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Solid slasher
Bjorn (ODDBear)18 November 2009
In an age where most horror films are either sequels or remakes; one should rejoice when original slashers worth a damn pop up.

"The Hills Run Red" has a knockout hook that sets up quite a decent story. A mysterious "lost" slasher film, called "The Hills Run Red", has many horror fans obsessed with finding it. Such is the case with Tyler, a horror buff, who sets out with his friend and girlfriend to visit the film's locations in order to make a documentary. Along for the ride is the film's notorious director's daughter, Alexa, and once on location the group gets to enliven some true horror.

Good story, solid acting and some decent grue ensure "The Hills Run Red" has some definite highlights and the first half works very well. Present are the irritating "fast-cuts" that have invaded all horror films, it seems, but a decent atmosphere is built and the old "woods-scenario" in slashers never fails when well executed.

A fair amount of jokes and "rulebreakers" enter the film and work surprisingly well (the cell phone bit and the gun (guns are never present in slasher films)) and avoid going over the top. But despite the short running time the film loses steam and goes for one ending too many; both of which aren't too good (don't turn off after the first end credits appear).

"The Hills Run Red" is a solid slasher film for fans of the genre. Most can appreciate the fact that many things are well done here, the film remains faithful to the genre while poking fun at some obvious faults inherent with it and it's quite the gory feast as well. The only ones yawning are not slasher fans to begin with, I think.
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Decent direct to video slasher, but falls short of the hype
fromdusktillcon2 October 2009
Perhaps I went into it expecting a bit too much having been swept up by the hype train, but aside from a strong third act and a show stealing performance by William Sadler, its hard for me to recommend The Hills Run Red as much more than a movie night rental with friends - even if it is a cut above your typical direct to video horror flick.

The stories premise revolves around Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink), a film aficionado on the hunt to find a completed print of a lost and legendary 80's slasher film, The Hills Run Red, rumored to be the most brutal and gory little horror gem ever created. Enlisting the help of his girlfriend and best friend, Tyler ventures out into the backwoods in search of the holy grail of gruesome, only to soon discover (as it usually goes with movies in this fine genre of ours) that things aren't quite all that they seem. To say much more would be to potentially give away what story there is and ruin a twist or two that The Hills Run Red works itself up to in the first hour of run time.

Many have compared THRR to a cross between Scream and Wrong Turn, but I'm more inclined to argue it has more in common with John Carpenter's Masters of Horror Episode, Cigarette Burns, than the aforementioned Wed Craven franchise. Fans of the now defunct Showtime series will immediately recognize the not too subtle similarities in the story between Cigarette Burns and THRR, as well as the over the top gore sequences which stand out as big pluses in both films (even if shoddy CGI threatens to ruin a few scenes in the latter). Furthermore, despite being somewhat of a love letter to the horror genre, THRR never quite goes as far in its self awareness and fan boy masturbation as Scream, and quite honestly, this movie is much better off for it. Aside from that, there isn't anything done particularly well here, or at least not better than anything you haven't already seen in any of the source material the film pays homage to. Even the movie's protagonist, "Babyface," looks a bit too inspired by the killer in Dark Ride.

On a positive note, the movie's hands down highlight is William Sadler (most will remember him as Death in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey), who absolutely steals every scene he is in, even if he isn't given enough to do as the lost film's, reclusive and maniacal director. Sadler alone makes the film worth watching, though I'd be hard pressed to recommend The Hills Run Red as more than a rental to be enjoyed with a few friends and a couple of beers. Like other recent direct to video slashers like Hatchet and Laid to Rest, this one comes with a lot of promise but does little to separate itself from the rest of the crop.

Review by Mr. Chainsaw For more of the best genre film reviews, news, opinion articles, and forums, check out
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A Slasher That Cuts Through the Bull
gavin69424 October 2009
Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink), a film student, hopes to track down a legendary film, the titular "Hills Run Red", which was lost and is rumored to be the most violent horror film ever. He finds Alexa (pop star Sophie Monk), the director's daughter, and they go on a hunt to the very heart of cinematic evil.

Director Dave Parker (best known for Full Moon's "The Dead Hate the Living!") has done it, making the film of his career. I don't mean to discourage Parker from making more films, but I find it hard to believe he could match this level of intensity again. The action, the violence, the gore... as far as slashers go, this was the pinnacle. There were a few good ones in the past few years ("Hatchet" was alright, "Behind the Mask" was very good, "Hack" was amazing). This may be the best yet.

