Rosamunde Pilcher Poster

(1993– )

Episode List


Season 1

30 Oct. 1993
Stürmische Begegnung
A young woman meets her grandfather for the first time after her mothers death. She soon finds out that there is a family mystery to solve.
23 Oct. 1994
Wilder Thymian
Oliver goes to house of the Archer family and carries along his son Tommy.Then he visits Victoria,but she must go to a show, where she meets John Dunbeath.Coming back home Oliver presents her Tommy.
13 Nov. 1994
Karussell des Lebens
After her favorite uncle's fatal accident, Prue postpones her London wedding to good catch Nigel for a condolence visit to aunt Phoebe in Cornwall. In the train she befriends silly, shy schoolgirl Charlotte Collis, on the way to her grandmother Mrs. Tolliver's coastal estate. There they meet up, and another regular visitor, free-spirited, handsome young painter Daniel Cassus, soon becomes fellow nature-lover Prue's intimate friend, even lover. Gradually characters come to terms with Charlotte being unwanted by mother Isabella, who wants to dump her on Phoebe and ...
15 Jan. 1995
Wechselspiel der Liebe
Scottish widower doctor Hugh Kyle recommends to cheer up his gravely ill, ancient patient Tuppy by granting early her last wish: meeting doted grandson and his fiancée, flippant Rose. But on a stop in London, she discovers by accident to have a twin, serious Flora 'Flore', from whom she was separated at birth, each getting raised by another parent. Having met a man on the way to a pre-booked holiday with another, Rose manipulates presently homeless Flore to play her as Anthony's fiancée. At the Scottish estate, 'Rose' falls in love with the doc, who ends up learning ...
5 Feb. 1995
Das Ende eines Sommers
The old owner of Scottish estate Elvie has doubts about mundane present heir Sinclair Bailey's fitness and sends trusted lawyer David Stewart to lure her son's daughter from California as a possible alternative. Sinclair gets wind of the danger and decides to either discredit or marry her, promising his heart remains with his mistress. David however has his own family secret and romantic part.
15 Oct. 1995
Sommer am Meer
On holiday with her aunt in Cornwall, spineless Virginia fell in love with Eustace, but left him for a loveless marriage, arranged by their parents to Scottish landed gentleman Anthony Keile. Only after Anthony's fatal car accident, she properly reads the nuptial terms, which allow Lady Keile to deny her any income from the estate at will, and she wants to raise Anthony's two kids, who so far were left in a nanny's care. Virginia still experiments with actual motherhood, taking them on a Cornwall holiday, meeting Eustace again.
5 Nov. 1995
Schlafender Tiger
Selina Bruce and Rodney Ackland are organizing their wedding.Rodney give Selina a book of the writer George Dyer.Selina looks at the picture of George and is convinced that he is her disappeared father.
Wolken am Horizont
Alec and Laura got married.Suddenly Laura falls sick and Alec proposes her to rest for some days at Eve and Gerald's house in Cornwall during his stay for business in New York.
4 Feb. 1996
Schneesturm im Frühling
Since the death of their father the young Caroline Cilburn and his 11 years old brother Jody live in the house of their mother-in-law Diana in London.Her brother Angus works on at platform in Scotland.Diana is speaking about the educational future in a boarding school in France, but Jody doesn't want to go to France.Jody is anxious to see again his brother Angus and convinces Caroline to to go to Scotland.So they leave London without saying anything to Diana.On a road in Scotland They fall in big snow storm and they have an accident.By chance they managed to arrive to...
3 Mar. 1996
After three years in Paris, Emma returns to her father Ben Litton in Cornwall. He's a quite successful painter, but no less egocentric. He doesn't welcome her very warmly, and not even a week after her arrival, he leaves for an exhibition in USA. Emma, without much of a life of her own, stays back lonely. But there's also gallery owner Robert, who's fallen in love with her, and tries to win her heart and give her more self-confidence.
3 Nov. 1996
Das Haus an der Küste
While London businessman Nicolas Breen prepares to move with his family to an aunt's Cornwall seaside estate, which is transferred to them now she gets too old, he dies in a car accident. His young widow Veronica still moves with their kids and takes a job with real estate agent Frank Kirby, her first love. Young James bonds trough his golden retriever with mysterious mathematics professor Marcus Rydale, who snaps up the room Veronica offers for rent. She starts falling in love with him, until daunted by grim rumors and another girl he's discretely intimate with.
25 Dec. 1996
Eine besondere Liebe
Tom Cameron's death after an ailing illness decides his daughter and heir, college librarian Isobel, to leave job and home in search of peaceful Cornish country pleasure. Stumbling upon the house where the Camerons once enjoyed a family holiday, she settles their and concentrates on its marvelous garden and hothouse. She also strikes up friendship with some neighbors, in the case of the castle-inhabiting doctor-financier with an option for love, while scorning the champion shepherd she hires as gardening helper. She also invites the true youth lover she lost trough ...
9 Mar. 1997
Irrwege des Herzens
Estate heir Magnus Ballater had forgotten about his youth lover, Claudia Burns. When Claudia's mother dies, she returns for the funeral and meets Magnus again. Will they catch up and realize their childhood dream love?
