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couples vacation together to reaffirm their marriages -comedy-drama
mltosh31 October 2008
Like other reviewers of this movie, I can't believe the low ratings that some people gave it. I rented this movie as a lark. Other than hearing his name, I was not really familiar with Tyler Perry nor had seen any of his other productions. My Hubby (of 30+ years) is out-of-town, and because we have only sons, I get out-voted a lot and thus don't get to see many "chick flicks." I discovered that this film is neither a "chick flick" nor a "black flick." It is a comedy-drama HUMAN interest film about four married couples who vacation together once a year to reaffirm their marriages. The situations that these couples face are those that anyone who's been married any length of time might relate to. I loved it! It made me laugh and cry and think. What more can you ask of a film?! It was beautifully filmed and the acting was top-notch. Sure there were a few weak spots here and there, but all-in-all, well-crafted.
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Surprisingly good, very inspiring film.....
lotus_chief21 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have absolutely no idea why this film has such a low rating here on IMDb, i'm curious as to how many of the people who rated this movie so low actually WATCHED the movie. Anyhow, this movie was recommended to be my numerous friends of mine and I'm glad I took them up on the recommendation.

Being very, VERY wary of the 'Waiting To Exhale' effect I expected here, I was very hesitant about watching this movie, but I was assured pretty quickly. I'm not a very big fan of Tyler Perry; he is talented enough that I can tolerate most of his material. With that being said, he really came through here with this film. While not at all perfect, it gets its point across very effectively and you can't help but have a good time watching. One cannot help but look into their own lives and re-evaluate it in some way. If you're married/involved with someone, you're the ideal audience. If you're single, you can't help but take things away from this film to help make your ideals and beliefs of companionship and marriage that much stronger for when you do finally decide to take that step.

I had a couple of issues with the film:

1. Sheila's husband, Mike's character was way overboard in my opinion. Besides the fact that Jill Scott is a beautiful, absolutely GORGEOUS woman...the way he acted towards her was damn near unbelievable (as in not possible). In a way I couldn't help but wait for him to say that the joke was on her and he was just playing around. As silly as that sounds, his whole character was complete overkill; he was too much of an a--hole. And we never got an explanation as to WHY he was acting the way he was.

2. The film ended a little too quickly. I felt that the last 30 minutes was a cop-out. It was like Perry & Co. said, 'ok time for everybody to make up' and, with one fail swoop everyone's happy again. The intensity of the issues raised at the dinner table that night was HUGE, and with everything being exposed so quickly at one time made it that much more intense. There was just not enough time given to FULLY resolve everything that was raised between the 4 couples. The Janet Jackson/Malik Yoba couple was the best as far as seeing the two people truly get to the core of their issue and coming to some sort of resolution. As much as Jai White/Tasha Smith argued and were about to kill each other (at one point, literally), a simple 'I'm sorry' between them and the sudden 'ok honey, whatever you say' attitude of Smith in that scene was a little cheap. The same goes for Perry/Leal; she's in a car trying to come up with the list, gives up and just says 'I'm sorry', and all is well again?? What happened to the tubes being tied? That is VERY serious, and her deception about the whole thing made it that much worse. I doubt that would've been so easily forgiven so quickly by Perry. Jill Scott's situation was fleshed out a little more, naturally because of everything she went through as well as the eventual transition to someone else. I don't know how long the ceremony was after the Colorado trip, but the ring on Jill Scott's finger seemed a little premature. 'We're getting married' would've been a little more realistic in my opinion, but hey it's not my story.

As far as the acting goes, Jill Scott was magnificent. It was great to see Jai White in this kind of role, and he played it flawlessly. His 'showdown' between the two women outside was wonderful. I'm glad to see him out there; he's a talented actor who definitely needs more shine. I really hopes this does it for him. Yoba was good, Jackson had her moments, she was tolerable, but very bland. Perry was good as well, very grounded and balanced....I liked his character as well. Tasha Smith was a riot, she nailed it on the head and was very entertaining.

