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Season 1

2 Dec. 2007
Into the Storm
A storm carries a woman to another world where she's joined by 3 strange travelers as a sorceress hunts her.
3 Dec. 2007
Search for the Emerald
Cain and Glitch rescue DG and Raw from the tower, and the group goes in search of the emerald. Meanwhile, Azkadellia plants a spy into their group so that she can use them to find the emerald for herself. Also, the truth behind what happened to DG and Azkadellia when they were younger is revealed, Glitch remembers his life before he lost his brain and the weapon he created, and Cain finds proof that his family may still be alive.
4 Dec. 2007
Tin Man
After DG finds a message left to her by her mother, the group goes in search of her father so that he can help them uncover the mystery of the Gray Gale, find the emerald, and stop Azkadellia from using the sunseeder to destroy the O.Z. However, Azkadellia is only one step behind them. Also, the group joins a band of resistance fighters led by Cain's son, and they plan their attack on Azkadellia's tower.

 Season 1 

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