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So wanting to love this movie but I can't
Appearance18 July 2011
In 2001 I saw one of the most funny, smart & heart-warming short films of my short life : "Confessions dans un bain". Confessions in a bathtub. This short talks about a guy who decides to invite his friends to take a bath and to let them give confessions to the camera. Those confessions will have more consequences then he will anticipate.

10 years later I finally see the first feature film of the director that made "Confessions". My expectations where not high because I red some bad-to-average reviews. And when you saw Confessions you feel indeed that this movie is average to the talent of Marc Gibaja. It wants to be tribute and a fresh approach of the romantic comedy. A tribute especially to When Harry met Sally. But it wants to make fun of it too. That's the main problem. The movie is not funny, at least not funny enough to be a romantic COMEDY. Some jokes feel rehashed. There were more touching and funny moments in his short (of 25 min) than in this 90 minutes. I can remember one real fun moment.There are some funny side-kicks but it feels forced like "let's make it a comedy". Luckily Marie Gillain and Gilles Lellouche are great. If you're a fan of one of those two you should check out this movie. A pity they weren't served with better material ! Better next time!?
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Whose Is
writers_reign22 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The talented Marie Gillain makes her second appearance in the salles in this charming effort. This time around she's a blonde married schoolteacher who runs across a childhood friend in a supermarket; Gilles Lellouche has just broken up with his girl friend and returned to live with his parents but soon he and Marie are playing the dating game for real. Of course plots like these are nothing without complications so in the fullness of time Gilles finds himself single-O yet again and for the second time a French romantic comedy moves to Manhattan for a finale. Warm? Check. Funny? Check. Enjoyable? Check. Worth seeing? What, are you still here; the box office is right over there.
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