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Far From "Boaring"
wildsidecinema10 March 2011
I know this film has received quite a bit of press and discussion on the Wildside forums but for some reason I was at a loss for what this film was about when I first rented it. As it progressed, I got the picture rather quick as Prey doesn't take long at all to jump into the thick of things. It's no surprise (or spoiler) that Prey's killer pigs aren't normal but I probably should warn creature feature fans that these particular piggies aren't of the deformed variety. They do, however, appear to be real deal FX creations (which they reveal sparingly) instead of CG though and that really helped me remain within the film.

The actors all performed admirably but their characters were, in my opinion, rather bland and lacked personality. Not only did they come off flat but their motivations will be disappointingly apparent to astute viewers, leading to a predictability that siphons away some of the impact of the finale. I found myself losing interest in the fates of the characters, even the remotely likable ones, of which there weren't many. There's certainly more than enough tension to hold your attention though and it never lets up, not even for a minute.

Prey is a decent thriller with some gruesome sequences of woodland carnage but it's nothing I could see myself watching again or even purchasing for my personal collection. When it comes to killer pig flicks, it is infinitely superior exercise in suspense than a film like Pig Hunt, which was completely gonzo, but the ecological disaster concept is stale and the entire film lacks replay value for me. Still…not a bad film so give it a shot, you may enjoy it.
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This little piggy....killed me in the woods.
Greenzombidog18 June 2011
A family of industrialists go on a hunting trip and soon realise the error of using nasty chemicals in their factories.

This Eco terror horror movie treads some old ground and anyone familiar with the mutant bear movie 'Prophecy' will recognise some of this movies key moments.

Although none of the ideas here are original the movie itself is still very enjoyable. From the early rustling in the bushes scenes to the all out chase through the swamp at night this movie does a good job raising the tension levels. You may not fall in love with the characters as none of them are particularly likable but you'll still be rooting for them to escape the angry bores.

The creature effects are great. It's all real physical effects too, none of that terrible looking CG stuff here which really added to the believability of the creatures.

If you watch this and enjoy it like I did I suggest you look up the aforementioned 'Prophecy' movie as it is superior to this, but 'Prey' is still worth seeing.
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Disappointing Conclusion
claudio_carvalho23 February 2013
Nathan (Grégoire Colin) is in the countryside with his girlfriend Claire (Bérénice Bejo) in the house of her family expecting to announce that she is pregnant and will move with him to the city. Claire is the chemical engineer of Lemans, the pesticide factory that belongs to her father, Nicolas (François Levantal), and she lives in the farmhouse of her grandfather Eric (Fred Ulysse) with her father, her mother Marie (Isabelle Renauld) and her uncle David (Joseph Malerba).

When Eric and David find several dead deer in their land, they organize a hunting party with Nicolas and invite Nathan to participate. Nathan initially refuses but then he sees the chance to have a conversation with Nicolas about Claire's situation. Soon they find that the water supply is compromised since the river is contaminated with pesticide. Further, pigs were fed by a sick sow and turned into mutants. When they are attacked by the animals, the tension increases among the family members and they become the prey in the hunting.

"Proie" is not a bad movie but could be better and better with improvements in the screenplay. The characters should have been better developed since the motives for the increasing tension among the family members would be explained. But the worst is the disappointing conclusion, too dark for my taste. It would not be necessary a happy ending, but I found it pointless. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Presa" ("The Prey")
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A great hunting and survival horror that turns out to be a profound family drama and dark psychological thriller
kluseba22 July 2011
This is now already the fifth part of my little review series: Movies that are way better than you expect.

When I bought this movie at a low price a couple of days ago I expected some entertaining gore horror movie and the short length of only seventy-six minutes seemed to underline my expectations. What I discovered is a fast paced diversified thriller with many surprises that I didn't see coming at all.