Overall, I must say that this movie is a must-see. Not at all perfect, but it gets its point across very effectively and engages the audience in issues that it can't help but relate to. The writing was good, the religious overtones were pretty abundant (as usual in Perry's material) but I didn't feel bombarded. All of the characters and their issues were BALANCED!!, which was essential in order for a movie like this to have credibility....unlike 'Waiting To Exhale'. When you can watch a movie and walk away from it with something to really think about, it's done it's job. Why Did I Get Married does that, and does it well.


P.S. Please go out and see the film for yourself, it's definitely better than a 3.2 rating.
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I'm a Fan
pandora1214 February 2008
I liked the movie for its entertainment value. I am a fan of Tyler Perry's plays. The film is not Oscar worthy but it has good comedy and a message. This is Tyler Perry's style and many people have come to love his plays and films. The acting was mediocre. I wasn't completely drawn into the characters and their dilemmas. The cinematography was low budget. Having said that, the IMDb 3 rating is way too low for this film. In general, I rate Tyler Perry's films between 5 to 6 stars. To me this rating means a film worth renting but not worth spending the money to see it in the movies. I would purchase it on DVD if available for half the price of a new release.

This review is targeted for people who are not familiar with Tyler Perry's work. As for his fans, I already know you are going to see this movie.
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An uncharacteristically Good Tyler Perry film
sean_va00713 January 2008
First of all I must say that I don't understand the low ranking, it is truly an underestimation of this film. I must admit that while I am a Tyler Perry fan I have been underwhelmed by his previous box office offerings. This film for me was a welcomed departure from his other films, it just seemed more professional, well directed, and the casting was phenomenal. Evan though it was rather preachy it seemed much less "after-school-specialish" than his initial movies. Jill Scott was amazing, Tasha Smith was Hilarious, and Janet Jackson wasn't as boring as she usually is. I hope this film is a precursor of more to come from Tyler Perry.
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Shame to the People who rated this and did not watch it!
Akeyla Henry13 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie surprised me, because I had seen all the other Tyler Perry productions and was not impressed. I just saw this new film four hours ago, and frankly, I was blown away. The comedic, yet dramatic, performances by the actors was quite impressive. Not only was the acting good, but the editing and plot of the film were well thought out, unlike most of the films this year were. The film wasn't too heavy, and it wasn't too light - a problem that most Tyler Perry's films have.

This film reminds me of when one shoots for the stars and then lands on clouds. While other films this year shot for the clouds and landed much lower. This movie was a millimeter under flawless, and I presume that it will be getting many awards this year.

I encourage others to go and watch this film; you won't regret it. Your stereotypes of films will almost cease to exist as soon as you watch this film.
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Why is this rated so low?
loripinklady21 October 2007
Why this film is rated at 3.2 is beyond me. I truly have to believe that it is racism. Tyler Perry is not my favorite but he is not untalented either. Instead of showing African Americans as either crack heads or criminals he is trying to show that African American people hold important jobs, are educated and struggle with issues just like white people do. This movie was well written and entertaining, no doubt about it. It was funny and insightful, showing the ups and downs of marriage and also showing unconditional Love that has to come with a successful marriage.I think Tyler Perry is a wonderful example for African Americans,Strong and spiritual and not afraid to show his Faith in God in his movies and that is to be applauded. Why is it that you can't show movies of Faith now days but can show sex, violence and cursing in Movies with no problem at all? What is this society coming to? I would really like to know.
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Fabulous! I've seen it twice already!
diana-johnson-122 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I laughed, I cried, I yelled at the screen. My husband did the same. This movie was spectacular. It's Tyler's best yet.

I was especially impressed with two particular actresses: Tasha Smith and Jill Scott.

I SO enjoyed Tasha's character because she was straight-forward, unafraid, brash and protective of and loyal to her friends. Tasha played this to the hilt. She worked it and I don't think anyone could have played this role better.

Jill Scott, whose career I've followed for many years, turns out to be a phenomenal actress, too! You go, Girl! She laid it down. She owned this role-- the pain, the disrespect, the long-suffering, the faith and hope, and ultimately, the joy and strength that comes partly from having a heart for God and a healthy and humble love of self and that of a good man. She floored me. I knew she was deep, but I didn't know she could take it there!!!! Tyler has outdone himself. This movie didn't need Madea, although I look forward to seeing her on screen again.