For horror fans in my generation, the last great decade for horror was the 1980s. Anything since then has been largely rubbish. In "Hills Run Red", we have people who know this, that emulating the 80s is the best way to make a successful and enjoyable picture. The added story of tracking down an obscure film from the 80s is even better.

You may think the slasher film is dead, especially if your name is Adam Rockoff. But the "Friday the 13th" remake tried to prove otherwise, and this film sealed the deal. The days of "torture porn" are coming to an end, though "Hills" does give a nod to that subgenre, too. The only thing missing is the hand-held subgenre, but I can personally do without that, as I can only recall one good film of that sort (Ruggero Deodato's "Cannibal Holocaust").

I have to point out this is William Sadler's darkest role ever, and he plays it well. Quite a difference from Death in "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey". But the real honor goes to Sophie Monk (who, I can personally attest, is a sweetheart). She plays a stripper, a heroin addict, the daughter of a demented auteur. With a past in pop music, this is a big departure and she rides it like a pro. While I don't suspect Sophie will be a horror regular, she'd be welcome if she wanted to come back.

See this movie. Worth owning, but if nothing else, rent it. Great addition to any collection, this is what horror fans crave.
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What Scream did to slasher movies...
krigler30 May 2009
...The Hills Run Red does for torture porn flicks. This horror subgenre has been going downhill for a while now, rapidly losing any kind of semblance of a subtext or deeper meaning and only giving its viewers what a lot of them no doubt crave: meaningless and increasingly graphic gore. That the genre got to the point of self-reflexivity may be a good sign - perhaps the dumb torture porn wave is ready to disappear from the mainstream (though the fact that this film is straight-to-DVD might not get it the recognition it deserves). This is not Haneke territory, though - nor it should be -, nevertheless The Hills Run Red provides a nice sarcastic commentary on the shock- and blood-craze of recent mainstream horror cinema. Its philosophy, albeit none too deep, provides a refreshing change of course from similar films. (And dare I say makes its point just as powerfully as the so-called "auteurs" do with their not much subtler films about violence, who get a nice stab in the movie - not literally, though.) Directing is skillful for the most part, however, the level of acting gradually becomes way over the top and hysterical, which is a shame. I wonder when horror directors learn that this kind of bad stage acting style just kills the atmosphere. Crazy psychos can be much more threatening when they are subdued and quiet. All in all, Hills Run Red is a surprisingly solid horror film with more brain than most flicks in its genre. It is taut and its brevity is welcome as well. My only problem is that the plot twist in the second act is totally spoiled by the preview material. It's a huge shame, because it works tremendously in the film but of course only if one goes in unsuspecting.
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Backwoods Horror the 10.000th
dschmeding26 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OK, the opening of "the hills run red" is pretty good but from there on I was constantly wondering what the hell the director was trying to do. Honestly with a title like this you can only expect a spoof movie and the whole stupid idea of a horror fan following the legend of a 20 year old horror movie that never aired because its so sick and the director got lost while filming... well, kind of reminded me of CigaretteBurns meets Chainsaw Massacre meets DarkRide (because the killer Babyface looked exactly like the killer in that movie). Funny thing is that there is no real reference to "the hills have eyes" and the spoof I was expecting is kind of there because there are many hints to horror clichés like the non-functioning mobile phones and a whole monologue about the stupidity of horror movie victims. Anyway this is a pretty ordinary backwoods horror movie with a evil masked killer, a house in the woods and the plot of the director and the movie... and his daughter. You can smell the plot twist from miles away and there is not even much gore except for some scenes that keep repeating. There's regularly strange scenes which are intended to be funny like when the killer just uses a gun instead of wielding a chainsaw or machete. Particularly one scene was so stupid but nevertheless shown so normal I was wondering if that was a joke or just incredibly ridiculous (considering this is a horror movie that sure can be considered possible). A girl flees from the killer and ends up in the shed where the corpses of previous murders are stored. She hides in a barrel full of blood and guts until the murder leaves and then cleans herself off and takes a new shirt from one of the corpses to walk back into action barely showing any blood. What the hell... if these scenes were supposed to be funny they made a hell of a job not to have the viewer laugh. I have seen worse movies for sure but if a movie jumps the wagon of a dead repetitive genre with overused clichés and fails like this to be any smart or new (like I said there obviously are dozens of stolen ideas from other movies) you can just watch the opening and the cool trailer of the movie in the movie and spare yourself 90 more minutes of a horror clip show and a lame ending that sums up another annoying thing about "the hills run red". Ridiculously overacted screaming girls... again not quite funny, maybe they were supposed to be. I don't care.
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Surprisingly entertaining "B" movie slasher flick
KineticSeoul23 April 2010
This is a pretty good "B" slasher movie, and was actually entertaining for most part and the nudity especially by elevates it. Because in slasher movies such as this, the plot doesn't matter as much although it's decent in this film for a slasher flick. The plot was interesting and the acting wasn't that bad either, it can be said the same for the atmosphere and there were some good tense moments as well. The story is about a wannabe slasher director who goes on a hunt for a film called The Hill Run Red, which is said to be the most brutal and gruesome slasher flick from the 80's. So him and his friends venture out into the woods to find it, but they are in for more than they bargained for. Although some people that aren't into these types of genre might be turned off by it, but for those that are slasher fans will most likely enjoy. Even if it could have been been better, it was still surprisingly entertaining and is worth checking out, especially for slasher fans.

