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MPAA Rated R for strong creature violence and gore, disturbing images, and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man tells another man a dirty joke in Norwegian. The joke involves marital sex, incest and a child in sex situations.
  • A woman is briefly seen topless in the background.

Violence & Gore

  • A man's arm rips off and becomes a crawling insect-like alien (blood and tissue are seen from the raw side of the arm) and the man falls over; tentacles grow from the disembodied arm, it runs across a room and attacks another man's face, the man screams in pain and struggles to pull the alien from his face, and the alien chews and absorbs the man's face (blood bubbles from the man's eyes and nose and he slumps against a wall).
  • We see a woman transform, and her body stretches and morphs into an insect-like alien with multiple legs and tentacles coming from her chest, which rips open; her human face is still completely preserved and we see a look of pain on her face as bloody, gory tentacles whip around from her chest. She then attacks a man; her tentacles enter the man's chest (we see blood spray). The tentacles pulse with blood and the man screams and whimpers as several men and a woman watch in horror.
  • A man's face rips open as he morphs into a giant alien: tentacles rip through his chest and the bones of arms and legs appear to rip apart and transform into multi-segmented legs (blood and gore spray from the man's chest and face as he appears to rip into multiple pieces) and tentacles burst from his body.
  • An alien that morphed from the body of a man attacks another man, the man's disfigured arms and legs (tissue and blood and gore come from the man's arms and legs that have changed into segmented insect legs) attack the man (the man's face is still visible on the top of the alien body), the alien smashes its face against the other man's face (we see the tissue stretch and bond the two faces together as the man screams in pain), and the bodies of the man/alien and man morph together and we hear the breaking of bone and tearing of tissue as the alien drags the man away.
  • A woman uses a flamethrower to set a dead man with an alien attached to his face on fire and the alien screams a high-pitch scream as the man's body crackles and twists in the fire.
  • A man holds the open neck wound of another man, blood gurgles over the man's hands and the injured man struggles to breath; the man walks away from the injured man and a woman sets the man on fire using a flamethrower.
  • An alien with a visible male human face punches a woman, slamming her to the ground, the woman crawls across the ground to escape (we see the alien's segmented insect legs with blood and tissue visible), the alien dives after the woman, she escapes into some ductwork, and the tentacles of the alien grab the woman and drag her into its gaping mouth (large teeth are visible); the woman throws a grenade into the mouth of the alien and she and a man narrowly escape as the grenade explodes into a massive fireball.
  • An alien that had formed from two men morphing together, their limbs becoming segmented bloody, tissue-exposed insect legs, lunges toward a woman; the woman uses a flamethrower to set the alien on fire, it screams and breaks through a wall, it struggles to stand on snow outside, the woman douses the alien with flames again, and it screams and crackles under the flames.
  • An alien shoots a tentacle through the chest of one man as another man watches (blood sprays from the wound, covering the other man's face); the alien drags the man under a building and we see blood pouring from the wound on his chest, we hear the sound of crunching bone and tearing tissue and the man's feet are sticking out of the large mouth opening of the alien.
  • A man uses a large axe to chop an alien in half: it screams and we see blood spray from the two parts, the two parts walk toward each other (tissue and veins go from one half to the other, stitching the bloody tissue back together) and a woman uses a flamethrower to set the alien on fire.
  • A man shoots another man in the head, we see the bullet enter the man's temple, blood immediately appears on the man's head; the shooter fires two more shots, the man falls to the ground and we hear the man gurgle as he attempts to breathe before slowly dying.
  • A man covers another man's body in gasoline, the body explodes into flames and we see the body twisting in the flames.
  • A man begs a woman not to kill him (we see the woman with a flamethrower cocked and aimed at the man); the woman sets the man on fire, and watches as he flails around as the flames consume him.
  • Two men shoot an alien repeatedly with handguns: the alien does not respond, a man throws gasoline on the alien and the building the alien is hiding under, he ignites the gasoline, we hear a high-pitched scream and then whimpers as the alien's tentacles whip around; we later see the burnt-out body of the alien with a man's burned legs sticking out of its mouth.