This movie was just beautiful from beginning to end. I especially like the way Tyler doesn't hold back the harshness of unpleasantness that is sometimes ever present in marriages in need of some revamping (i.e.- counseling, communication, and yes, even divorce). LOL.

My husband and I kept looking at each other laughing because some of those couples reminded us of ourselves and how quirky and sometimes ridiculous we are.

Keep it coming, Tyler. You've earned a fan for life.
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Realism and Subtly Take a Vacation, but Likable Enough
rddj0511 May 2008
You have to credit Mr. Perry for presenting to us what we so rarely get to see in American film; upper-class, professional African-American couples working through real-life relationship problems. Unfortunately, it's execution leaves a lot to be desired. Though Jill Scott turns in a spectacular performance, and Malik Joba and Tasha Smith are solid, the performances are uneven at best. It's a classic morality tale with more melodrama to fill an afternoon's worth of soap operas. Some of the characters are far too one-dimensional to be credible, including the absurdly sadistic Mike, and the nearly as absurd (and conveniently single) knight in shining armor, Sheriff Troy. There's something oddly antiseptic about the film. Even the arguments seem neat and clean, with well-defined in and out points. Sometimes it is shot like a film, sometimes (with awkward stage-like blocking), it is shot like a play being filmed in a theater proscenium. The screenplay (and direction) has some gaps of logic, but even more egregious is its exposition, which could be held up as a lesson to any aspiring screenwriter on how NOT to write it (eg, "Did you ever think we'd all turn out like this? Diane's a lawyer, I'm a doctor, you're a real estate mogul"). Unfortunately, this type of sloppy exposition abounds throughout. Realism and subtly take a vacation on this one, however, it's still a pleasant, if overly-simplistic, morality tale that's likable enough.
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I laughed so hard I have a headache.
Kristina Luft13 October 2007
I just saw this movie and I think it was a very decent film. It is a comedy with a soap opera feel to it. Basically...when I went in I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. There was a lot of "laugh out loud" moments and a lot of the dialogue was funny. A lot of scenes had the entire theatre laughing including me (The theatre was full) and people were making comments to all the situations really getting into it like "oh hell nah" and "uh uh girl" and "you know it" etc. So its definitely a movie that people can relate to. All in all its a good movie. If you actually go and see it without judging it too fast then chances are you will enjoy it.

And of course just like all of the Tyler Perry movies it has a message at the end that ties the movie all together.
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Love and marriage... or not.
Blueghost13 October 2007
Last night I went to the threatre not knowing what I was going to see. Literally. I had no notion of what films were playing. I wanted to see "The Lost Legion" because I was in the mood for a swords and sandal epic, but it wasn't playing anywhere nearby. Would I not be able to see Roman legions clashing with native armies in Briton? Answer; no. So, I looked up at the list of films, saw "Why did I Get Married", and made a blind ticket purchase for a film I had never heard of, nor had any notion of what it was about.

I've never seen the stage-play upon which this film is based, but, having seen many a stage play adaptation to the big screen, and having been thoroughly disappointed with every one of them, I can say that this one did a fairly good job.

The revolves around several couples whose marriages are teetering in varying degrees of distress. Secrets that have been held tight by husband and wife are eventually thrust into the open, testing the couples' fortitude.

Visually the film is warm and intimate, and keeps a good amount of zest by way of fine emoting. There are some ever so brief lulls, but the story content and delivery by the actors keeps the viewer's attention.

The one "antagonist" in the film (if he can be called that) was almost a little too obvious. The boorish husband character was barely disguised as to his true intentions. So much so that I was wondering if the character wasn't supposed to be putting on some kind of act. But alas, that wasn't the case. It was a shortcoming of the creative team.

Most of the film is light, but there is one segment that came out of left field to break up wit bound dialog. The more dramatic scenes were respectable, but weren't always given the same amount of care to the lighter scenes.

