn't wait to watch the next episode!! If you enjoy drama and tension and suspense then this show is right up your alley. If you are looking for every single little thing to be accurate in legal aspects, etc then go to a courtroom. TV is about entertainment and THIS show DELIVERS!!
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From a 9 for season 1 to a 2 for season 5
screenidol23 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
From the beginning, Damages has been slick, beautifully photographed and wonderfully acted. Glenn Close, for one, is superb all the way through. Season one was tense, tricky, well-written and suspenseful. The repetition and flashbacks were a little difficult at first, but seemed to work; the approach felt very new. By the fifth season, the flashbacks seemed contrived and the endless repetition unnecessary. That, along with the many protracted scenes of long stares and needless dialog, made you feel as if a twenty-minute story was being inflated to 45 minutes. The writers/directors were toying with you all the time, as if that were the only purpose of the exercise. Behaviors were not just unexpected, they were unbelievable. The story line twisted around itself to the point of self-strangulation. I would have accepted a "happy" ending or one that ended in tragedy for at least one of the principles, but there was no ending, no resolution -- nothing that felt right. With this frustrating final season, I had to give a "fair-to-middling" rating to what started as a smart, good-looking series. Except for the inevitable cliffhangers, I expect it would have been best to stop after season 2 or 3.
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ezlewis26 July 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and my only comment is that it bounces around a little and at one point I lost track of whether it was the past or the present - this is probably more a reflection on my powers of concentration. Otherwise, the plot line really pulled me in and I got involved right away. Very good performances, a little gory at times, but effective. Glenn Close is mesmerizing and has already showed a complex and baffling woman. I can't wait to see more of her husband (Michale Noury). He will sure not disappoint. I was not familiar with the other actors but they were all of very high quality and the story is engrossing and believable. It reminded me of Will Traveler a little in the way the time frame was presented - -that is a huge compliment!
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Can't take my eyes off the TV!
phd_travel20 October 2012
I never knew a television series could be so mesmerizing. It's so intense it leaves you breathless.

Firstly a warning - the way it is constructed takes concentration. There are flashbacks that give you a bit more each time until the picture is complete. It's not really a traditional legal drama. The main story is in the complex relationships between the main protagonists.

The actors in the series are excellent.

I never thought I would look forward to seeing Glenn Close so much. She gives the most terrifying performance on television bar none as Patty Hewes a lawyer with a mission. Even though she does terrible things you are kind of on her side because her ruthlessness serves a just cause. Rose Byrne as her protegee Ellen Parsons has a lovely face although she is getting thinner by the season. She is the perfect contrast to Glenn.

Tate Donovan is perfect for his role as Patty's right hand man displaying just enough weakness. Zachary Booth as Patty's son provides the comic relief.

Guest stars are top notch including the sinister yet comic Ted Danson, Zelko Ivanek as his lawyer etc the list goes on.

Too bad this show didn't get high viewer numbers and had to change networks. At least people recognized the excellence and it had nominations and was kept alive for 5 seasons.
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beresfordjd23 January 2011
We have just completed viewing series 2 - we watched it in just two sittings!! Now we are exhausted!! We watched Series 1 off air when it was broadcast in UK. I was amazed by its audacious treatment of a very layered and complex story. Glenn Close was just wonderful as Patty Hewes and she was ably supported by the excellent cast. I bought the DVD set as soon as it came out with series 2 included. For some bizarre reason it has take me over a year to get round to watching it! Perhaps it was because I subconsciously knew I would be unable to stop once I had started (which proved to be the case). Damages is possibly the best ever thriller series - I like the way it does not spoon feed the viewer and over explain the story. The viewer cannot look away from the screen or an important plot thread will be lost. TV at its best - I loved the Wire and Breaking Bad was awesome but Damages is supreme story telling. Must now get round to Series 3!!!
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Wow! Another Great FX Drama
ChrisEms22 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! FX has done it again! I didn't think they could come back with another show as great as The Shield, but they did it. Damages is compelling TV at its best, with enough twists and turns to satisfy the most heavy adrenaline junkie. It's not for the faint of heart, as it contains some scenes that rival The Shield for shock value. Glenn Close once again shines as a manipulative lawyer with questionable ethics who will do anything to win, Ted Danson is at his best as a sleazy corrupt CEO who bilks his employees out of their pension plans, Zeljko Ivanek (previously the DA on Homicide: Life on the Street) is terrific as Danson's under the gun attorney, and the new newcomers/unknowns in the rest of the cast are outstanding. FX has done another water-cooler discussion show to rival those on HBO. I promise, you'll never be bored. If you like mystery, drama, who-dun-its, and mesmerizing serial shows, this one is for you!
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Olleollo5 January 2012
The writing of this show leaves me a bit underwhelmed, as does the main young character, Ellen. We are told repeatedly that she is ambitious, a force of nature, etc., but she displays the meekest and most passive tendencies imaginable for a "force of nature." If it weren't for the characters surrounding her describing her as someone to contend with, I'd think she was a first year elementary school teacher wondering how in the world to control her class of 24 8 year olds. And I doubt I'd believe she'd be up to THAT task, let alone the challenges set before her. I would love to love this show, but it frustrates me when the writing becomes so noticeable because it is contradicted so completely by an actor's shortcomings -- or misses made by the director. So many scenes feel staged that I feel like I'm watching a TV show rather than a different reality in a magic box. Disappointing. I wish it were possible to rate actors on IMDb, too.
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Constant coincidences = lazy writers
wd-823 July 2011
I watched the entire first season of this show over a two day period, based on a friend's recommendation. I must say that the show is well very produced, directed and acted, but suffers from the "American media disease" - lackluster and lazy writing. The various plot holes have been plugged by a never-ending stream of unlikely coincidences and "quick fixes" - a clear abuse of the audience. This could have been a much better show if it were not so outrageous in plot and abusive towards it's characters. Also, the incessant replaying of flashbacks was absolutely Grindingly Boring and unnecessary. I may decide to watch season two, but only 2-3 episodes to see if "Hollywood Writers' Guild syndrome" abuses the audience again.
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Completely addictive
blanche-225 February 2010
I am watching this series courtesy of Netflix and I am at present tearing my hair out waiting for the last disc of Season 1 to arrive.

