WALL·E (2008) Poster


Elissa Knight: EVE



  • EVE : Name?

    WALL.E : WALL-E.

    EVE : WALL-E?


    EVE : EVE.

    WALL.E : [attempting to pronounce it]  Eeee...

    EVE : EVE.

    WALL.E : Eeeee... aah.

    EVE : "EVE"! "EVE"!

    WALL.E : Eeeee... va?

    [EVE giggles] 

  • EVE : [EVE repeats "Directive" in multiple languages, ending with... ]  Directive?

    [WALL-E demonstrates his trash-compacting function] 

    WALL.E : Ta-dah!

    EVE : Ohhh...

    WALL.E : Dirrrrr-ect-tivvve?

    EVE : Directive?

    [WALL-E nods] 

    EVE : [Eve turns away, sharply]  Classified.

    WALL.E : Oh.

  • [repeated line] 

    EVE : WALL-E!

  • [repeated line] 

    EVE : Directive.

  • EVE : [while floating in space, EVE takes the plant that WALL-E saved and puts it back inside her body]  WALL-E! Love you!

  • EVE : [after Eve sees the plant get thrown into the garbage chute] 

    [in a mechanized voice] 

    EVE : Crap.

  • Steward Bots : [Six of them showing a white hand on a red background in their screens]  Halt!

    [WALL.E, with EVE's blaster hand, shutters as, a couple seconds later, another robot pushes him against the Steward Bots] 

    EVE : [Exclaims at WALL.E, as she approaches]  WALL.E!

    WALL.E : Aah!

    [One Steward Bot captures them on camera; "CAUTION". The "CAUTION" picture spreads over the Axiom] 

    Ship's Computer : Caution. Rouge Robots.

    [Picture spreads throughout the food court] 

    Ship's Computer : Caution.

    [Picture spreads from another camera angle] 

    Ship's Computer : Rouge robots.

    [Back to WALL.E and EVE] 

    Ship's Computer : Caution.

    [Steward Bots now show the picture] 

    Ship's Computer : Rouge Robots.

    EVE : [Exclaims in alarmn turns toward WALL.E]  Aah. WALL.E!

    [Stewards Bots powers up their capturing lasers. EVE exclaims in alarm, as she picks up WALL.E just as the laser misses the robots' target] 

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