My one real complaint about the story is that I felt somewhat lost as to who was suffering from what history. There's a lot implied, and the more relationship-savvy viewer can probably puzzle out the nuances and idiosyncrasies of marital secrets and scandal. But I have to admit that I just didn't get a lot of the situations until they were spelled out for me. Ah well :-) Some light entertainment that delivers an abridged version of a play with fairly good aplomb. It is a film marketed for an African American audience, but marital situations are universal to all, and as such this film can be enjoyed by all audiences (though your theatre's audience may vary). Definitely a good rent when it comes out on DVD.
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Best movie since ...When Harry Met Sally! - May contain spoilers
artic_vixen14 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was by far the BEST feel-good movie I have seen in a L-O-N-G time! You have four couples who travel together once a year - each year a different place - and it's basically a story of how they manage to stay together thru all the circumstances they go thru.

Patty & Gavin - Patty wrote the book Why Did I Get Married? based on her friends' stories. She arranges for them to go to Colorado for this year's couples trip. Gavin is still grieving the son they lost in a car accident that she doesn't know he blames her for but is willing to do what it takes to keep their marriage together.

Angela & Marcus - Angela owns a hair salon and has a drinking problem. Marcus is an ex-pro football player and has a problem keeping it in his pants. He has two children with Keisha who is trying to break the two of them up so she can be # 1 in his life. Angela & Keisha are constantly at each others' throats and Marcus has to decide which woman he wants to be in the long haul with.

Diane & Terry - Diane is a workaholic lawyer who just made partner and because she is working on a huge case, cannot seem to put down her blackberry and her assistant has been calling dozens of times a day. Terry is a pediatrician who has been trying to start a family with his wife for a long time now. He is hoping that this vacation will rekindle the flame and create the baby he wants. But he has to get her focus off work long enough for that to happen. Then he finds out that she doesn't want to get pregnant, so does he stay with the woman he loves or has she hurt him so deeply that he leaves her.

Sheila & Mike (and Trina) - Sheila is a big girl and is told that someone her size is required to pay for two airplane seats. Mike says he's not paying for another seat for her and scoffs at her saying it's her own fault for not losing the weight he has been telling her to lose all along, so she needs to drive while he and Trina stay on the plane. Sheila invited her friend Trina to come with them because there was an extra room at the cabin. You see the looks between Trina and Mike and you immediately know there's something going on, but Sheila doesn't see it.

Troy - Sheriff Troy keeps Sheila company when she finds out that due to the storm, she can't get her car up the hill to get to the cabin where her husband and friends are. Troy gives Sheila the kindness that Mike never gives her and you're rooting for the two of them to get together, but Sheila is determined to save her marriage (unaware that her best friend has been screwing her over by screwing her husband - even though all of her friends notice right away.) Once all of them finally get together, things are said, secrets are spilled, and many MANY laugh-worthy moments are witnessed. As you're watching the movie, you kinda become like part of the family. You're laughing when they're laughing, you're crying when they're crying and you're wanting to smack the crap out of certain characters after certain things are said - whether or not the character on the screen actually does it or not.

I thought one of the best lines was regarding the whole 80/20 rule. When you get married, the most you can expect to get out of it is 80% of everything you want. When someone comes along and offers you that 20%, it looks really good to you because when you haven't been getting any, it looks like everything. But if you leave that 80% for the 20%, then all you're left with is the 20%...

A dialog movie with an EXCELLENT script of half drama, half comedy. It really delivers with both the heartaches and the joys and even though it's a 2 hour movie and it had a pretty satisfying ending, you want to keep following their stories because all of the characters have now become a part of you.

When I saw this movie, the theater was packed and it was a very interactive group. Normally, this would be very distracting for me, but I was right in there with the rest of them saying "slug him!" during some of the Sheila & Mike scenes.

I rank this up there with ...When Harry Met Sally where you can watch it over and over and over again and be entertained each time.
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This may be Tyler Perry's best, but his best isn't good enough...
TheQuietStorm22 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Basic Screen writing 101: "Show, don't tell." This separates the great films from the not-so-great films.

