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‘Better Call Saul’ Recap: Chicken a la Kingpin

‘Better Call Saul’ Recap: Chicken a la Kingpin
A review of tonight’s Better Call Saul coming up just as soon as I choose White Heat without interruption over Jaws 3-D with commercials…

“And when is it over for you?” -Mr. Varga

Late in this week’s episode (“Breathe”), Jimmy calls Mike to arrange some kind of caper involving the expensive Hummel figurines he saw in Mr. Neff’s office during his job interview. This is a callback both to his eldercare work in Season One’s “Alpine Shepherd Boy” and to the idea of Jimmy and Mike as occasional partners,
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‘Better Call Saul': Nacho Is a ‘Samurai Without a Master’ Stuck Between Fring and the Salamancas (Video)

‘Better Call Saul': Nacho Is a ‘Samurai Without a Master’ Stuck Between Fring and the Salamancas (Video)
(Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 4, Episode 2 of “Better Call Saul”)

Nacho may have a new boss in Gus Fring, but as fans of “Breaking Bad” know, it’s not exactly the cushiest gig.

“This is a samurai without a master,” Michael Mando, who plays Nacho Vargo on AMC’s “Better Call Saul,” tells TheWrap of Nacho’s mindset this season.

The conclusion of Monday’s episode of “Better Call Saul” sees Gus Fring’s men take out Arturo, one of Hector Salamanca’s guys, in an ambush. The episode ends with Fring telling Nacho that he knows exactly what he did last season, when he swapped out crime boss Hector Salamanca’s medication after he has a heart attack. Fans of “Breaking Bad” will remember that Hector is wheelchair bound by the time Walter White (Bryan Crantston) comes around.

Also Read: 'Better Call Saul' Asked If Bruce Lee Could Beat Muhammad Ali.
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Will Peter Dinklage (‘Game of Thrones’) get two Emmy records this year?

Will Peter Dinklage (‘Game of Thrones’) get two Emmy records this year?
Peter Dinklage set an Emmy record with his seventh Best Supporting Actor nomination, but the “Game of Thrones” star can get another one in September. If he wins, he’d tie Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) with a leading three victories in the category.

Paul won his trio every other year in 2010, 2012 and 2014, out of five nominations, beating Dinklage twice. Dinklage took home his first statuette in 2011, for “Game of Thrones”‘ first season and when “Breaking Bad” was ineligible, and his second in 2015. Paul and Dinklage have combined to win five of the eight drama supporting actor Emmys since 2010.

See Peter Dinklage (‘Game of Thrones’) Emmy episode revealed for Best Drama Supporting Actor (Exclusive)

After missing last year’s cycle due to the series’ extended hiatus, Dinklage returned this year to maintain his perfect nomination streak for every season of “Game of Thrones.” He’s currently in second place in our
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Today in Soap Opera History (August 11)

1986: Another World's Zane Lindquist died after being shot.

1998: Guiding Light's Dolly the clone after taking an aging formula.

1999: Sunset Beach's Ricardo vowed to get revenge.

2010: General Hospital's Brenda returned."The best prophet of the future is the past."

― Lord Byron

"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1967: ABC broadcast Dark Shadows in black and while for the final time. The episode was actually the first one taped in color but ABC aired it in black and white (a Friday episode). Having fainted at the sight of Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid), Maggie (Kathryn Leigh Scott) began to remember what happened to her. Before she could reveal Barnabas' vampiric activity,
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Interview: Brad Anderson for ‘The Negotiator’

Out today is The Negotiator starring Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike. Hamm plays Mason Skiles, a former diplomat confronting his demons in 1980s Beirut (the city the film was originally named after). Pike is CIA agent Sandy Crowder, joined by an impressive line up of Dean Norris, Shea Whigham and Larry Pine.

Brad Anderson directs from a script by Tony Gilroy (acclaimed writer of the Jason Bourne franchise). Anderson’s career has covered many genres (his CV includes Transsiberian and Stonehearst Asylum), and when we sat down to chat with him that diversity seemed to be a great place to start…

Thn: This is your first time making a political thriller. How did you find the experience?