  • A man uses a flamethrower to set an alien on fire, the alien runs away and attempts to extinguish the flames, it screams in pain and the man chases it, setting it on fire again and the alien's body twists in pain. A man pours gasoline on an alien that had overtaken a woman's and a man's body (blood is visible on the man's chest and the alien appears partially burnt).
  • A man dissects an alien corpse, we see the legs of a man sticking out of the alien's mouth, and the alien and man are black and crispy from being burned; the man cuts through a hard shell on the alien's thorax and uncovers soft, gooey organs, he shoves aside the organs, he cuts open a tissue sack and a man's partially dissolved body is visible (the man's skin is taut and partially transparent, large veins are visible under the skin and his body is covered in goo).
  • A woman discovers a dead man slumped against a wall: blood is seen bubbling from his eyes, blood is coming from his nose and the alien that is attached to his face is pulsating and we see blood under the thin tissue of the man's face pulsating.
  • A woman discovers a shower stall covered in blood, we see handprints in the blood on the walls and floor of the stall.
  • A woman discovers blood-covered teeth fillings on the floor of a bathroom and we later see the woman show several others the bloody fillings.
  • A man discovers the burnt bodies of two men that had morphed together into an alien (their faces are black and we see the skin pulled tight against their teeth). We see a man with a cord around his neck, choking him (a stream of frozen blood is seen dripping from the man's hand and blood is visible on his neck).
  • Two men discover a dog pen covered in blood with blood smeared on the walls and floor.
  • An alien that had formed from two men morphed together (we see their faces twisted in pain and their legs and arm shifted into segmented insect legs) chases a man and lunges at him (he escapes).
  • An alien runs toward a man, we hear the man scream in the distance and a woman appears alarmed when she hears the screams.
  • An alien frozen in a chunk of ice breaks through the ice cube and flies through the ceiling of a room as a man watches, screaming in shock.
  • A man fires a gun rapidly at a dog and the dog runs away unharmed; the man gets into a helicopter and fires at the dog as the dog runs away, unharmed.
  • Three men ride in an ice tram; the ice under the tram cracks and sends them down a long, deep rut in the ice, and the tram becomes wedged in the crack and (the screen goes black and it is implied that they die wedged in the ice).
  • A man and a woman watch as a helicopter crashes in the distance (the crash is unseen but a cloud of dark smoke rises from the crash area) and a woman and a man remark that there is no way that the passengers could have survived.
  • A scientist inserts a large tube into a cut on the stomach of a dead, frozen animal carcass.
  • A woman pulls a bloody, goo-covered metal plate from the stomach of an alien during a dissection.
  • A man with a flamethrower threatens another man.
  • A man waves a flamethrower muzzle threateningly in the face of another man.
  • A man lunges toward another man, they are separated by several other men and they shout at one another. We see hands grab a woman and pull her into an open doorway.
  • A man tells several other people that a man that had witnessed an alien attack (we see the man being examined and he has dried blood on his face) and is in "bad shape" and needs medical attention.
  • A woman explains that an alien is attacking humans and replicating the human's appearance; a man agrees with the woman, saying that they will have to quarantine people who had possibly been attacked by an alien and that they will have to be killed with fire.
  • During a dissection, a man remarks that an alien was "absorbing" a man.
  • A man shouts that he had killed another man, setting him on fire after an alien had attacked the man.
  • A woman shouts at a man to open his mouth, the man refuses and the woman instructs a man to shove the man to the side using the butt of a flamethrower. Several men and a woman shout at one another.


  • About 15 F-words and its derivatives, 2 sexual references, 9 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, 7 mild obscenities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • On one occasion we see several men and two women drinking beer and liquor.
  • A woman comments that liquor that she tried was disgusting.
  • A man searches in a building for a secret stash of liquor.
  • A man is seen smoking on one occasion.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole film is creepy, frightening, and disturbing.

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