In Married?, all Perry did was "tell us" through forced exposition, like the scene where we're introduced to Terry (Tyler Perry) and Diane (Sharon Leal) as they cruise in their luxury SUV. The unstable couple picks that time to discuss her, Diane's, lack of commitment to the marriage? Couldn't we have caught them at the end of the discussion? He waits until they're almost there to talk about their problem? Not in a Tyler Perry film, where secrets and deep, sometimes malicious, feelings are absurdly revealed in the most contrived and inappropriate of times, and not for the sake of story but for over-the-top drama.

Most of what Perry "tells us" is through Patricia (Janet Jackson), the psychiatrist who is basically his ventriloquist dummy, spewing all of his views about love, faith and marriage.

Perry "tells us" how to love again, sometimes with an unbearable superficiality that has nothing to do with true love.

He "tells us" Sheila's (Jill Scott) feelings about herself during her marriage with this dramatic, teary monologue, which felt like a play-by-play recap of her whole story in the film and it felt as real as Santa Claus. So, basically, Perry showing us her feelings, like when she was unceremoniously tossed off the plane or her reaction to her husband's infidelity, didn't suffice. He had to continue the "telling." If Tyler Perry wants to be respected as a "film storyteller," he needs to get into the habit of "showing" more than he "tells."

The characters in this film were uninteresting, stereotypical at times, and worst of all, one-dimensional.

Patricia was flawless, and that's a bad thing believe it or not. A character should be flawed and not merely due to his/her inability to reveal her emotions. Her biggest flaw, an unintentional one by the filmmaker, was the advice she gave. It's basic, popular psychology and self-help advice at its most fundamental. There was never an "a-ha" moment with her marriage counseling. It was things any passive viewer of Oprah or Dr. Phil could've advised to anyone. With her lame advice, she was sounding more like Barney the dinosaur rather than this successful psychologist. And Gavin was just a female version of her.

Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus were the stereotypical of the bunch and offered nothing to this story. I couldn't connect with them. Angela had some admirable qualities. However, her admirable qualities easily sink below her myriad of tirades and inappropriate behavior. As for Marcus, he was just… there.

Sheila and Mike were totally ridiculous. Sheila was too nice and Mike was too mean for either of them to be real. Mike had enough flaws for the other characters in this film that were lacking.

And like Patricia, Terry was perfect but Diane was the selfish, inconsiderate one. If anything, she was the only character barely more than just one-dimensional.

My scroll of flaws with this film continues but I don't have enough room on this IMDb.com comment page to fully articulate them all. However, I must point out the main problem with Tyler Perry's writing. Everything seems to be so contrived.

Contrivance No. 5 – The set up for the big dinner scene was evident when the confrontational Angela just happens to see Mike creeping into Trina's room without saying something right there and then.

Contrivance No. 4 – Angela is a contrivance all in herself. She's the loud, bold, confrontational one of the bunch that is there to reveal everyone's secrets when they refuse to. In a Tyler Perry film, a character like that is needed because the other characters would rather talk about being uppity black folks rather then communicate their problems to their loved ones. But what Angela was doing on past retreats? It seems to only all come out here for the sake of this story.

Contrivance No. 3 – In a Tyler Perry film, there just happens to be an eligible, perfect black man who happens to be attracted to plus sized black women just waiting in Pemberton, Colorado as Sheila's rebound when she divorces Mike.

Contrivance No. 2 – Sheila blissfully encourages Trina to come along with her and her husband to find a single black man in Pemberton. Why would she do that? None of them ever been there before, so why would she assume that there will be "single black men" out there just waiting to meet Trina? This wasn't some resort in Jamaica. However, in a Tyler Perry film, single, handsome black men are conveniently everywhere, especially in snow capped mountains as sheriffs in small towns. Of course, this makes it easy for everyone to discover Mike's affair with Trina.

