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Season 4

13 Jul. 2011
There's Only One Way to Try a Case
Three years have passed since Patty and Ellen last worked together. Ellen reconnects with her high school friend, Chris Sanchez, who has recently returned from a stint at High Star, a private contractor in the Middle East. Unable to get assistance from the corporation or the government, Ellen decides to look into his case. Both her new boss and Patty warn Ellen about building a case against High Star Security Corp.
20 Jul. 2011
I've Done Way Too Much for This Girl
Ellen presents the High Star case to senior partners at Nye, Everett and Polk. After the gas explosion, Chris's paranoia heightens as he believes he's being targeted. Patty counsels Ellen on her case. Erickson and Boorman scheme to make the lawsuit go away.
27 Jul. 2011
I'd Prefer My Old Office
Ellen files the High Star case. She also discovers the motive behind Chris' missions after taking his deposition. Meanwhile, Erickson offers Patty a settlement. And Patty searches for Michael in Boston with the help of Detective Victor Huntley.
3 Aug. 2011
Next One's on Me, Blondie
Ellen meets Nasim Marwat, the son of Chris' Afghan contact. Erickson decides to torture Chris for information about the possibility of an intelligence breach. Patty discovers important information that High Star extracts terror suspects for the CIA and recruits her mentor Bill Herndon (Judd Hirsch) to investigate the company.
10 Aug. 2011
We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This Thing
Patty and Ellen prepare Marwat for his deposition while a flu-ridden Boorman sets out to keep it from happening; Erickson works his contacts to ensure that his CIA contracts remain secret. Meanwhile, Catherine Hewes is extremely ill.
17 Aug. 2011
Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew
Patty and Ellen scramble to gain access to Nasim, while Boorman scrambles to keep that from happening. Ellen enlists a reporter (Griffin Dunne) to find Chris in Afghanistan. Erickson and another businessman (John Cullum) negotiate a land deal; and Michael Hewes surfaces in New York looking for Catherine.
24 Aug. 2011
I'm Worried About My Dog
Patty uses her drug company case to gain information on High Star. A journalist tries to embed with High Star mercenaries in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Michael demands to see his daughter.
31 Aug. 2011
The War Will Go on Forever
Dean, the Times reporter that Ellen has been talking to, meets with a contact in Afghanistan and tells him he's looking for Chris Sanchez. Boorman arrives at the safe house to find his girlfriend. She confronts him about the boy. Patty and Ellen depose Howard Erickson.
7 Sep. 2011
There's a Whole Slew of Ladies with Bad Things to Say About the Taliban
Afghan men hired by one of Erickson's men transport Sanchez in the trunk of a vehicle without AC's knowledge. Jerry Boorman meets with Patty to explain his history with with Erickson and the company. Patty and Ellen don't believe him and they decide they need to speak with the boy Jerry is holding captive.
14 Sep. 2011
Failure is Lonely
As Ellen (Rose Byrne) moves to settle her lawsuit against High Star in exchange for Chris Sanchez's (Chris Messina) safe return, her plans are upended by Patty's (Glenn Close) surprise legal action against Howard Erickson (John Goodman). And while Ellen wants to put the suit behind her, rogue CIA agent Jerry Boorman (Dylan Baker) redoubles his efforts to destroy Erickson as he fights to hang on to his Afghan son.

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