In only five minutes or so the director introduces a complicate family drama to us: The young main actor that wants to finally start a new life with his pregnant girlfriend in a city, his girlfriend itself who is torn between her family and their enterprise and the love of her life, her egoist father who secretly worked with pesticides and is constantly in search for further power, his ex-wife who helped him with his conspiracies and still takes a big place in his life, the father's grim brother that feels exploited by him, their father who suffers a strange disease and feels the dark shadows coming over the family - they are all part of the following race and when they go out for a hunt, they become not only the prey of some strange boars that have gone wild but also each other's prey. Jealousy, pride and egoism lead to many surprising and radical scenes and the dramatic turns of events all seem to liberate the worst in each of them. A quite simple plot turns into a haunting and surprising story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

It's incredible that the director had the time to introduce half of a dozen profound and diversified characters to the movie and mix the horror hunt with influences from the drama and psychological suspense genre and that's what makes this movie so unique and worthwhile. You will quickly realize that the movie focuses on the monsters in the human soul and not that much on some pigs gone crazy even if that aspect is also explained in a credible way. The hunting story itself includes a dark atmosphere, some gripping survival horror parts with a couple of good ideas and some gore scenes that are not too exaggerated and fit well to the general atmosphere and the character's extreme changes. The special effects are not outstanding but done in a truly solid and credible way in comparison to many other low or no budget horror flicks that show too many artificial and unreal monsters and quickly turn me off. The good camera work and the well done soundtrack are other positive points that make this movie one of the best of its kind and a little unexpected masterpiece gem.

In the end, you should not expect anything revolutionary but in its genre and for what it is supposed to be, this movie really left a deep and permanent impression and I will surely watch it a few times again. Make sure to check this underestimated French horror flick out in your local video shop.
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My Intro To The New Wave of French Horror.
morrison-dylan-fan27 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Since the Italian film industry's "genre" film makers have sadly pretty much disappeared from view since the early 1990's (with Dario Argento perhaps being the only exception to it),I started to become very intrigued,when recently reading that since the mid 2000's a gradually building New Wave of Horror films has been taking place in France.

As I started to do more research into this new movement,I began to get very excited in taking a look at this new exciting era of Euro Horror movies.Checking on Amazon,I was thrilled to find a pretty recent French Horror film being sold at a very good price,which led me to deciding that I would at last take a look at the brand new Grand Guignol.

The plot:

Being dragged along by his pregnant girlfriend to finally pay a visit to her wealthy family,Nathan instantly starts to feel a strong sense of being viewed as "not worthy" when his girlfriends family try to act as if he does not exist whilst they discuss about a disturbing number of strange dead animals that have been turning up near the family-owned pesticides plant.Desperate to find out what is causing the deaths of the animals,the family start to gather up all of their guns so that they can investigate the near by woods.

Just as the family are about to set off,Nathan's girlfriend tells them all that they should take Nathan along so that he can begin to "bond" with her family.Grudingly accepting her idea,the girls family and Nathan begin to head for the woods,where they will make a shocking discovery about what their pesticide plant has done to the now covered in darkness woods.

View on the film:

Looking at the simplistic,but well executed screenplay by Antoine Blossier (who also directed) and Erich Vogel one of the main things that I noticed about the films tense plot was that it seemed to be a wonderful Horror-spin take on SCi-Fi films such as Pitch Black and Predator,as the team of intelligent,highly trained hunters enter an unknown looking wilderness fully armed,only to discover that the things they are facing are far more cunning and worthless than they ever could have began to imagined.

With the Sci-Fi riffs Blossier and Vogel also include tremendous small character moments that really help to make each one very individual,such as Nathan (played by a great intense and charming Gregoire Colin) always being shown as someone,who even when trying to survive an attack from a psychotic pig (!) is still determined to get out of this nightmare that he has found himself in and go back home, to show his girlfriend that he will be able to handle the new pressures that are about to arrive.

Along with the screenplay,Antoine's blood-drenched brilliant directing also gives a thrilling balance between the Sci-Fi riffs, (a nice,horrific scene of the mutated pigs attacking the hunters in an overgrown fields being like a group of over fed Velociraptor's from Jurassic Park)and a strong claustrophobic feel,with the oddly elegant scenes of Nathan hiding under some freshly dead animal corpses in an attempt not to be "smelled out" being shot with only minimal lighting which really helps to give the terrific, strong feeling that Nathan is about to find himself in a coffin made of dead,mutated pigs.

