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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody horror violence and torture, grisly images, sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • A strip club scene opens with the camera focusing on a topless woman's breasts and walks away and the camera pans around and shows several topless women dancing on small stages or giving lap dances.
  • Alexa gives Tyler a lap dance, she starts by dancing sexually before unhooking her top and revealing her breasts, she remains topless until the scene ends with her saying to Tyler to meet her outside.
  • Babyface carries Serina into a room, and rapes her. This was implied but never seen.
  • We see Lalo and Serina having sex, she is seen in a bra and then topless with her bare breasts visible and Lalo's bare chest visible.
  • Alexa is tied to a bed fully naked, bare breasts are visible.
  • Alexa removes her top in her motel room and then lies on her bed covering her beasts, though one breast isn't covered and is visible, she says to Tyler if he came to f**k her.
  • Alexa is seen crying in a shower, her bare breasts are visible.
  • Two rednecks attempt to rape Alexa and make a porn, one redneck is about to unbuckle his belt when an axe is thrown into his back by Babyface (see Violence&Gore Section.)

Violence & Gore

  • When Tyler hears pain-filled screams, he finds Alexa tied to a bed and releases her. The two leave the house and find Serina, but Babyface breaks through the door and brutally throws Tyler to a wall. Alexa is slammed against the wall by Babyface and says "fetch"
  • Alexa makes cuts into Lalo's skin.
  • A young boy slowly and graphically cuts of his face ( cheeks, lips, nose,...) in a horrific beginning sequence.
  • In a flash of the original movie, a man gets an axe jammed into his head.
  • -We see the ' Tree-scene' from the original movie : A woman has hooks through her feet and shoulders and has her hand tied with barbed wire. She hangs in between two trees. The killer cuts the rope and she's ripped completely in half.
  • A woman violently goes through withdrawl. She vomits, thrashes out violently, and more.
  • A man gets a pick-axe through his back, another man gets his arm broken in half ( bones stick through the skin) and has the pick-axe jammed in his head and another man has his throat slit ( blood spurts out ).
  • A man is shot through the shoulder.
  • A man is killed : he has an arm cut off with an axe ( we see the stump) and he is repeatedly hacked at with the axe (offscreen ) - we see this on an old film.
  • A man is graphically and repeatedly sliced with a razorblade. He later is stabbed through the chest.
  • A man is repeatedly and graphically stabbed with a knife.
  • A man gets graphically impaled with a stick.
  • Tyler watches the movie all the bloody deaths of the actors by himself, he bursts into maniacal laughter and the film abruptly cuts to the credits, leaving Tyler's fate open for the audience to decide.
  • Babyface shoots men in the forest.


  • This movie has just about every bad word in the book.
  • Name calling (psycho, crazy as sin, retarded, fucker, dick-cheese.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alexa enters Tyler's car, she pours cocaine on her hand and snorts it.
  • Alexa injects heroin into her arm.
  • Serina is seen smoking in Tyler's car.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Tyler sits in a room full of dead and mutilated corpses, tied to a chair and is forced to watch the original movie over and over again. Various scenes of the original movie are shown and after a while, the bound man starts laughing hysterically.
  • The deaths in the missing film and not in the missing film may scare some young viewers.
  • Serina is finds bloodied bodies in a room, which turns out to be a smoke house.
  • Babyface may be disturbing to some children.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Alexa stabs Lalo in the chest, killing him.
  • Concannon tells Alexa he's the only director of the family and shoots her.
  • Babyface, angered by Alexa's death, turns on Concannon and fights him. Tyler takes a camera and encourages Babyface to kill Concannon - which he does. Babyface then turns on Tyler but before he can kill him, Serina stabs Babyface through the back with a long iron staff, killing him. However, Serina is hit by a shovel and Alexa, still alive, hits Tyler as well, knocking him unconscious.
  • Serina, bound by the wrists, struggles, and Alexa shows Serina Babyface's mask, asking if she thinks it'll be good for the baby - Serina is several months pregnant.

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