"Damages" is a knock your socks off series about Patty Hewes, a ruthless attorney who's not happy until she destroys her opponent. The series uses the device of showing what's going on in the present day as well as earlier - six months, three months, whatever. When you see what's going on in the present day, you're salivating to see what led up to it.

Glenn Close, pencil-thin, with blazing eyes and a determined mouth, is positively scary as Patty Hewes. You never know what she's really thinking or what she really knows. In Patty's world, everyone is played against one another, and no one can be trusted. When incidents occur, one is never sure who engineered them - Patty or the other side! Completely riveting with a wonderful cast - I look forward to seeing the end of Season 1 and the subsequent seasons.
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Killer Pilot
chrichtonsworld26 July 2007
The first two minutes of this first episode already give a clue what to expect from "Damages"! This was totally unexpected! I thought that this was like any other show about lawyers featuring Glen Close! Boy was I wrong! This is nothing like other shows! Glen Close plays Patty Hewes! She is like the female version of Stark (James Woods) in "Shark"! Personally I think she is even tougher and more dangerous since she already used some dirty tricks and politics in this pilot episode that Stark never would use! This isn't about truth or justice! It's about winning no matter what the cost! From what I have seen we are in for a roller-coaster ride of thrills and drama!
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Brilliantly crafted - but where's the heart?
Kaserynofthegyre15 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My comments only relate to the first 2 seasons.

Don't get me wrong there's little to fault here. All the performances are excellent (I was blown away by Zeljko Ivanek as the doomed Ray Fiske), production values are slick and the script does an incredible job of keeping you up to date with all the latest twists and turns But...

It's hard to care about any of these people isn't it? Every major character is duplicitous and mercenary and characters who don't start out that way either join in (Ellen) or get beaten to death in a bathtub. We could view it all as a meditation on where you draw the line in the endless 'the end justifies the means' debate but I'm not convinced.

However - my wife is completely convinced - so I look forward to the season 3 box set introducing somebody - you know - normal.
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Addictive Drama
wembleyfm17 November 2015
I watched the first season in a day. Now, I'm not proud of binge- watching 13 episodes, but so gripping is season one, that I just had to keep watching. A twisting plot, brilliantly acted and with all the ingredients that make a compelling thriller. Glenn Close plays the main character to perfection, in some ways it was reminiscent of her "Fatal Attraction" role; she plays a cold, calculating, manipulative character with so much going on in her life that you wonder how her head doesn't explode. Rose Byrne plays her role to perfection as her life slowly spirals out of control. What makes this series so good is that the plot is so believable. Gripping stuff, I wonder how long season two will take me to watch!
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Damaged indeed
m-s-lyst16 April 2009
Damages is not the best show on television for the last five years. Compared to The Wire, Damages inserts intrigue for intrigues' sake, for filler, which tests the credibility of any post-Wire dramatic series. There are more payoffs in Damages than in most post-Wire thriller soaps, compensating significantly for the leap of faith required to believe what transpires is actually plausible. The bankruptcy of character and ethics in Damages is staggering confirming that greed is indeed one of man's predominant forces of motivation. The consistency of lies, deceit, and ulterior motives also demands a leap of faith but at the same time offers an alternative when depicting the characters' private lives and struggling relationships to the diabetes-inducing sweetness of the relationship between James Woods and his daughter in Shark for instance. Damages is honest when it comes to the relationships, but even more pessimistic and more cynical than The Wire when it comes to integrity and backbone.

Nonetheless television's best dramatic series since the Baltimore saga, Damages gives devotees of the former a chance to see the once fiercely antagonistic John Doman's Walter Kendrick (Major Rawls) and Clarke Peters' Dave Pell (Lester Freamon) fight side by side for power at all cost. Ted Danson is wonderfully innocent and guilty at the same time as billionaire Arthur Frobisher, and the cast is more or less flawless across the board.

It's not The Wire, not by a long-shot, but it's sad, scary, smart, and thrilling. Damages is quite possibly the best thing on television at the moment.
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