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Fun, Scary, Gory, Great
noway234-112 October 2009
I could not stop watching this movie and really I never wanted it to end. From the opening titles beautifully underscored by a very creepy sounding version of "Hush little baby" this film dragged me in with is beautiful style and how creepy it was (I'm not gonna give away the first scare but it's incredibly well done and while at first seems random and pointless they do explain why it's there towards the end.

The story uses one of the new standards of horror cinema, the idea of a movie that was made in the 80's but had to stop production due to murders on set. While this isn't a new concept, Cut did it 9 years ago, both the Short film and the feature length with the same title played on the idea of horror films becoming reality, it is a refreshing spin on the tale.

The cast consists of your stock set of horror film characters, from the junkie to the slutty girl but really if you come to a horror movie for characters then you really don't belong here. This film is about the scares, and they come rapid fire.

Sophie Monk in particular delivers a performance that I never thought I'd see her deliver after I saw Date Movie. She makes you love her from the moment she pop's on screen and you root for her the whole way through. She proves how smart she can be with choosing a role with her performance in here and really I reckon if she chooses more roles like this she'll prove she's an actress and not just a great body.

For you gore-hounds, there's blood and gore galore from pretty much start to finish. One of the things that this film does better than a lot of others like it is make the gore scary. Some times you can tell that gore is there just cos they can but that doesn't happen here. Every piece of blood is needed to make the story work like it does and add's to the effectiveness of the movie.

If you can get a copy of this movie do it, don't sit around and wait for a friend to loan it to you go and get it now. One of the few films I really wanna see a sequel for.
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Got my hopes up for nothing
jonadonni27 September 2009
I was really looking forward to this movie after reading the plot summary. The movie failed on every level. The pacing was terrible, the acting so so bad i couldn't stay focused on anything. When they watched this after the final edit, did they not care about all the plot holes. Its not extremely graphic to warrant what people are saying about it. The violence in this is used just for the sake of using it and feels wasted at times. The only good thing worth watching is baby face after he takes the mask off, very creepy looking and could have been used much better. The movie itself looked cheap and made for TV like. I have read that the director really thinks this is a work of ART. Sorry my friend, you need to watch some French or Spanish directors at work.
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I was expecting a little more exploitation, and a lot less CGI.
shawn savage30 September 2009
The Hills Run Red (2009) After reading several reviews for The Hills Run Red offering high praise, I suppose my hype meter kicked in. I was told that it was gritty, grimy, and uber-violent. Sounds good right?

The story follows Tyler(Tad Hilgenbrink: Amusement) as he develops an obsession with an 80's slasher film called The Hills Run Red. Legend has it, that it was immediately pulled from theaters after it was shown, due to a strong reaction to the violence shown on screen. Since then, all people involved in production have mysteriously disappeared. After some internet browsing, Tyler manages to get a line on the director's daughter, whom is showing off her beautiful natural breasts at a strip club. The plan is, find the daughter, get her to help him find the movie.

The Hills Run Red is one of those films that I realize is a cut above most straight to DVD horror films, and I DID enjoy the film. I guess I just felt a little disappointed. I was expecting a little more exploitation, and a lot less CGI. The kills are inventive, but is almost killed by the CGI work. This is the type of film that you NEED practical effects for.

