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What to see at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival pt.3

Fantasia Festival is North America’s premiere (and largest) genre film festival. It is also my favorite film festival and so I could not wait to share the highlights of this years line up. Below is just some of the films we will be reviewing on our upcoming podcasts. The Children - North American Premiere UK Dir: Tom Shankland A holiday weekend turns into a nightmarish battle for survival when children inexplicably begin to slaughter their parents. Far more frightening than Children Of The Corn or the bulk part of other killer kids pics that have preceded it, this British powerhouse shocker ranks among the best horror film offerings of recent years. The Children inverts unconditional love with an impact that will freeze your blood. Would you be able to protect yourself if the people you loved wanted to cut you to pieces without any sense or reason? The film's terrors are character-driven,
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Tiff Review: Edison And Leo

A stop motion animated feature fusing childhood animation techniques with gouts of blood, absurd violence, copious jokes about Winnipeg, and 19th century science from the mind of Guy Maddin’s regular screen writing partner as directed by a key animator on uber-surreal television series What It’s Like Being Alone and Aaron Woodley’s Rhinoceros Eyes. Should be a recipe for instant gold in these parts, right? I mean, what could go wrong? Well, rather a lot, really, rendering Neil Burns’ Edison and Leo a significant misfire on a number of levels.
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