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More questions are raised
Tweekums2 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As season three reaches the half way point tensions are high; Adama is preparing to use nuclear weapons to prevent the Eye of Jupiter falling into Cylon hands, Athena and Helo take drastic action in an attempt to save Hera; Apollo orders his wife to attempt to rescue Starbuck and the Cyclons are divided as D'Anna defies their decision to turn back from the planet... and the planet's star could go nova as any time! The first of these dilemmas is quickly resolved when all but one of the Cylon heavy raiders turns back from the planet; that one continues because D'Anna is certain that the Eye of Jupiter will reveal the identities of the final five Cylons to her and her alone. Athena's actions to save Hera are both brave and potentially foolhardy; she must die and be reborn back on the Resurrection Ship where must persuade the others that she has returned to them without giving away any of Galactica's secrets.

This episode was a great way to reach the mid-season break; there were a few resolutions and more questions raised; most particularly who are the final five: D'Anna's reactions in the temple suggest that she recognised at least one of them but she gave no clue as to who it was; also why does the symbol from the temple look so much like a drawing Starbuck had drawn without ever seeing it... does she really have a destiny? The acting was solid as always, particularly from Lucy Lawless who played D'Anna; it is a pity that we might not see her character again for some time if at all. There is also a decent amount of action as Dee attempts to reach Starbuck and the other people on the ground confront Centurions in an attempt to prevent them reaching the temple... not to mention the star going nova at a critical moment! Having raised so many interesting questions I'm just glad I'm watching the series on DVD so won't have to endure a mid-season break before finding out what happens next!
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