Acting is good across the board, most notable is Sophie Monk, who plays Alexa. Sophie is a stunning natural beauty. Nothing like seeing some meat on the bones instead of the current skeletal Hollywood trend. The pacing is excellent, the cinematography is top notch.

As I said, it's a great film, and I highly recommend it, I guess I was just expecting something different. I'm going to have to knock it down a point though for the shoddy CGI work. Get a clue up and coming film makers, there is no substitute for well done practical effects. CGI will NEVER replace the rubber suit, and fake blood.

3/5 -napalmfuzz
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Hush, Little Baby, Don't Say A Word… Daddy's Gonna Make You A Messed Up Movie
Coventry21 December 2009
Hmm, I definitely second what my pal and fellow reviewer TheatreX stated in his user comment! I am a devoted fan of horror genre as well and I also get a kick out of tracking down hidden gems that are extremely obscure or even considered "lost", but after seeing this film, I must make a mental note to never ever go and fanatically seek for lost backwoods slashers myself! That is what the basic plot of "The Hills Run Red" is all about. Tyler is a horror fan and amateur documentary maker obsessed with the idea of finding a horror film that was taken out of circulation shortly after its release, allegedly because it was too shocking and gruesome, as well as the director Wilson Wyler Concannon who mysteriously vanished as well. He convinces two friends and even the director's daughter, who nowadays is a heroin junkie and works as a stripper, to drive out to the middle of nowhere region where the movie was shot in the early 80's. Deep down in those backwoods, the foursome discovers that the film is real and never fully got completed. The maniacal killer from the trailer, referred to as Babyface, still prowls the area and butchers all trespassers in horribly painful ways. "The Hills Run Red", from director Dave Parker who previously made the hugely entertaining zombie flick "The Dead Hate the Living!" comes as a pleasant and refreshing little surprise in the overall worn out slasher genre. Especially the first half is compelling and innovative; at least if you're an obsessive horror fan yourself like I explained here above. All the little bits and footage and trivia details of the inexistent lost horror movie are truly fascinating. Supposedly "The Hills Run Red" revolved about a killer who cut off his own face as a child, because his stepfather said he was ugly, and replaced it with a doll mask. Director W.W. Concannon was a reputed freak who used real blood from a nearby slaughterhouse and hired a local retard to play the killer. The second half, meaning as soon as the main characters are confronted with the killer and have to run for their lives, feels a lot more like familiar slasher territory again with some implausible and grotesque plot twists as well as a few derivative clichés. Nevertheless, even then "The Hills Run Red" still transcends the majority of backwoods slashers because it literally oozes with perversion and sheer nastiness. The film is chock- full of macabre set pieces, harsh gore, lurid sleaze and vicious undertones like incest and mutilation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these trademarks exactly what the horror genre is all about? Add to all this a creepy horror lullaby that continuously gets repeated ("Hush, little baby, don't say a word…") and a downright depressing climax and you got yourself perhaps even a future classic. The basic premise is reminiscent to the John Carpenter's Masters of Horror episode "Cigarette Burns", but it's more properly elaborated and a lot more identifiable, and it was fun seeing B-movie veteran William Sadler star in gloriously demented role again. Recommended.
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Weak Horror, dull Gore, silly Plot. Just garbage
Mandarina Melies28 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
(No significant spoilers, actually) This movie is really, really bad. Even if you tell me the Budget was 1.5 million, It's a waste. Straight-to-DVD is the only destiny this flawless film could deserve, despite it should never have been made.

First of all: it violates one of the main principles of every decent movie (including of course Horror movies), which consist on revealing the kind of movie it is and settle the film's tone and climate at the first 5 minutes. The Hills Run Red, by the contrary, is a Horror, Slasher film, with no murders, neither violence, during the first 30 minutes! Not even any kind of intense darkness (unless you consider a short scene of a stripper using heroine is dark and intense for a Horror film of the 21th Century).

Second: the acting is awful!!! Almost annoying. The exception is Sadler (who nearly doesn't appear in the first half of the movie).

The plot is garbage. The altruistic way the stripper, Tyler's cheating girlfriend, and Tyler's traitor "friend" decide to help him with his crusade is simply ridiculous. The reaction of Tyler to the cheating and the betrayal suggests that producer's dog ate some pages of the script. Then you have some pathetic attempts to gain depth with far-fetched dialogues explaining incest and ambition issues (similar to the villain exposing his plans to the hero in cartoons), combined with revelation of artificial "pervert" behaviors linked to sadistic filming and monsters breeding.

