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Season 2

18 Nov. 2007
The existence of someone as cool as Raz threatens todrive a wedge through the Tim and Eric partnership. (Bob Odenkirk, AlYankovic)
25 Nov. 2007
Dad's Off
Armando's day at work gets sidetracked when he finds an unexpected surprise waiting for him in the dumpster.
16 Dec. 2007
A very special wooded episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
2 Dec. 2007
Baseball Man is forced to take action after noticing odd behavior from one of Chip's dolls during his date with Cindy.
9 Dec. 2007
Unable to wait for Tim's birthday party, Eric takes an entire bottle of WaitMate pills and is rendered comatose.
6 Jan. 2008
Robin Williams
Eric gives Tim a Robin.
23 Dec. 2007
Carol's worst fear is realized
13 Jan. 2008
A very star-studded edition of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, GreatJob!
20 Jan. 2008
Sketches include: Two pregnant women are attracted to a childrens' music singer, a nature show about holes, Tim and Eric write a jingle for Tom Skerrit.
27 Jan. 2008
Two children grow justifiably concerned when their D'ump falls silent.

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