Brad Anderson: Basically all the films I’ve done over the years have been different genres, from a horror movie to a drama to a period thriller. I like mixing it up a bit for myself,
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Bryan Cranston Is Broadway-Bound + More NYC Theater News

On Broadway and beyond, a curtain can rise as quickly as it can fall; a star can be swapped as easily as Bernie Telsey can say, “That’s enough.” Theater is the beating heart of New York show business and, if you want to make it here, it’s crucial you’re up to date on incoming projects, latest castings, and other industry news. Don’t worry, Broadway baby, Backstage has your back. Every week, we’re rounding up the can’t-miss stories no thespian should live without, so you can focus on important matters like hitting your high F. Curtain up and light those lights! From “Breaking Bad” to Broadway…Tony and Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston will return to Broadway in “Network,” reprising the role for which he won a 2018 Olivier Award in London. The drama, an import from the National Theatre, will begin performances at the Cort Theatre Nov.
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New Univision CEO Updates Investors On Dish Talks, Rebuilding Effort

Vince Sadusky, who replaced Randy Falco two months ago as CEO of Univision, briefed investors on his efforts to rejuvenate the Hispanic media giant in his first earnings conference call in his new role.

The first extended public comments by the CEO, who is familiar with the U.S. Hispanic space from a prior stint as an executive at rival Telemundo, offered a directional snapshot of the company. While it is privately held, Univision releases quarterly results and holds regular conference calls because of its deep ties with publicly traded companies. Earlier this morning, the company said soft ad revenue dragged down the company’s overall second-quarter results.

On the call, Sadusky didn’t minimize the task ahead, noting his “diligence” before taking the job and his efforts to familiarize himself quickly with its operations and personnel. With Falco’s exit, most other key creative positions have also seen turnover
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‘Better Call Saul’ Writers: Walter White May Still Be Alive During Gene’s Omaha Cinnabon Scenes

‘Better Call Saul’ Writers: Walter White May Still Be Alive During Gene’s Omaha Cinnabon Scenes
Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk and masterminds Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould just changed everything we thought we knew about Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman’s life in Omaha: It turns out the black-and-white sequences on “Saul” may take place when Walter White is still alive.

Wait, we hear you saying. What? We had the same reaction. The Omaha sequences on “Saul” — brief segments that hint at Saul’s sad life after he fled Albuquerque to live undercover — suggest Gene is still living in fear because of his life as Saul. (The Season 4 premiere spelled this out more explicitly than any episode before.) On the “Better Call Saul Insider” podcast released this week, Odenkirk, Gilligan and Gould raised the possibility that Saul might be living in fear of Walter.

Remember that in the penultimate episode of “Breaking Bad,” titled “Granite State,” Saul was eager to part ways with Walt. Walt
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‘Better Call Saul’: Jonathan Banks Won’t Say Much About Season 4, but Has a Lot to Say About Life and Death

‘Better Call Saul’: Jonathan Banks Won’t Say Much About Season 4, but Has a Lot to Say About Life and Death
Mike Ehrmantraut might be one of the scariest guys on television, but Jonathan Banks, who’s been playing the character since his introduction in the second season of “Breaking Bad” in 2009, is a beloved figure on the set of “Better Call Saul.” During a day of production last April, Banks wandered through the offices and sound stages where Season 4 was being shot, hugging and embracing everyone he passed.

Banks’ vast depth of humanity was evident when IndieWire met him on the set — specifically, the waiting room outside Howard Hamlin’s office. “I haven’t been here before,” Banks observed as we sat across from each other. “Most of the time, I’m out under a bridge somewhere in the dark with some kind of instrument. I don’t get to be someplace where it’s warm and nice. It’s usually cold and miserable or hot and miserable.”

While Banks
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Judd Apatow Didn't Think Bryan Cranston Was 'Scary Enough' to Play a Drug Dealer

Judd Apatow Didn't Think Bryan Cranston Was 'Scary Enough' to Play a Drug Dealer
Pineapple Express almost cast one of the top drug-dealers in the business—Breaking Bad‘s Walter White.

Judd Apatow revealed that while casting the stoner-comedy, Bryan Cranston was originally considered to play a drug dealer in the film.

