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Season 3

6 May 2008
Awesome Tour Live 2008
Setting up for the third season, and culminating the 2008 Live tour of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job", Adult Swim brings the entire tour to life in a 90-minute special to thrill fans all across the country.
27 Jul. 2008
Tim inherits a special gift from the grave, Dr. Brule helps advertise a panini press, and Tim and Eric start a business.
3 Aug. 2008
Jackie Chan's 100 years in the entertainment business. Congrats Jackie. Tim's back and he's horny. Sexual Romance. Child Clowns. Zits.
10 Aug. 2008
"RASCALS" Bob Odenkirk negotiates at truce over a dead Rascal. Cinco C-PHONE, Swing Dancing, Tairy Greene returns.
17 Aug. 2008
Spagett goes Hollywood, and a friendship is threatened.
24 Aug. 2008
C.O.R.B.S. - When Tim and Eric run out of show ideas, A-box-a balloons drops by. Also, Brule goes viral, CORBS go coastal, and Grill Vogel teaches you how to hug in the workplace.
31 Aug. 2008
Jim and Derrick
"Jim and Derrick": Tim and Eric "take a night off" from The Awesome Show to bring you this very special NEW show: a wonderful spoof of themselves that lampoons the music skills of DJ Dougpound (Doug Lussenhop), the age and wisdom of Richard Dunn, the philosophy and puppetry skills of David Liebe Hart, the happy nakedness of Michael Q. Schmidt, and the obsequiousness of the Cinco Commercials. This terrific spoof even addresses the delightful sign off of "Abso-lutely". Enjoy!
7 Sep. 2008
Tim and Eric lead their jazz band through jazz chatter scats.
14 Sep. 2008
Muscles for Bones
"Muscles for Bones": an Uncle Muscles benefit for Richard Dunn. Join us this evening for a very special benefit episode. Richard Dunn needs your bones! Tune in and contribute all that you can. It's an EMERGENCY SHOW!
21 Sep. 2008
"Larry": When Carol and Mr. Henderson's relationship heats up, Larry finally reaches this boiling point. Child showcase! Burps! Tairy Greene's Acting Seminar!
28 Sep. 2008
You really can't miss this one. Sit down with a nice plate of warm brownies and enjoy, "BROWNIES!" Business hugs are back! Ruth Carr is back! Richard Dunn has his own talk show! Brule is back! Get your Chippers together! Tell the world. HUGE MEGA RAD EPISODE!

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