And the number one of them all, the one thing that made me pan this film immediately upon noticing:

Contrivance No. 1 – Patricia is the world renowned therapist that has been getting the same married couples together for seven years where she would help them work on their marriages. However, in a Tyler Perry film, Patricia's many years of marriage exercises and counseling on their many marital retreats have done nothing for them. It seems as if now, year seven, they are actually getting down to the problems of their marriages. Were they playing so much on past retreats that they never addressed their problems? And most of the problems we see in the film are fresh and new. So, after years of counseling from one of the nation's best marriage counselors, the marriages got worse? The question should have been, "why did they stay married?"
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Actually a very good movie
lane jarsonbeck1 November 2007
I just caught this film it is about relationships, marriage and the concept of expecting perfection vs. the reality of every day life weighing in on relationships. I laughed often and cried several times as well.

On the whole this was white cinema done with black faces but such a trend is long over due (if I have to watch one more trailer about how hard life in the hood without anyone fixxing their situation or the benefits to selling drugs and pimping I may go on a shooting spree). However, don't let this fool you-the writing was top rate and while some dialogue rehash there was a lot of very original dialogue as well. My only real complaint of the film was its sterility in many shots a lack of warmth within some home settings and among the performers as a whole.

There seemed to be little genuine commaraderie between the actors particularly in the earlier scenes. They were supposed to be friends since college but they were stiff in their reuniting with each other.