In light of the movie’s 10th anniversary, Seth Rogen, who both wrote and starred in Pineapple Express, took to Twitter with a series of behind-the-scenes facts of the film.

I did my 99% of my own stunts in #PineappleExpress, (which might explain all the injuries) including this one:

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) August 6, 2018

We wrote #PineappleExpress express
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Bryan Cranston Set For Mad-As-Hell Role With Broadway Transfer Of Ivo Van Hove’s ‘Network’

Bryan Cranston Set For Mad-As-Hell Role With Broadway Transfer Of Ivo Van Hove’s ‘Network’
Bryan Cranston will bring his Olivier Award-winning performance of mad-as-hell Howard Beale to New York in November when director Ivo Van Hove’s acclaimed London production of Network transfers to Broadway.

The transfer, with Cranston intact, was announced today by producers David Binder, the National Theatre, Patrick Myles, David Luff, Ros Povey and Lee Menzies.

Adapted by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) from Paddy Chayefsky’s Oscar-winning 1976 film, Network will begin previews at the Cort Theatre Saturday, Nov. 10, with an official opening set for Thursday, Dec. 6. Additional casting will be announced soon, the producers said.

The production will mark the Broadway return of the Breaking Bad actor, who won a 2014 best actor Tony Award for his performance as Lyndon B. Johnson in the play All The Way.

Van Hove, whose Broadway productions include transformative interpretations of A View From The Bridge and The Crucible, will be joined on Network by video
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Bryan Cranston Returns to Broadway in ‘Network’

  • Variety
Bryan Cranston Returns to Broadway in ‘Network’
Bryan Cranston will return to Broadway in his Olivier Award-winning role of Howard Beale in “Network.”

Lee Hall and Ivo van Hove are adapting the play, which is based on the 1976 film by Paddy Chayefsky. It won four Oscars, including best actor for Peter Finch’s portrayal of Beale. The ever-timely satire depicts a media landscape where the line between facts and fiction becomes hazy. The movie follows Beale, a news anchor who begins to capitalize on hysteria after an on-air outburst results in a spike in ratings for his broadcast.

“Network” will begin performances on Nov. 10 and officially opens on Dec. 6. The 18-week limited engagement will run at the Cort Theatre.

“We are excited as hell to bring Ivo van Hove’s brilliantly innovative and electrifying production of ‘Network’ to Broadway this fall,” producers David Binder, Patrick Myles, David Luff, Ros Povey, and Lee Menzies said in a statement.
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Better Call Saul: Season Four Ratings

Since it received an early pickup, you don't have to spend the fourth season worrying whether the Better Call Saul TV show will be cancelled or renewed for season five. The series has been one of AMC's top-three ratings performers, and now this prequel is moving ever closer to Breaking Bad. Will more of the original drama's audience tune in as the timelines converge? Will Better Call Saul be cancelled or renewed beyond the fifth season? Stay tuned.

A dark AMC comedy-drama, Better Call Saul is set before Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) became Walter White’s lawyer. Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, and Giancarlo Esposito also star. In the early 2000s, Saul is still down-on-his-luck Jimmy McGill. After the death of his brother Chuck (Michael McKean), in season four, Jimmy begins the transformation into Saul. As he edges into the criminal world,
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Chris Pratt's Cowboy Ninja Viking Is Indefinitely Delayed

Chris Pratt's Cowboy Ninja Viking Is Indefinitely Delayed
Cowboy Ninja Viking has stalled on the runway as Universal pulls the movie's 2019 release date. The studio didn't bother giving the movie a new release date, but word is that the production is still active and will happen eventually.

Cowboy Ninja Viking is set to be another big franchise for star Chris Pratt. He already has Jurassic World with Universal, which released Fallen Kingdom this summer to huge box office numbers. And he's part of the Marvel family, leading the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Cowboy Ninja Viking had been given the prime summer release date of June 28, 2019. This meant shooting would need to start soon. And it sounded like things were coming together nicely as Priyanka Chopra, perhaps best known for her turn in The Rock's Baywatch movie, joined the action comedy last week.

Cowboy Ninja Viking is reportedly still in active development. Universal is expected to announce a
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Will Better Call Saul Ever Spend More Time in the Post-Breaking Bad World?