The killings, the ways the good ones escape, and the tricks of the bad ones, are all extremely artificial (but not even filmed in a comic way: just artificial boring garbage). And the "gore" scenes are less interesting and less intense than in Hostel.

In addition, the Topic of the movie (obsession, and all the things you may sacrifice for it) is tackled in a soft, dull way. And the most interesting character, Concannon, has a too secondary role.

The positive: a little bit of nudity from Sophie Monk (strange face, lovely tits; forget about a long scene building a really sexy climate: just flawless nudity), a nice sex scene with Janet Montgomery, and a scene with a short dark moment of son-mother love (normal love, not incest).

The 5,5 IMDb users' rating is extremely generous, unfair. Even in Cinema Terror and Bloody Good Horror it gets 3/10. The 5,5 rating is obviously inflated by radical Fanatics of Slasher sub-culture. Indeed, for example, one of the reviewers who rated the film with an unbelievable 8 (eight!!!!) stated himself "t's a great movie for film geeks and horror buffs all around, and a sly poke at the gore-nography sub genre culture." Trivia: the Director, the Screenwriters and some of the actors have (before and after this movie) no career in films.
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Superior slasher horror fare
Woodyanders24 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A group of young horror film fans led by the earnest and obsessive Tyler (a solid and likable performance by Tad Hilgenbrink) venture into the deep woods in search of the location where a legendary "lost" splatter fright flick was shot twenty years ago. The group discover that the killer in said feature is the real deadly deal and more than happy to meet new aficionados who are willing to die for his art. Director Dave Parker, working from a sick, compact, and ingenious script by David J. Schow, relates the absorbing story at a brisk pace, creates and sustains not only a genuinely creepy atmosphere, but also a strong feeling of dread and a good deal of tension, delivers a generous sprinkling of yummy bare distaff skin as well as a handy helping of graphic and unflinching in-your-face nasty gore, and tosses in shocking elements of snuff, torture, and incest to further spice up an already tasty'n'twisted cinematic stew. Better still, Parker maintains a grimly serious take-no-prisoners sensibility that becomes more increasingly bleak, dark, and unsettling as the harsh plot unfolds a powerfully disturbing surprise bummer ending. The fine acting from the capable cast rates as another sterling asset: William Sadler contributes a top-rate turn as deranged and reclusive director Concannon, gorgeous blonde Sophie Monk likewise excels as the equally unhinged, but sexy and enticing psycho junkie slut Alexa, Danko Jordanov cuts a scary figure as ferocious disfigured killer Babyface, plus there's sound work by fetching brunette Janet Montgomery as the sassy Serina and Alex Wyndham as the sarcastic Lalo. The startling outbursts of raw brutal violence pack a savage kick to the gut. Ilan Rosenberg's sharp cinematography provides a pleasing polished look. Frederick Wiedmann's shuddery score does the bone-rattling trick. Recommended viewing for slice'n'dice fans.
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Bloody lost movie.
HumanoidOfFlesh28 March 2010
"The Hills Runs Red" tells the story of three young horror fanatics,who are searching for the copy of a supposedly lost and extremely brutal slasher movie under the same title.A movie that was supposedly so notorious and disturbing it was only screened once before disappearing from the face of the did it's entire cast and iconic director Wilson Wyler Concannon.Tyler decides to shoot a documentary of his quest recruiting his best friend/cameraman Lalo and cheating girlfriend/sound mixer Serena to come along.He finds the director's daughter Alexa and heads into the woods to find her father's old house.The Babyface killer hides there and suddenly strikes turning the movie into bloodbath...Lots of gore and nudity plus several clever allusions to past horror classics.The killer dons creepy and effective doll mask and the death scenes are very gory.8 out of 10.
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The Hills Run Red With Silliness
thecinemaview4 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The hype surrounding "The Hills Run Red" is really the most impressive aspect of this film. Mr. Disgusting of "Bloody-Disgusting" called it "a really solid horror film that many horror fans will be pleasantly surprised with." Gareth Jones of "Dread Central" adds to that, saying, "If you're a fan of slasher flicks, or even just truly inventive and twisted horror, you owe it to yourself to pick it up." Doesn't that sound absolutely wonderful? Could it be that there is a straight-to-disc horror film that actually delivers the goods? Having bought into the hype, I eagerly anticipated this film and began to watch it with a sense of giddy excitement…only to find that it is actually quite bad. No, that is a little too nice. "The Hills Run Red" is undeniably terrible. Its initial premise is basic and fascinating. A young documentarian, trying to track down a supposedly horrifying film that has been missing for decades, heads to its shooting location with the director's daughter, only to discover that the disturbing images in the film were actually real. But then, this story becomes mired in weird plot twists and an unnecessary sense of strangeness.