Also there is the scene were the overweight wife is forced to drive to the reunion by herself and all the women are worried for her safety yet when she enters the cabin the next day no one runs over to greet her they wait for her to come to them. Despite some of these often repeated mistakes (not just here but in other movies) this movie was very very good. I enjoyed it almost as much as The Four Seasons but unlike the Four Seasons this film follows all the characters all the way through the film- a nice touch in giving overall closure. Janet Jackson was my least favorite; portraying the celebrated novelist who lost a child but the the other performances were powerful enough to over shadowed her lack of depth. This was the first Tyler Perry film I have seen and I must say his 2 weeks at top box office is well justified here.
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Two thumbs up for Tyler
konvinced28 October 2007
As far as relationships go, Tyler Perry, hit on every aspect of what could possibly happen in the typical relationship from infidelity to grieving over a child. It has it's moments where you are cracking up from the comments that one of the more colorful characters makes, but it makes you think of what damaging things go on in peoples lives this day in time. It's funny to hear the older crowd preach to you when you were younger and then it all comes to light..."He who is without sin, cast the first stone." People act like they have never done any wrong, and cannot relate. Everyone has a story, and if this is how a young, talented, black man chooses to tell his...then so be it. Somebody will relate. Whether you are black, white, blue, green, yellow or purple you will, at some point in your life, will experience something that someone else has. It is never gender or ethnic neutral. I am glad he has put out movies that not only touch on the black experience, but touch on the overall experience of relationships of family. How we should all come together and help each other out. Family is not what it use to be any more and morales have gone out of the window. I can do nothing, but applaud Tyler in his efforts, as a black man trying to do a positive thing. He is not making violent movies, he is just bringing reality to light. Sugar coating the truth, will not make it better. Facing it and dealing with it...as ugly as it may be is the only resolution. The truth will set you free and leave you with your peace of mind. Much love to Tyler. Keep on, Keeping on. Stay Positive.
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4 out of 10!!!! What??!!! Seeing the light
chrys17 October 2007
I have often seen comments on other African American movies stating that black movies will never get a high rating. The reason for this was because "white people" want to be "haters," and/or don't understand the plot. Normally, I have to disagree with this. All though I am black, I try hard to believe that peoples opinions of movies have nothing to do with the race of the cast. That maybe the majority of people really didn't enjoy the film. I like to give people, all people, the benefit of the doubt. However, after seeing that Why Did I get Married only received a 4.1 out of 10, I now agree that African American movies are being unfairly rated!! There is no way that this movie could have such a low rating! Although there were a few (very few) slow moments, and yes some of the scenes were questionable, the movie was great. Everyone, and yes I mean pretty much everyone in the audience laughed through the entire film!!! The movie was so funny you almost missed a few scenes because you couldn't stop laughing. So the reason this movie has a 4.1, well the only thing I can think of is that maybe certain people are purposely sabotaging black ratings. If that is true, such people need to really grow up!!!! Yes, African Americans are intelligent, creative, and talented. So get over it!!!! If you don't like the fact that there is actually good movies from the great minds of African Americans, keep your opinions to yourself. We don't rate white movies based on how many black people we saw in the film, so don't rate our movies based on how many black people are in the film. Great talent and great movies deserve a proper rating... Just something for you to think about.
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I don't understand all these praises
me-ga-sa30 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the second movie first, I read the reviews and got interested why everyone is praising the first movie and bashing the second one. So, after watching the first one I can't say any praises. I can only say it was just an average movie from the many. What I didn't like there was so much aggression, so many arguments over nothing... from four couples none of them could work well... interesting.. It is not normal to me as I am living among people who uses aggression very rarely... I see most couples whose relationships did work out and they are acting like adult sane people who discusses the problems calmly and make logical conclusions and compromises... So to me the movie is about something abnormal, very unnatural. They needed at least one sane pair, an example to others to make it worth something. Kudos to Troy though, he brought something valuable to this movie.
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Keep up the good work TP!
Contrary to some people's opinionated banter about why certain writers/producers are allowed to continue making movies, this movie is in my opinion one of Tyler Perry's best. I'll be civil and agree to disagree with anyone who thinks otherwise. This movie tackles a lot of the issues plaguing many marriages today...not just African American unions. I won't play the "race card" we all know the truth about its abundance or lack thereof in certain sectors of entertainment. The actors in this movie have great chemistry and are quite believable in their roles. The casting couldn't have better if the academy chosen the actors themselves. Will this movie be nominated for an Oscar, of course not. Let us remember that just because the faces on the screen don't look like yours that does not mean that the movie is not note worthy. When we look beyond the obvious and into the reality of a movie, then we can appreciate the aesthetic vision of the writer. Thanks for keeping it real and relevant Tyler, this movie speaks the soul of the average couple
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why did they get married
cbradsha-114 October 2007
I am usually not a fan of Tyler Perry movies. I like to support him because he offers a different perspective on African American Movies that oppose the "shoot'em up bang bang" or "drug dealer" / "beauty shop" "soul food cooking " movies. However this venture left something to be desired. The beautiful Ms.Jackson sounds as if she has been reading her lines from her screen play copy. The transitions from scene to scene was done by someone that is either an intern and still learning or Tyler Perry's nephew! The characters were not developed they were 2 dimensional and you felt like you were getting to know them but right when they are about to develop into 3 dimensional characters the story ends with a long drawn out soliloquy that means absolutely nothing because there is no back story. Long story already long- wait for DVD! Jill Scott looks absolutely amazing and Tasha Smith is wonderful as usual! They made the movie.
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Why is Tyler Perry allowed to make movies?
dbnjr22 October 2007
This movie was at best painful to watch. The dialog and acting in this movie was exceptionally trite. The characters were representations of various stereotypes of men and women in society. I found the "movie" to be pathetic and unworthy of the time I spent to watch. I am at a loss for why Tyler Perry continues to make movies. The examples of his movie making ability are difficult to watch and not even entertaining.To the critic who called naysayers of the movie "racist" , people do not have to be racist to realize the sheer ineptitude of this movie. I am far from racist, being as I am not entirely caucasian. I am part Japanese, Lebanese, Ukranian, Polish, and Hungarian (I know I am a mutt). I assure you I harbor no prejudice.

The movie is junk.
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Why Did I Get Married?
btrpcnrican21 October 2007
I thought this movie was very good!! It is funny, inspiring, heartfelt and addresses issues that people face every day. The performances were great. This movie addresses self-esteem and how you shouldn't give up on yourself. The movie also covers how to empower yourself by knowing that you are worthy. That you are someone special. It also addresses a lot of problems that people face in relationships and how to deal with those problems. There are people who neglect their spouses due to careers and some that don't appreciate their spouses and take them for granted. Whether you are married or not there will be something that you can relate to in this movie. He covered a lot of bases. Good job Tyler Perry!!
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Movie excellent!, but ratings are misleading?
drebaby25 October 2007
I am not sure if I want to talk about how good the movie was or why the overall rating of 3 seems out of sync here. What are the ratings based on? Of the 37 prior user comments, I read all of them and counted 18 perfect 10 ratings, three 0 ratings, two others at 3 and 5 and the other 14 ratings were between 7 and 9. So I ask again for an explanation from IMDb, how does a movie with so many positive comments and what appears to be an average score of at least 8+ wind up with only three stars shown to the readers visiting the site? If those readers decide to pass on both reviews and the movie due to the rating, then it stops potential movie goers from going out to see the movie and hurts box office.

