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Sigourney Weaver: Ship's Computer


  • Ship's Computer : Voice confirmation required.

    Captain : Uhhh...

    Ship's Computer : [after the "uhh" echoes]  Accepted.

  • AUTO : [Auto has just shown the Captain directive A-113, which is a message not to return to Earth due to rising toxicity levels making life unsustainable]  Now, the plant.

    Captain : No wait a minute, Computer when was the message sent out to the Axiom?

    Ship's Computer : Message received in the year 2110.

    Captain : That's... That's nearly 700 years ago! Auto, things have changed. We've gotta go back.

    AUTO : Sir, orders are do not return to Earth.

    Captain : But life is sustainable now. Look at this plant. Green and growing. It's living proof he was wrong.

    AUTO : Irrelevant, Captain.

    Captain : What? It's completely relevant.

    [moves toward the window] 

    Captain : Out there is our home. *HOME*, Auto. And it's in trouble. I can't just sit here and-and-do nothing.

    [moves back toward Auto] 

    Captain : That's all I've ever done! That's all anyone on this blasted ship has ever done. Nothing!

    AUTO : On the Axiom, you will survive.

    Captain : I don't want to survive. I want to live.

    AUTO : Must follow my directive.

    Captain : [groans in frustration, then turns around and notices that Auto is looming closer in the portraits of his predecessors. AUTO looms close behind him making him tighten his cap]  I'm the captain of the Axiom. We are going home *today*.

    [Auto advances toward him threateningly, causing the Captain to flinch] 

  • Ship's Computer : Caution: Rogue robots. Caution...

    WALL.E : Oh, EVA.

    [points at screen with them on it, EVE fires a laser blast at the screen, destroying it] 

    WALL.E : Ohh...

    [folds up inside himself] 

  • Captain : Define "hoe-down".

    Ship's Computer : Hoe-down: A social gathering at which lively dancing would take place.

    Captain : [AUTO appears near the captain]  AUTO! Earth is amazing! These are called "farms". Humans would put seeds in the ground, pour water on them, and they grow food - like, pizza!

    AUTO : [shuts off information display]  Good night, Captain.

    Captain : Aww!

    [starts to move away from workstation, but stops and turns around slightly] 

    Captain : Psst - Computer, define "dancing".

    Ship's Computer : [WALL-E and EVE are seen outside a window in space, flying around]  Dancing: A series of movements involving two partners, where speed and rhythm match harmoniously with music.

    [camera cuts to outside the Axiom, and WALL-E and EVE continue to "dance"] 

  • Ship's Computer : [advertising bodysuits]  Try blue, it's the new red!

  • Ship's Computer : Time for lunch... in a cup!

  • Ship's Computer : [as "FEMALE LOUDSPEAKER VOICE"; The camera pans down from the computerized sky to the main bridge]  Buy N Large. Everything you need to be happy. Your day is very important to us.

  • Ship's Computer : [From WALL.E's point of view, he sees the salon called "Beautiful"]  Feel beautiful. In the salon, multiple PR-Ts is working the Axiom's passengers

    PR-T : [as PR-T #1]  It's a new you. Stunning.

    PR-T : [as PR-T #2]  You look great.

    PR-T : [as PR-T #3]  I know, honey. Men.

    PR-T : [as PR-T #4]  !en.

  • Steward Bots : [Six of them showing a white hand on a red background in their screens]  Halt!

    [WALL.E, with EVE's blaster hand, shutters as, a couple seconds later, another robot pushes him against the Steward Bots] 

    EVE : [Exclaims at WALL.E, as she approaches]  WALL.E!

    WALL.E : Aah!

    [One Steward Bot captures them on camera; "CAUTION". The "CAUTION" picture spreads over the Axiom] 

    Ship's Computer : Caution. Rouge Robots.

    [Picture spreads throughout the food court] 

    Ship's Computer : Caution.

    [Picture spreads from another camera angle] 

    Ship's Computer : Rouge robots.

    [Back to WALL.E and EVE] 

    Ship's Computer : Caution.

    [Steward Bots now show the picture] 

    Ship's Computer : Rouge Robots.

    EVE : [Exclaims in alarmn turns toward WALL.E]  Aah. WALL.E!

    [Stewards Bots powers up their capturing lasers. EVE exclaims in alarm, as she picks up WALL.E just as the laser misses the robots' target] 

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