Read My Full Review Exclusively At:
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really good movie
atinder1 October 2009
This movie make feel like you are watching Hostel also has the Horror Hurmor just like the Scream movies but this movie not as funny as Scream.

The opening credit of the movie is awesome,i did find it nasty and the song they played "Mummy's gonna buy you a mocking bird" made even for creepy.

Tyler is looking for the movie called The Hill run red as we see him watch the trailer of the movie,He later want to find out why this movie was banned, so he goes to find out any information about this movie but then contacts the small girl who was scene in trailer, He later track her down and now she works at strip club and she dose drugs (This scene is filled with nudity but not as bad as Hostel or Gutterballs) but they ended up sleeping together that night.

The next day Tyler and crew head to the wood were the movie was filmed with Girl from the movie, while they talking in the car, Tyler friend friends pokes fun at horror as when they go into woods, they have no protection and phone never work (but is friend as all stuff in his bag, even a Gun).

As Girl from movie goes in the wood she looking at these tree and as Flashback of death that was from the movie were baby face is killing these people, which is very bloody death but not too gory.

And baby face the killer is really good, this killer who something that killer has never used in horror movie before. really would like this see this killer again

There are few small twist and turn in this movie, which were really good and worked really well (Some will find it predictable)but i also really like the ending

Very good movie 7/10
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The Neverending Horror Movie
Claudio Carvalho16 November 2009
Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrinck) is obsessed by the horror movie "The Hills Run Red", considered by those that had seen it the scariest movie ever made, with the deranged serial-killer Babyface (Danko Iordanov) in the lead role. However, the director Wilson Wyler Concannon (William Sadler) and the movie vanished many years ago and there is no available print. His research is affecting his relationship with his girlfriend Serina (Janet Montgomery) that is needy and feels neglected. When Tyler discovers that Concannon's daughter Alexa (Sophie Monk) works in a night-club, he decides to meet her and asks about the missing movie. The woman tells that the movie might be in her father's house in the middle of the woods, and Tyler decides to travel to the spot with Alexa, Serina and their friend Lalo (Alex Wyndham). Along their journey, Tyler films and interviews some locals. During the night, they are attacked by the rednecks, but they are saved by Babyface that kills the assaulters and is controlled by Alexa that runs away from him. Tyler, Serina and Lalo get rid off the ropes, but Tyler decides to help Alexa, disclosing fate of the movie.

The gore "The Hills Run Red" is a movie with potential of cult for fans of slasher movies. The gruesome story is original regarding the search of Tyler for the movie and has a great surprise when he discovers the secret about the Concannon's family. William Sadler has a great performance in the role of the insane director and Babyface is a scary character. The conclusion is extremely macabre and dark, and I believe that fans of this genre will like this movie very much like I did. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Colinas de Sangue" ("Hills of Blood")
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Good for what it is
Michael-d-duncan12 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I found this movie to be far better than I really expected. I've read so many BAD reviews that I didn't want to see it, but when I found myself in the mood for a stupid horror movie, I checked it out. It think what I found greatly refreshing is the fact that this film acknowledges that the audience has probably seen this kind of thing before and then flaunts this fact. You have the prime suspects for the killer, you might even be right but since they are making fun of your ability to predict, how sure can you be that you're right? This is the only horror movie that I've ever seen where the cell phones worked! They call 911! (doesn't help really...).

People talked about the pacing of this film and such, I honestly don't care. The film is short (under an hour thirty), the action is fairly fast paced and they don't try to hide anything other than the killer's Identity.

The gore did not live up to expectations, which for me is good. I'm not a fan of straight up gore flicks. The nudity was exactly what I figured. It came and then went, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Pointless nudity is just that... pointless. There is one extended scene of overt sexuality and nudity and then it goes away. The acting was not the greatest of all time but lest remember.... THIS IS A HORROR FILM.

All things considered. Take a rainy night, eat some popcorn, and don't expect some sort of fantastic social commentary and you'll have a good time.
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above average
Dr-zeeman7 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Thought it was a good plot. and the scene were at the end the girl is tied to a barrel and starts singing to the killer and thought he was retarded and he replies keep on singing it wont help priceless u actually thought it would work out for her like Jason and his mommy :D.