The opening moments of each season of Better Call Saul is a dream for Breaking Bad fans, because it offers a glimpse of what life is like for Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) in a post-Walter White world.

Viewers catch up with Gene, the man formerly known as Saul Goodman who is the con artist formerly


Read More >

Other Links From Better Call SaulVince GilliganBob Odenkirk
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‘Better Call Saul’ Finds Jimmy McGill About to Go Up in ‘Smoke’

‘Better Call Saul’ Finds Jimmy McGill About to Go Up in ‘Smoke’
Welcome to our weekly review-recaps of Better Call Saul season 4. Each week, we’ll delve deep into the Breaking Bad prequel series, with spoilers galore. This week kicks-off with the season 4 premiere, “Smoke.” “Gene” Every Better Call Saul season checks-in on the current whereabouts of the man formerly known as Jimmy McGill and Saul Goodman. These […]

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‘Better Call Saul’ Season Premiere Recap: Funeral for a Friend

‘Better Call Saul’ Season Premiere Recap: Funeral for a Friend
Better Call Saul is back for its fourth season. I spoke with Vince Gilligan about the show’s difficult origins and how it’s improbably become so great, and I have many thoughts on the season premiere (with full spoilers) coming up just as soon as Bruce Lee has a gun…

“Well, Howard, I guess that’s your cross to bear.” -Jimmy

The thing about Saul Goodman – and the reason Gilligan and Peter Gould had such a devil of a time figuring out how to build a show around him
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‘Better Call Saul’ Review: One of TV’s Best Shows Returns With a Quiet, Emotional Premiere

‘Better Call Saul’ Review: One of TV’s Best Shows Returns With a Quiet, Emotional Premiere
[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for “Better Call Saul” Season 4 Episode 1, “Smoke.”]

Case Summary

After catching up with Omaha Gene following his collapse in a Season 3 flashforward, “Better Call Saul” returns to its version of present day, specifically the morning after the Season 3 finale when Chuck’s house caught fire.

That event turned out to be fatal for Chuck, as Jimmy and Kim learn from Howard, who calls them early the next morning with the news. Jimmy isn’t very calmed by the fire inspector’s belief that Chuck didn’t suffer, noting that Chuck had thrown everything electronic in the backyard before the fire started, and that clearly something had triggered him. But answers elude him throughout planning the funeral and the funeral itself; it’s only when he talks to Howard at the end of the episode that he seems to find some clarity into what happened, and more importantly, decides how he will be processing it going forward.
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AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’ Season Four Premieres Tonight! Check Out What The Cast Had To Tell Us At Sdcc!

We are incredibly excited for tonight’s premiere of the highly anticipated season four premiere of AMC’s critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series “Better Call Saul”! Just wait till you get a load of the first two episodes, as this season is off to an absolutely amazing start!

We had a chance to catch up with the cast and crew of “Better Call Saul” including Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, and Giancarlo Esposito for a press conference to discuss some pertinent details for the upcoming season.

By the end of Season 3 of “Better Call Saul”, a near-fatal car crash forces Jimmy and Kim to re-evaluate what’s truly important to them — and how far they’re willing to go to pursue their ambitions. While Kim chooses to take a step back from her fledgling solo practice to recuperate, Jimmy tries to make amends with his brother.
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‘Better Call Saul’ season 4 reviews: Is it still ‘one of the best shows on television’?

AMC‘s “Breaking Bad” prequel “Better Call Saul” is back, though slightly delayed. It’s been more than a year since season three ended in June 2017. The series, which was nominated for Best Drama Series at the Emmys three years running (2015-2017), missed the eligibility window for this year’s awards. But will it be back at next year’s Emmys? It certainly deserves to, according to most critics.

The new season has a MetaCritic score of 85 based on 8 reviews, and 100% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes based on 11 reviews. The Tomatometer consensus says the show is as “well-crafted and compelling as ever.” It has been called “one of the best shows on television,” whose star Bob Odenkirk “conveys so much with so little.” And of the supporting cast Michael Mando is “deeper and more layered” and Rhea Seehorn is “vital.” Though some think Odenkirk’s character was better served in “small
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