To put it in perspective, the MSN Movie website currently boasts 92 reviews for this movie and the average user rating there is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

As far as my assessment of the movie, it is an excellent portrayal of the daily life and strife of middle class "black folk" who have their own issues of finance, family, career struggles and drama that don't even incorporate what's happening in the so called inner city. Most African-American people have lived some of these issues and get what's going on in the movie and look beyond what the so called critics look for in style and direction. This is a movie that could make $60-75M box office with no problem, but as indicated by others, will only get nominated at award time by the Black Movie Awards and The NAACP Image staff.
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...Why did I go see this movie?
Movie Guy13 October 2007
How to describe this movie... It has its twists, overly dramatic music cues, plenty of people on screen crying, and stage play feel... Hell it was one before! It will leave most women cheering, sobbing, and play on their heart strings like a lifetime channel movie of the week on steroids with a healthy dose of soul food. It will leave most guys wondering how the hell they got suckered into seeing this thing. Its not a good movie it but it delivers what it set out to do... Tell a morality tale in modern terms. By the numbers Tyler Perry delivers again.. You must know what your getting into when you go to see a Tyler Perry movie. If you didn't like his old movies you won't like this. My advice, guys avoid this thing but if you have to go be prepared for arguments afterwards... ladies make it a girls night out.
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Laugh out loud funny, outrageous and entertaining!
ritalee17 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a must-see! I have no idea why it has such a low rating right now on the IMDb...obviously people have not seen the movie and are rating it based on its name or the actors whom they may not recognise. Tyler Perry has outdone himself in this movie. It is refreshing to see him play another role besides Madea and still entertain the audience. This movie has comedy and drama and although it may not have lessons adults shouldn't already know, it presents them in a way to show adults how stubborn they can be even when they know what is the right thing to do. It proves to us we do know the answers to our problems, but the fact is, we are most times too proud to do what we should do in the face of those problems. Why Did I Get Married? is not just for married couples or even dating couples, anyone can benefit from the lessons in this hilarious yet touching story of 4 couples who have a range of problems in their marital life. Among the actresses, I am only familiar with Janet Jackson and Jill Scott (as a singer) but I was very impressed with all their performances. They are amazingly talented. The actors who played the husbands are also brilliant in their roles. And Lamman Rucker is very delicious! Tyler Perry makes a good husband...it was especially nice to see him outside the role of Madea for an entire movie. I have only seen him in his Madea movies so far. Having seen this, though I am going to make a more conscious effort to watch Daddy's Little Girls and his other movies that I have not seen. Tyler Perry is brilliant. The role of Madea may have brought him to the forefront, but movies like this one will be the ones to secure his career for years and years to come. I will definitely be purchasing this on DVD when it comes out.
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A really heart warming movie
wandabobyan20 October 2007
I am so in love with this movie. It is well written, directed, and acted. The characterizations are well rounded, not the usual one-dimensional characters that plague "black" movies. The characters represented a segment of the population, very seldom portrayed realistically: successful, middle-class, educated, and married African-Americans. With all of their successes, each character is flawed, dealing with universal issues. Some might be turned off by the feel- good ending, however, I enjoy good triumphing over evil. Jill Scott's character provoked the most sympathy, in the theater. I found myself "tearing up," over several of her scenes. Her character represents many who have been beaten up, by society's preoccupation with thinness and Caucasian standards of beauty. Tyler Perry is to be commended. I recommend this film to all. I plan to see it again.
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