30 Mar. 1997
Stunden der Entscheidung
When young farmer Sam Crichtan learns his childhood friend - and secret crush - Christabel is back in their hometown with a fiance, he decides to fight for her heart, helped by her meddling grandmother.
12 Oct. 1997
Die zweite Chance
Miles Brendan refuses after brilliant studies to pursue a society career as planned by his aristocratic guardian, Sir John Brendan. Miles successfully applies as manager of the Cornish coastal sheep farm of Liz Hawthorne, whose husband 'just left', while she loves cuckolded neighbor , a fisherman with a pre-teen daughter, Francie. He falls in love her pip-headed daughter, journalist Julia Hawthorne, who initially assumes him to be a wanted marriage swindler. Yet she prefers to be seduced by a slick Londener, Vic.
16 Nov. 1997
Zwei Schwestern
Widowed Dr. Dillan was perfectly happy on a glorious Cornish estate with his daughters until Laurie has an accident which scarred her, physically recovered but for some leg scares, but mentally for life. Handsome gentleman William buys a neighboring estate to start a stud-farm. His budding affair with Laurie's stronger, lively elder sister Jane after Laurie withdrew from an earlier romance, is threatened by the recurring pattern of the Dillan family expecting Jane to step back on account of 'poor Laurie', even after they got engaged. The doc's charming apprentice Tim ...
15 Feb. 1998
Der Preis der Liebe
Orphan Henry McFarlane just moved to the country, as promised to his wife Allison. Now his whiskey firm boss Jack promotes him to international sales chief, she changes her tune and refuses to be 'just' the perfect wife-hostess, so the marriage dissolves and both commit adultery, ultimately finding out about each-other too. Henry is even adopted as successor by his childless boss. A distant, US-emigrated relative passes desperately in search of a bone-marrow donor for his teenage son Oliver. Henry uses that as clever lever, but it backfires.
20 Sep. 1998
Rückkehr ins Paradies
Handsome rising Lodon architect Tom Barns visits his family's luscious Scottish seaside estate to celebrate aunt Maud's 75th birthday. Tom's partner in both senses decides on the way not to come along, but later changes her mind again. She acts jealous learning Tom spends some time with his local youth lover Kitty. In fact Tom bonded instantly with her young, sadly fatherless son Crispin, whom he tries to save from Kitty's absurd baby-mothering. Her ruining their kite makes Crspin run away and hide with grumpy old shepherd James Lowery, whose bitterly frozen paternal ...
25 Dec. 1998
Melodie der Herzen
Pre-teen Barney Branningham is a piano prodigy. His overprotective mother Gwen viciously and without proof blames neighbor and best friend Charles Royston's rascal junior sons David and Paul, who previously badgered the 'clumsy weirdo', for an honestly accidental tree-house fall after they finally became friends. Their older brother, dashing George, thus also sees his engagement to Barney's elder sister Alyassa compromised, so they each accept a job elsewhere in England.
13 Dec. 1998
Dornen im Tal der Blumen
Gerald Bradley lives happily on his splendid English countryside estate with his daughter Emily, until his wife Anne's fatal car accident. Art teacher Charlotte Miller returned to her aunt Winifred's neighboring estate to teach in Emily's school, but the rebellious brat opts to transfer to boarding school. In her absence, Gerald and Anne become lovers, which Emily won't accept. Charlotte's ex, London gallery keeper Matthew, tries to solve his financial problems by either marrying well -with her- or swindling Winifred, but neither succeeds.
17 Jan. 1999
Magie der Liebe
Farmer Jimmie Rudd hosts wife Sarah's youth buddy Melanie, who returned to the sleepy coastal town after making a mess of her London life to finish her doctoral literature thesis on romanticism. Her affair with neighbor Ben Fox, MD, seems doomed after meeting his hostile mother in law. Jimmie's farm is also doomed, hence probably his marriage. But the couple's elderly best friends, the Barnes, suddenly won a fortune they have no real use for. A storm brings everything to a climax.
14 Feb. 1999
Rosen im Sturm
London businessman Robert Cummings meets his partner Barbara Harding's father only when she comes to his Devon estate, Parnham House, to reconcile on his deathbed, having blamed him for three years for her mother's fatal car accident, which he insists was suicide. Against Robert's professional advice, they follow his dying wish, carrying on the stud-farm, which requires lots of urgent learning.
19 Sep. 1999
Klippen der Liebe
London art dealer Ben Hoadey has a cardiac crisis while flying his helicopter, just able to land on Geoffrey Arland's Cornish coast estate. Ben takes Dr. Gerome's advice to abort workaholism and stays indefinitely in the sleepy resort town. He's romantically interested in wheelchair-bound Geoffrey's wife June, who nurses both men and the doctor's other patients. Ben's jealous ex Rebecca tries to spoil everything with a dirty deal.
28 Nov. 1999
Möwen im Wind
Dr. David Douglas is about to start his own private clinic and marry architect Jane Merchenson. Then his father dies, leaving debts from a real estate fraud he fell victim to, so selling the mortgaged Cornish family estate Oaktree isn't nearly enough. David cancels the wedding and sells to John Tyson, a friend of Jane's father Michael, who starts renovating it, employing her. Later David discovers Jane gave birth to their son, Nicky, without telling him.