Final View on the film:

A great Horror with Sci-Fi riffs that is also a tremendous intro to The New Wave of French Horror.
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A Pretty Decent Film Showcasing Nice Effects
gavin69421 October 2012
A man wanders into his yard to find some deer badly mutilated. Is this somehow related to the nearby chemical plant or a coincidence?

I have to say I enjoyed this movie. While not the greatest, it still had plenty of action, rich characters, a unique story, and amazing special effects. Whoever designed those animals did such an impressive job. I also appreciate the use of not showing things rather than showing them on occasion -- the imagination can fill in blanks nicer than CGI can more often than not.

The romantic interest in this film is Claire, plated by Bérénice Bejo. You may recall Bejo as Christiana from "A Knight's Tale" or more recently as Peppy Miller in "The Artist". Her role is, sadly, rather small... but it was nice to see some noteworthy talent in a movie that otherwise had no names to speak of that I (as an American unfamiliar with French cinema) could recognize.

If you wanted to venture into the world of French horror, this is not a bad place to start (and it makes a nice double feature with "The Pack").
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A good french yarn, but nothing more...
searchanddestroy-116 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I expected a little more from this horror movie. I never miss a french one, never. This feature is actually half drama, half horror, with a subplot between the characters I did not expect in such a film. But this is not uninteresting at all, on the contrary. It gives something more to the movie, and the characters are more involved in the story than in a usual horror flick. This topic reminds me of course Russel Mulcahy's RAZORBACK and also John Frankenheimler's PROPHECY, where we see the dangerous "side effects" that some criminal chemical industries can make to the surrounding wild life and country side.

Just one thing: there are some lengths and so so sequences you have seen a billion times before in other movies. I won't say it's boring but...Hmmm

The ending is OK, very "french" and far from the so predictable American ones...
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This little piggy is Big!
You made your bed, now lie in it. We mess with Nature at our own risk. Genetically modified fertilizers can cause some nasty problems, as we see in this first feature by French director Antoine Blossier.

While the family heads to the woods to find what is out there, we are treated to tensions caused by one not born into the group. The rest act as if he is also prey and they try to tear him apart.

While in the woods in the darkness, we see snouts and teeth and hear terrifying noises. Will any survive? Do you really care for any of them?

Is there anything new here? Haven't we seen it all before (Prophecy, Razorback, Pig Hunt)? The actors were good, and kept our interest, but I wonder if it would have been worth it to wait for Eric Valette's The Prey. Serial killers are more exciting than razorbacks.
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Reasonable enough French creature feature
Red-Barracuda21 May 2018
Hunters become the hunted when they head out into the woods to track down a beast that has been killing the local deer population. A family who own a once successful pesticide company soon realise that it may very well be the side-effects of one of their chemicals that has led to the emergence of giant mutant wild boars.

Prey is another film which makes up part of the cycle of French horror movies which have invigorated the genre since the new millennium. This one goes down a less expected creature-feature route, with the fairly routine idea of a man-made natural disaster being the root cause of the rampaging monsters. There is a fine balance between the family drama and creature feature horror here, with the characters creating as much threat to one and other as the giant pigs. The result is a fairly standard bit of horror in all honesty. This is a sub-genre which is quite well-worn and there isn't anything particularly new brought to the table with this one. That said, it is still a decent enough entry if you like this sort of thing.
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Entertaining natural horror...
CurtHerzstark4 April 2012
I always liked natural horror/eco terror genre and who doesn't? With entertaining flicks such as The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953), Them! (1954,)Jaws (1975), Prophecy (1979) and more recently Gwoemul (2006), Rogue (2007)etc.

This film also contains a family feud, between generations with a lot of dark undercurrents that is not that common but fuels this thriller and makes it a little less predictable. There are twists and turns that will surprise future viewers and feels more like a play from Eugene O'Neill, Tennesse Williams etc.