Liked the movie from beginning to the end. i would preferred an other ending that dad and the lead actor decided to keep making movies together. see how non famous actors can be very good. the acting whith the pregnant girl when she is tied to the barrel is quite convincing. but this is a splatter horror if u wanna see a really scary but not so famous horror movie i recommend the french made martyrs ps:if there is a heaven and eternal life in paradise but there is no TV or internet that would be hell to me :D
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Great Slasher Movie.. With Nice Twists.. - Instant Classic.
homecoming814 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I already had high hopes for this one, since I had seen a couple of really good reviews on it. I was not disappointed..

Great script with some really unexpected turns, an overall unsettling mood, effective gore and scary jump-out-of-your-seat moments. The cast is also really good. William Sadler is best known for playing the bad guy (Hard To Kill, Die Hard 2) and here he is also in top performance. I also really enjoyed the rest of the cast. Babyface will get a second chance, because be honest: a sequel will be made within 2 years at the top. His name will eventually be just like: Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees etc. But that's OK, if the sequel is half as good as the original, it will still be a good movie. Not to missed by anyone who likes scary movies.
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A Terrifically Nasty Piece of True Horror Cinema
talksnakey15 June 2009
When I say "nasty", I mean that as a high compliment...especially when you look at the crap that passes for horror these days. In the very least, let there be no worries about a watered-down PG-13 rating or a lame script. This is bloody, brutal, violent, intense horror with a solid story and confident execution.

It's a bit of a throwback to horror films of the 80's in that it isn't trying to be cute or obviously self-conscious of the horror film clichés that it throws at you. At the same time, those clichés are a legit part of the genre if they are used effectively and not for the sole purpose of using the theater's audio system to startle you into thinking that you're scared. There aren't any sudden cat appearances or other such tricks here...just pure horror.

Quite a few of the filmmakers were in attendance at the midnight world premiere at SIFF this last Friday, and when they were asked to list their favorite horror films, their faves were pretty much reflective of the best horror of the 70's and 80's. One producer also mentioned the recent French horror films "Inside" and "Martyrs" (both films are also must-see, and absolutely not for the faint of heart), and he pointed out that he didn't think that American horror films were measuring up.

With the exception of Sam Raimi's very recent "Drag Me To Hell", and now with the exception of "The Hills Run Red", I have to agree. I sincerely hope that we will see more crimson-tainted (and splattered) horror from these filmmakers.

If you're a horror fan, do not miss this.
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Dreadful Movie
JoeB13112 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Badly written, badly acted, nothing to really redeem it.

The story was about a slasher film in the 1980's that was pulled from theaters and has never been seen since. A trio of filmmakers decide they are going to find him, and they meet up with his daughter, a drug addict working in a strip club. Even though they comment on the absurdity of the setup, they proceed to go into the deep woods where people in movies like this always end up going off to die.

What we get is after introducing what seem like kind of likable characters, we are treated to an hour of unremitting gore and overall ickiness... and not worth your time to watch unless you are a high-grade masochist.

Joe B. Watching Bad Movies so you don't have to.
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'Wrong Turn' meets 'Scream'
sullysull784 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
At first one would think that 'The Hills Run Red' is just another 'teens in backpacks get hacked about by backwoods psycho' flick, but the movie is much much more. It tells the story of a group of a friends who trek into the wilderness to find the long-lost reel of a legendary 'cropsy'-style horror film. Once this group arrives at the various locations used in the mythical movie, they discover a horrifying secret about the director...and the cast.

There's more to it than that, but I don't want to spoil the (numerous) surprises in store for the audience including an ending that will make you doubt your own faith in humanity. Yeah, it's dark. But it's also scary and - amazingly - often funny. Young directer Dave Parker brings a real zest to the proceedings with some ingenious set-ups and environments. The third act is a roller-coaster of sick gory setpieces that are choreographed expertly and put recent, more bigger-budgeted films like 'Friday The 13th 2009' to shame. The cast is also above-the-cut for this type of genre, including the gorgeous Sophie Monk who is given a juicy role and runs with it. Throw in some interesting character dynamics, subtle in-jokes for horror fans, well-built tension, and amazing nudity (a staple of the genre and done very professionally here) and you have a modern horror film that calls back some of the best slashers of the early 80's.
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Nasty as Hell.
Michael O'Keefe30 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A horror fan's delight. Absolutely gory with vivid and disturbing images that drip and splatter. You will constantly look over your shoulder...that is if you dare take your eyes off the screen. A young horror film fanatic with the help of two friends go about searching for a print of a classic horror flick too gruesome to stay in theaters...or is that just rumor? Even the director seems to have left the planet. Maybe some clues will come from the director's daughter(Sophie Monk), currently working as a drug induced stripper. They find out that the film about a deformed, hideous killer named Baby Face has actually never been finished. Upon finding and watching rough cuts of cult-like film...unsuspected hell breaks loose.

