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MPAA Rated PG for scary content and thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

  • There's some affectionate kissing/hugging featured, a few characters in somewhat revealing Halloween costumes, a girl oggles a boy at his locker, two female rivals compete for the love of a male character and a man nibbles on his wife's neck while kissing her. There is no nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • A rump roast is left to thaw on a counter raw, it drips blood visibly and is later drained of blood by two of the protagonists.
  • With this being a Halloween-themed film, many characters including numerous unnamed background characters wear grotesque masks and creepy costumes.
  • Some grotesque sights are seen including a monster nesting in an open sewer grate, clear membranes pulsing with fake egg sacks inside, blood and bright yellow pus/slime.
  • Two teens roam the woods with sharp weapons.
  • A girl is relentlessly teased and criticized for her goth style, even by a teacher and her parents.
  • A girl hides in her brother's closet to scare him with a rubber lizard arm, calling him "you little brat".
  • A stuffed monkey's head gets torn off visibly on-screen; later it's attached on again with duct tape.
  • A video game is enjoyed by two parents; it features a cartoon squirrel throwing acorn-shaped explosives to kill off other characters.
  • A man, boy, and girl are captured by the monster and wrapped up in cocoons.
  • A boy throws blood on the monster.
  • A monster bites itself and dies.


  • Cassie calls her brother cruel nicknames including "brat" and "baby".
  • A girl calls another girl a "witch" in a derogatory manner.
  • An eccentric gentleman is called a "freak", a "creep" and a "weirdo".
  • One use of "crap" and one use of "retarded".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The eccentric man featured as an antagonist during the film can be quite disturbing at times, leering over Cassie, showing up outside her window and later making playful jokes after she expresses her worry for Max, Pizza Dude and Priscilla.
  • Cassie's goth look can be a bit extreme at times (black lipstick, heavy eye makeup, cobweb sweaters, etc.) and may frighten younger viewers.
  • Priscilla's use of the phrase "retarded" (see 'Profanity') may offend some viewers.
  • The many instances of bullying and pranking out of cruelty and revenge may upset some viewers.
  • The Evil thing may be frightening for some viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Pizza Dude offers Priscilla a ride home, but she declines. It's implied that he's doing so out of kindness more than anything else but never explicitly stated.

Violence & Gore

  • A Halloween-themed book is read aloud with passages including "one head sucks your blood, one head chews your meat" and "the evil thing traps some poor victim alive for its babies to eat when their birthdays arrive." It's worth noting however that nobody is actually killed or eaten at any point during the film.
  • A girl bullies another girl by pushing her forward, making her fall into her own lunch tray in front of the whole school.
  • A girl has live cockroaches dumped on her head in one scene. Some enter her mouth and she gags on them as other students laugh; some of the roaches are also heard squishing audibly under her shoes. She then trips and falls off a stage into a large orange-frosted cake. In the following scene she is teased with the insult "cockroach queen" and posters of her are defaced with drawings of roaches crawling on her.
  • A man uses the phrase "two heads are better than one, that's the way to get the bloody job done". He also coerces a young girl to summon a bloodthirsty monster, only to not offer any assistance in helping her despite being told that her brother, Priscilla and Pizza Dude will be killed. Instead he merely says "buyer's remorse! Happens all the tie in the retail industry" and leaves.
  • A girl has a fake decoration dangled above her head. She screams visibly and falls into it, which is recorded live on video to later torment her in school.
  • The film ends in a cliffhanger style after Cassie and Max's parents re-summon the monster, implying it has returned to kill again.


  • Priscilla calls Cassie names including "living dead reject" and "loser", and relentlessly teases her. Priscilla is later called "cockroach queen" and teased with insults relating to cockroaches after Cassie pranks her using cockroaches she ordered like via FedEx - these insults are fairly mild, for example "where are you going Priscilla, behind the stove?" but Priscilla is visibly bothered by the words.

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