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30 Jan. 2004
The Wonderland Project
The Wonderland Project is the name that two friends gave their shared goal: to run the wonderland Trail, circumnavigating Washington's Mt. Rainier, in a singe 24 hour push. Until their attempt, the published record on the 94-mile trail was 27 hours and 56 minutes. Over two years of hard training, ultra marathon runners Skye Thompson and Zac West forged their friendship into a critical partnership - which was tested at mile 60, when escalating joint pain forced one runner to drop out. After a difficult decision, the other decided to push on alone. Join us in watching ...
Feb. 2004
Nazrah: A Muslim Woman's Perspective
Nazrah: A Muslim Woman's Perspective is an intimate look at a diverse group of Muslim women living in the Pacific Northwest in the USA. By creating a forum where Muslim women can freely engage in an open dialogue about complex issues, filmmaker Farah Nousheen exposes a vast and fascinating array of thoughts and ideas. The women discuss their views on Islam, current political events and how they reflect on the image of Islam in the West. The women also talk about the difficulty of achieving equality within the Muslim community while also fighting stereotypical ...
28 Apr. 2006
Quick Brown Fox: A Personal Investigation Into the Alzheimer Epidemic
One woman's deadly serious and often humbling quest to understand Alzheimer's disease.