12 Dec. 1999
Blüte des Lebens
James Parry enjoys running a Cornish inn, albeit in financial trouble. Marital happiness is disturbed when his wife Ellen regrets having given up her painting restoration career for the household after daughter Vanessa decides to go study in London. Ellen's cousin Bridget Sanderford offers Vanessa the use of her London home, leaving after her partnership broke down to return to her parental home in the same Cornish town. Bridget rekindles romantic ties with James, he chose Ellen over her due to pregnancy. Ellen and her first new client, local aristocrat Sir Peter ...
16 Jan. 2000
Der lange Weg zum Glück
Tom Talbot, her confidant, takes bride Eleanor Dean, who caught the groom in bed with another, on a weekend retreat at a stately country home turned hotel, run by his highly attractive, yet still mourning brother Frederic. Both have an eye on her, and their past, involving the murky fatal vintage car accident that killed Frederic's wife, comes to play a part in their rivalry.
23 Apr. 2000
Zeit der Erkenntnis
When Cornish veterinarian Mansley dies, his three estranged children reunite on the splendid coastal estate for his last will, ready to contest it (being hand-written) if his housekeeper, Heather Paddington, were to get a big share. In fact it assigns all to them provided they agree on turning it into a family home again. Second son Simon fell in love with Heather's niece Kathlin Grey before he recognized her, unaware she's jealous firstborn Patrick's fiancée, so neither dares betray him. While sister Jenny and her husband, attorney James Kenton, scheme, Simon ...
15 Oct. 2000
Zerrissene Herzen
Jonathan Pierce has long lived happy on his glorious English country estate, despite fragile health, faithfully assisted by private secretary Ernest Murphy. His estate manager Stephen McDowell refuses to have a real affair with Joanathan's much younger wife and former nurse, Juliet. When city girl Christina Tolliver rents the cottage next to Stephen's, an almost instant crush results. Several of those characters and the local doctor are in for rough or pleasant surprises.
12 Nov. 2000
Ruf der Vergangenheit
Brilliant Cambridge graduate Henry Browning is offered the post of headmaster at an English country boarding school by leading board members Cecil and son Philip Stockton, rose garden entrepreneurs. Henry accepts, thrives and becomes the lover of Philip's fiancée since childhood, Charlotte Harris. The affair gets out and leads to an accidental shooting. Henry's need for a suitable kidney donor enforces the sudden disclosure of major family secrets, with wide and surprising results.
17 Dec. 2000
Im Licht des Feuers
Since the last earl's death, widow Catherine ran the Cornish family estate poorly. When her son in law and oldest daughter die in a fire which wipes out the stables, pre-teen grandson Christopher is orphaned and a sale of the estate inevitable. The other daughter, Julia, gravely compromises her engagement with lawyer Gordon by deciding to move to the estate as Christopher's substitute mother rather then join his London law practice. Former gardener Henry Walsh's son Stephen returns very rich from America. He is mutually attracted to both Christopher and Julia and ...
7 Jan. 2001
Die Rose von Kerrymore
Grumpy old Lord Kerrymore devoted his life to the family's country estate, which he added a vineyard to, and antiques. He has no male heir to inherit the title. His spineless in-living sister Mary's daughter Lisa Norton plans to get adopted and make a fortune 'developing' the property into a tasteless golf hotel. Everything is changed by the arrival from Hong Kong, where her marriage failed, of photographer Sally. She never forgave her mother Heather for openly finding love again with sculptor Richard Barlow while Sally's mother was comatose without real hope, but ...
4 Feb. 2001
Küste der Träume
William Milhouse and his brat sister Miranda are uprooted from London city life when mother Kate accepts a job with Arnold Talbot, the best friend of their late father Henry, who expected to wed her. The Milhouses stay on the grand Devonshire estate of widowed lady Augusta Pritchett, whose grumpy butler Humphrey claims to hate children. Engineer Geoffrey Hynes strikes an instant friendship with William, which is however cruelly sabotaged as well as a crucial contract by his ex Vivian Palmer out of jealousy when he falls in love with Kate.
10 Feb. 2002
Wenn nur noch Liebe zählt
In Dorset, architect William objects to his fiancée, heiress Erica, financially saving the grand, unprofitable family estate, as his domineering widowed ma Anne hopes. In Sussex, Joanna Crayshaw turns down an offer to join her dandy fiancé, photographer Tim, for a Barbados photography job. She still closes down her shop, having accepted a bet she can survive and travel without cash for a week with her best friend, but that one soon chickens out and takes the Barbados ticket. Joanna ends up in William's barn, and soon starts an affair with him, which leads to dumping ...
25 Apr. 2004
Liebe im Spiel
Amanda and her friend Julian have a weekend-relationship, but their happy together. Then Julians uncle Hugh wants Julian to run his big house which was destroyed in a storm. Julian agrees and Amanda starts to meet Hugh's son Peter. Julian's mother Elizabeth is very unhappy about that, because she wants Julian to become Hugh's money when he dies.