Full of gruesome scenes. Ruthless and reckless terror. Monk is fantastic and eye-popping gorgeous. Others in the cast: Tad Higenbrick, Janet Montgomery, Mike Straub, William Sadler and Raicho Vasiley.
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Great little film....
FlashCallahan29 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Tyler is obsessed by the horror movie "The Hills Run Red", considered by those that had seen it the scariest movie ever made, with the deranged serial-killer Babyface in the lead role.

However, the director and the movie vanished many years ago and there is no available print.

His research is affecting his relationship with his girlfriend Serina that is needy and feels neglected. When Tyler discovers that te directors daughter Alexa works in a night-club, he decides to meet her and asks about the missing movie.

The woman tells that the movie might be in her father's house in the middle of the woods, and Tyler decides to travel to the spot with Alexa, Serina and their friend Lalo.

Along their journey, Tyler films and interviews some locals.

During the night, they are attacked by the rednecks, but they are saved by Babyface.......

It's a great movie for film geeks and horror buffs all around, because not only is it about the holy grail of cinema, the banned film with only one existing print, it's also a very good horror movie, and a sly poke at the gore-nography sub genre culture.

The film starts off very well, we see the very genuine fake trailer for the titular film, and at once, this makes the audience intrigued as much as the chatachters, which is very rare these days for a horror film, and has not been evident in horror since the first scream movie.

babyface is so so, but the film isn't about him thankfully, it's about the Herzog inspired director played brilliantly by Sadler. The ending lets it down ever so slightly, but it's a fresh welcome horror movie that is original.
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An excellent horror film
Argemaluco19 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Novelist David J. Schow, who was a co-funder of the "splatterpunk" movement, used to write many years ago a column for the magazine Fangoria, and he always left his disappointment (and anger) with modern horror cinema clear.However, his knowledge of the pros and cons from the genre was challenged when he wrote the mediocre movie Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.I mentioned all that to explain my distrust to the positive comments The Hills Run Red, co-written by Schow, received last year during its circuit to fantastic film festivals.Fortunately, when I finally watched the movie, I noticed the acclamation was well deserved, because The Hills Run Red ended up being an excellent horror film which presents an interesting variation of the slasher sub-genus.

The story from this movie may sound as any other movie about "youngsters go to the woods with a hand-held camera".But co-screenwriters Schow and John Dombrow created a simultaneously classic and ingenious story, which is precisely based on our familiarity with the clichés from horror cinema to give a twist to them and present them from a different perspective.For example, this time we find out the cellphones from the main characters DO work in the woods...but at the same time, we find out why they result useless to their salvation.And just like that one, there are many details which seem deceptively predictable, but in fact, hide ingenious and subversive alternatives to what we expected to see.What is more, the twist in the end genuinely surprised me, because it is disguised by a simpler revelation, craftily designed to make us believe we had already had everything solved.It is truly refreshing to find intelligence on a horror film.

Ted Hilgenbrik and Alex Wyndham feel a bit bland on two of the leading roles, but the rest of the cast makes a better work.The member who mostly stands out is William Sadler.The filmography from this actor covers more than 30 years and more than 100 appearances including cinema and television, and even though his name may not sound very familiar to many people, it is always easy to recognize his face and strong presence, which always brings professionalism to his work (which is usually as a villain or as an antipathetic authoritative figure).In The Hills Run Red, he feels more malevolent than ever, and that is because of the great energy he brings to his character.Sophia Monk and Janet Montgomery also bring very good performances, at the same time I admired the engagement they show with their characters.

I give an enthusiastic recommendation to The Hills Run Red, because this is one of those weird horror movies with a genuine dramatic substance under the gore and the torture.I truly hope to see more collaborations from Schow in this medium, because the horror cinema truly needs talents like his, who perfectly comprehend what works and what does not in this genre.
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