When it comes to the genre of pigkiller films, the FX is not bad but could been a little more audience friendly. Even Razorback (1984) gave us better and that movies FX has aged. Compared to Chawu (2009)however, it does not solely rely on CGP(computer generated pork).

The message is common tired old cliché but nevertheless important, profit at any cost even if the environment has to pay a high price. The acting is pretty solid with lots of nice performances from Grégoire Colin, François Levantal, Fred Ulysse, Joseph Malerba etc.

Sometimes it feels like you are watching the disintegration of a family. Add natural horror/eco terror you get a pretty nice mix. But this being a darker, European, genre film don't expect a upbeat, positive tone, this film contains no lighter moments.

While not the greatest effort, it is solid, has some scary moments and is more entertaining then Pig Hunt (2008)and should give any future viewer a good popcorn cinema fest.
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Here Piggy Piggy
Blackace6 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watch this movie on Netflick while visiting family in New York. First of all the whole movie was subtitled as this is a foreign film that was never dubbed (at least not for Netflix). The plot isn't too complex. A family comes together for a gathering at the father's home. Claire (the daughter) is running the pesticide business for the family and business has been doing poorly as the competition has improved their formula. Her father tells her on the phone that she needs to get back to the labs and come up with a new formula that can compete, as she had done in the past. Claire is pregnant and her husband Nathan is their to share the good new to the father. The day everyone is suppose to meet, Claire's brother and father are discussing business out side as they walk along the wire fenced landscape. All of a sudden, deer run into the wired wall and kill themselves trying to get through the wired fencing. The brother Nicolas decides he wants to find out what's scaring the deer. He asks Nathan if he'll come, but Nathan isn't a hunter and he wants to wait for Claire & her mother to come home.

When Nicholas & his father discover crazy wild boar are causing the ruckus, they go back to the house to get more weapons and ammo. This time Nathan decides to go along with David. What happens next is all out war as the boar chases the men throughout the fields, up trees, into ditches and through fences as they try to kill the crazed boars before they kill them.

Now, I didn't follow the story too well do to my daughter running around in front of me and screaming every time a loud sound occurred on the scream. What I did find out is pesticides Claire tested was being dumped in the small river and lakes near by. This was affecting the boars and making them go crazy. There is a lot of blood, guts, tension, drama and twists in this movie. Character development was terrible though, so you really won't care who gets killed. You'll root for Nathan, but care less about the other characters The end left me scratching my head. If you can watch this on Netflix, go for it. It's a short film at only 84 mins. It's far from perfect, but like the movie High Tension, it's worth at least one viewing. Don't waste your money buying it though. It's not that good. I wish the ending was better though. Check it out.
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Good old fashioned suspense!
SpannersGerm66913 July 2012
Nathan and Claire are over the moon as they're about to announce to her family that she is pregnant. But the joyous occasion doesn't go according to plan. Not only is the family's Pharmaceutical business in trouble, Claire's father is also mysteriously attacked by terrorised deer. Nathan reluctantly joins the heavily armed in-laws to find out what causes the odd behaviour. But as they venture deep into the woods, they soon discover that what started out as a hunting party, has turned into Prey.

When you think of New Wave French Horror, you think of gory insanity. If you go into this film with that expectation, you will be bitterly disappointed. If you go into it expecting a good old fashioned suspense film, then you will be pleasantly surprised! Starting with, the characters are quite self indulgent and unlikeable, so you don't get any sympathy for their cause. This is the biggest downfall of the film. With better characters, a connection with them would have caused the horror scenes to be even more of an impact. Now for the positives. Visually, this is a stunning film. Reminded me of South Korean Cinematography in some instances, with the bright colouring and almost surreal atmosphere. This is a film of "seeing less is best" so there are no CGI creatures in this film, which is great because most of the time, CGI can take the realism out of it. You don't actually get to see the dangers in focus, its all a blur, but by the way its filmed, you know that the threat is very intimidating. Film making of this technique is not common in the world dominated by CGI. So its great to see that some directors still like to let the viewer use their imagination. With great suspense and a surprising ending, this film comes recommended. Its not the greatest French Horror film, but if you are bored one night, this certainly makes entertaining viewing.
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