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Season 7

13 Apr. 2014
After his tour with Atticus, Hank is eager to reunite with the love of his life, but things with Karen don't go as planned. Charlie's performance anxiety leaves Marcy wondering what she's gotten herself back into. Season premiere.
20 Apr. 2014
Things start looking up for Charlie and Marcy when he meets Melanie, show-runner Rick Rath's new assistant. Plus, Karen gets an unexpected surprise. And so does Hank, during a visit to Levon's apartment.
27 Apr. 2014
Like Father Like Son
Hank is assigned to write his first episode. Levon tries to bond with Melanie. And as Charlie hopes to fix things with Marcy, Karen gets ready to throw in the towel.
4 May 2014
Levon hopes for some alone time with Melanie but three's a crowd with The Director in the way. Money troubles add to Charlie and Marcy's marital unrest, but new client Goldie may put Charlie back in the black.
11 May 2014
Getting the Poison Out
While Levon has the night of his life with Nikki, Hank, Karen and Marcy are forced to endure the company of Nikki's creepy friend. Charlie may have gotten in over his head with his new client Goldie.
18 May 2014
It's the 'Santa Monica Cop' kickoff party at Rath's. Hank has an intimate notes session with the show's female lead, while the male lead has his eyes on Julia. But the party's over when Levon breaks Rath's cardinal rule.
25 May 2014
Rath demands a rewrite of Hank's script. Julia's boss gives her career advice, but Levon and Hank have other ideas. Charlie and Marcy consider Stu's offer - until Krull returns to offer an alternative solution to their money woes.
1 Jun. 2014
30 Minutes or Less
Hank encounters problems with Hashtag Black on his episode of 'Santa Monica Cop.' Julia proves to be a distraction. Levon gets a big opportunity. And news of Stu's offer leads to fisticuffs.
8 Jun. 2014
Faith, Hope, Love
Hank flashes back to his turbulent times with Karen and a confused young Becca - and their days with a happier Charlie and Marcy. A run-in with a nun, however, helps him to put things into perspective.
15 Jun. 2014
Dinner with Friends
Hank entices Karen into dinner, but Julia interrupts their romantic evening. Later, Charlie, Marcy, Krull, and Levon bring even more drama to the table. And Stu's assault on Charlie's manhood sends the night into chaos.
22 Jun. 2014
The ratings are in for 'Santa Monica Cop' - and Hank may soon be out of a job. Marcy decides to accept Stu's offer. And Karen arrives with a special guest: Becca, who makes a big announcement.
29 Jun. 2014
Karen massages the situation - even though Hank is still not on board with Becca's plans. Later, Hank manages to reassure Julia, urge Charlie to save Marcy, plus, make his own life-altering decision. Series finale.

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