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All hell is literally about to break loose as the eve to the magical Libria Solstice approaches as Kevin is visited by his past when his very first lover, Derick, arrives at Hotel Dante with his friend, Jay. But a magical porcelain doll which Van took from Diana's house, makes anyone who touches it fall in love with the first person they see, causing a series of both serious and hilarious complications when the residents are stranded at Hotel Dante when a large tropical storm hits Dante's Cove. Bad boy Kai continues to intimidate Marco into letting him peddle drugs at H2Eau under Colin's supervision. Emotionally devastated after learning of Michelle's suicide, Van plans to use the secret parchment to change the past after Diana tells Van her connection to Grace. Ambrosius (now calling himself 'Bro') begins his final grand plan into effect to make Kevin his aspiret leading to him and Kevin facing off in a climatic deadly duel of magic against Grace and her aspiret Van... until Diana ...

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